A fitting salute

Forget the record.

Forget even, football, if just for a moment.

The scene we just witnessed at Spaulding Field was one of the most memorable moments I’ll ever have as a beat writer: Watching Rick Neuheisel get carried off the field by his players, singing the UCLA fight song.

Neuheisel’s last practice at Spaulding field as head coach of the Bruins culminated in a celebration, not for a coach, it seemed, but for a UCLA legend.

It was more than an emotional scene – Neuheisel and some assorted family in tears, players solemnly trudging off the field – but it was one I’ll remember.

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  • Anonymous

    great to see

  • battanpocket

    I’m proud of those players.Happy for Rick a moment he will never forget.

  • Brock

    Man. I feel for the guy. He bleeds blue and gold through and through. Rick for AD!!!

  • Bruin’97

    Oh Captain, my Captain!

  • Anonymous

    great coverage, Jon.

    Go get em on Friday, Rick.


    We are the Mighty Bruins, the best team in the West. We’re marching on to victory to conquer all the rest. We are the Mighty Bruins, triumphant evermore. You can hear from far and near the Mighty Bruin roar! U! C! L! A! U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as our AD some day. Thanks for sharing this special moment Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Coach Neu, you will always be a true Bruin.

  • Anonymous

    Really sad for the guy. He wanted to win so badly, not for himself, but for UCLA. I feel his passion for UCLA. It’s too bad it couldn’t have turned out better.

  • Maloman

    You can “Make it Happen” Bruins!

    put some mud in DG’s face!

    Rick for AD!!


  • Jono

    This makes me so sad. Sorry Rick, we know you tried your best. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you expect. GO BRUINS!

  • Anonymous

    Did you get a video of it Jon?

  • Matt

    Man, I thought Monday was a somber day. This has to tear the guys heart out. Some things in life just do not work out and its sad this one didn’t for Rick. If you’ve ever met the guy you know exactly how positive and genuine he is. I had the pleasure twice and he spoke to me and my wife as if we were long, lost friends.

    The change had to happen but we are losing a great ambassador for UCLA.

    Until then, he will always be a Bruin and I hope he has one last talk with our players and emphasizes to them how important they all are to the program.

  • MarkLA

    Rick Neuheisel = UCLA’s Moses??

  • Just Askin’

    Jon, did you feel a tear coming on? Come on, you’re only human…

  • uclabruin11

    Thank you for sharing. As a recent alumnus (’11, obviously) and former student-athlete, I also have had a number of run-ins with Coach Neuheisel and he has been nothing but friendly, positive, and genuine. In addition, during each inaugural year, he would speak to all the student-athletes and was inspirational and just bleeding blue and gold that it was obvious his love for this university. Like I said, as a student-athlete, I was proud to have him represent this athletic department (as football coaches seem to do these days).

    As a diehard football fan wayyy before I came to UCLA, and throughout, and still, I guess that UCLA had to move on and understand the decision. Rationally, deep down, I do feel it is the right decision and one I fully support. Yet, it is hard to see him go because he is such a great representative of this university…I hated all the name-calling and personal attacks during his tenure because it was uncalled for and disrespectful, in my opinion. And the worst part about it is that now people are all recognizing his class and appreciating the type of representative and person he is.

    I wish him all the best in the future and hope we can somehow bring him back to UCLA–we may have had bad results (a change, again, that I support), but I am thankful for his attitude and love for UCLA.


  • Anonymous

    I’m really sorry it didn’t work out, Coach. Best of Luck in all of your future endeavors – and may those be at UCLA at some point down the road…

  • Ray M.

    He has handled this with class and humility. I feel for him. Like me, he bleeds Bruin blue. It just didn’t work out but to me, he is still a UCLA legend. Good luck Coach!

  • Women’s Studies ’78

    Relocated to occupy OC in Irvine. Much kinder than the occupy LA and NO LAPD! Sorry to see Rick N have to move on. Thank goodness Governor Brown signed the Dream Act. Now diversity will return to UCLA.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    After we beat Oregon Friday, how can DG NOT let this guy coach The Rose Bowl?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely great to see the team salute a man that bleeds Blue and Gold like the rest of us. Question I have is how it could be that Washington St. developed a plan/strategy and executed it so quickly while we still sit here trying to look into the crystal ball for some direction.

  • Cali

    What a tough job. Reading this brought a tear to my eye. I really feel for CRN. I know it had to be done but he is a true Bruin for life. I do wish he was the AD. He would be much better than DG. Life goes one.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    I teared up reading this. I am so happy the players honored CRN this way!!

    uclabruin11: Thank you for that insight.

    Rick for AD!!!

  • Anonymous

    So now your shedding tears for the guy? All of you Ruin fans wanted his head on a platter ever since the Thursday night massacre in Az. Thanks to you all he got the axe. Way to go…Occupy Westwood.

  • Brock

    Sc scum wouldn’t understand what it is like for a coach to have heart for his team.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Rick!!! You will always be a great Bruin. How about as the AD in two years?

  • uclabruin11

    Lifelong Bruin Fan: Happy to provide it, appreciate your comment as well. I remember one time, a few years ago, a giant Playstation 3/NCAA Football truck was right in front of Pauley Pavilion–I’m not sure how many have seen that before, but it was pretty cool. Anyway, I was playing with a friend and they were all set up to be UCLA vs. USC…anyway, I was playing as UCLA (we were just playing for a few minutes because it was there) and Neuheisel walked past us and said to me out of the blue, “make sure the right team wins!” and winked at me as he walked past. 🙂 Throughout my four years around and in the Athletic Department, he was much more visible and out-going and well-spoken than Dan Guerrero…maybe that was the nature of the job differences, but just an observation.

    I do, honestly, find it disconcerting that I agree with the previous comment; SO many fans were literally calling for his head, nastily and aggressively, and now that he is gone, finally appreciating his class and love for UCLA. Maybe that type of ridicule was needed to get the attention of the Athletic Department? I don’t know, but, just something that is bothersome. Anyway, I’ll stop ranting…it had to happen but good luck to Rick!

  • Chris Petersen

    Anyone wondering what Rick could have done with the sudden $$ support? Hire capable assistants or have better facilities for players (draw recruits). Perhaps that can be his Legacy; the man that showed no matter how much love you have for the school you still need $ to be competitive. Unfortunately for him it was realized too late. Bruin fans should honor him as the man that made this painfully clear, just as Texas fans thank us for kicking their butts in football in the late 90s.

  • Aztec

    Clearly it wasn’t the receivers holding him aloft– the would have dropped him.

  • PeterUCLA

    A touching and classy tribute by a team to their coach. Thanks Rick, for your passion and effort. Go Bruins!


    Only at UCLA would this happen. And only at Practice would he be carried off the field, because he never came close to being carried off the field after a bowl victory or signature win.


  • JerzeyBruin

    If anyone wants to see the video i believe BRO has it up for free.

  • PV Bruin

    Let’s start a new campaign:

    ………RN for AD……….

    He may not have been a great UCLA coach but with his charisma I am sure he will be a great UCLA AD.

  • John Bender

    Good guy, terrible coach. I knew right when you guys hired him that it would not work. He is a terrible evaluator of talent and very very soft. Teams get worse every year as they did in Seattle at UW and at Colorado. He is hated at both places. You must be crazy to want him as AD.

  • bibs

    The players show of class is a true reflection of their coach.It makes me proud to be a bruin alumni.It would make sense to keep CRN as an assistant AD involved in areas other than coaching;like was done with another former coach.

  • Blitzed

    Now just imagine the kind of reaction he’d be getting if he actually built a winner. Love the guy as a Bruin. Hate the guy as a coach.

  • Fitting Goodbye

    I’m happpy for Rick. He was a class act during this tumultous time. All the questions, pressure, ups and downs have to be stressful but, he he was relentlessly positive. I was pulling for him yet frustrated and the inconsistency. I have mixed emotions about his departure but, I do think its in the best interest of the program to make a change.

    I wish him well and I’m sure he’ll either be on the evil 4 letter network or back on the sideline. Either way, he’ll be successful and always a Bruin.

    Good Luck Rick!

  • Anonymous

    @John Bender: It’s clear people go through events that change their lives. Neuheisel will be better because of his exp as UCLA head coach. If he were to become UCLA AD, who better to understand the financial needs of our football team? Guerrero hasn’t been there. Neuheisel has.

  • Unreal…

    I hate to be that guy but my really good friend who is a college football writer for one of the major news outlets has been told by a trusted insider of the program that Petersen will be the next coach at UCLA. He is currently trying to confirm it with another one of his sources before he breaks it.

    Hope he is right.

    That picture is awesome, would love to see video would love to see a Bruin Victory this Friday even more with Neuheisel being carried off the field a Champion.

  • Even through the most difficult times recently with everyone seemingly calling for his head, Rick never avoided contact with the fans during the Bruin Walk before entering the Rose Bowl…he shook everyone’s hand and sometimes he would be two minutes behind his team because he took time to acknowledge the fans, win or lose his passion bucket always over flowed. If Dan Guerrero doesn’t find his replacement by Sumday he should be fired immediately, and replaced by Rick Neuheisel, so Rick can hire his replacement.

  • FrozenBruinAK

    My favorite CRN memory was this: I led a group that brought 90 kids from Boys & Girls Club to campus during Engineering Week. Coach took all 90 kids into the team meeting room, pumped them up for 10 minutes about UCLA, education, following your dreams. Those kids left with the biggest smiles and he was such a genuine, positive person that I’m sure that memory will stick with them for a long, long time.


    Two days ago you Ruin losers wouldn’t have pissed on this guy if he was on fire now you’re all emotional like women. Act like men he ruined your program be glad he’s gone. Jesus. And you’re not beating anyone Friday all of you spending time thinking about if he should coach the rose bowl need your heads examined. LOSERS ALL OF YOU

  • TruBluBruin

    I admit that I have been one of the many fed up with the lack of progress of the program and I too think CRN firing is justified. The record and on-field performances do not lie and this program needs an immediate change in direction, culture, and philosophy. I too grew immensely frustrated with CRN “relentlessly optimistic” attitude amid some of the most dire performances and times in Bruins Football history and I grew to believe that he was out of touch with the reality of his program. I wish CRN could have better balanced his optimism with a strong dose of reality before the situation grew untenable, but he never did. I really wish CRN could have ultimately stepped up to the mic sometime before or even after his dismissal and acknowledged that he had made mistakes in player development, coaching personnel, game preparation, offensive system, philosophy, and program culture. I wish he would have stood up to the mic last Saturday night and acknowledged he’d made these mistakes and vowed to change his program’s direction if given the fifth and final year of his contract. Instead of calling for his head, I would have been willing to give him one more year and one last Hail Mary to get this program righted if he could have just stepped up to the mic last Saturday night and took full responsibility for the program’s failure and a promise to dramatically change direction. Instead CRN was out of touch and insistent on being “relentlessly optimistic” in the face of a humiliating defeat in the most important game of the year and another sub-par season. The “glass is half-full” scenario does not suffice in big time college athletics. The “glass is half-full” mentality is reserved for your local parks and rec league, but in big time competitive athletics, that mentality gets you 6-6 and 6-7 seasons and it gets you the door. I wish this would have worked out better for all of us but it failed. I wish RN the best because his heart is in the right place.


    The above lawyer john is a fake; the real one wouldn’t write something so crude on a ucla blog.

    Too bad we didn’t appreciate Rick the man while he was “alive.” It is similar to being at a funeral and lamenting how we should have appreciated the guy more while we had a chance.

    But the “Rudy” moment for coach is one I am sure he will treasure, and by all accounts he is a good Catholic man.

  • MichaelRyerson

    You play the cards you’re dealt. Sometimes you win and sometimes not, sometimes the breaks go your way, yada, yada, yada. In the end it’s really all about the relationships you build. I think Rick’s essentially a good guy and apparently so do his players.


    Go back and read the horrific comments following the Az and SC game… These same people are now shedding tears for RN.

  • Ley

    BBANNG: Respect & Class are words that you will never understand!!! GO BRUINS

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    BBANNG: You’ve obviously never played the game, either. Have you seen how CRN prepares for games? It’s not pretty. No, this week is all about respecting his exit and then ushering Petersen in. And that’s OK. We need some creepy freaking mojo to get this done Friday, and maybe it comes after carrying Rick INTO Autzen Stadium, or something crazy like that.

    And don’t even bring Jesus into this. Because when He returns, it won’t be mounted aboard anything like the faggity-white gelding that you all think is some studly standard at U$C.


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here
  • Matt

    UCLA has to make an obvious move. The players show the ball coach how much they meant to him by giving him a swan song as a family. Neither players or coaches asked for this to be covered by the media but it was.

    And in typical fashion, just like when the game is in hand and you need to run out the clock…USC piles on. As embarassing as it is in the game scenarios over the years, anybody that comes on a blog to pile on should look in the mirror and think about who they are. I hope they never have to come to terms with failing in their lifetime. The truth is it happens to everyone in life, some people face the music and take the blame. I know I have failed many times, you take it like a man and move on. Others cry and whine and blame others for their own failures (See USC blaming the NCAA for its sanctions).

    Congratulations to USC on a tremendous season, they played very well all season long and improved each week. They deserve a lot of credit for their football accomplishments.

    But more importantly, Go Bruins! Let’s get this hire right and move on in a positive direction.

  • ender


    To be fair to the USC counterparts, some UCLA guys from this blog troll all over Wolf’s site. A lot. And with less than tasteful words. Besides, would it be a rivalry if there wasn’t wasn’t good old-fashioned kick-him-in-the-crotch banter between the two schools?

    That said, way to keep it classy. Just like the players when they did this for Rick. I honestly was shocked when I saw the picture of this, in a good way of course. If only they could have showed the Neuheisel and the rest of the coaches how much they cared on the field by being consistent winners. I hope they send him out right on Friday, whether it be a close, gutty, hard fought loss or, my God, a win, as unlikely as that sounds.

    Then again, stranger things have happened… (See: Appy State-Michigan/USC-Stanford 2007)

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    It is certainly sad to see anyone lose a job, especially in today’s times. The fact that this split is so visible and was done so poorly by our administration makes it even harder.

    That being said, I find it troubling that Neuheisel still cannot seem to own up to his own huge mistakes, and then makes excuses, but then say’s “hey I don’t want to make any excuses”! At the end of the day, his legacy at UCLA will be he was the one that opened up the wallet for football (thanks to the new TV contact of course) and made the athletic department and more importantly the Chancellor realize (perhaps unfortunately) just how critical success on the gridiron is to fiscal health and external University image and promotion.

    Sorry it didn’t work out. Glad the change was made. Best of luck to Rick in the future.

  • ender


    Why a university (hell, even small colleges), but one in a major conference with one of the premier athletic legacies in the nation no less, would fail to recognize the importance of your revenue sports as a brand upon which you can realize the goals for your ENTIRE SCHOOL, is beyond me. Do people not understand that a lot of the reason people go to the Dukes, UNCs, Michigans, Cal-Berkleys, UCLAs, USCs is because of their athletics? Anybody else not understand why all the University of Wisconsin schools besides the Madison campus have to have their city attached to their official name? It’s called branding, and it sells for universities. Anybody with business sense should have seen that trend at work in American colleges for the last 50 years or so.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Lightning, I disagree. His legacy at UCLA will be the only coach in history to lead his team to an 8 loss season 3 out of 4 years.

    And that’s worthy of being carried off the practice field on a Wednesday night like he just won the BCS Championship

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Regarding getting carried off the practice field – where was that player emotion last Saturday night at the Coliseum? If the players really cared about Rick that much, they would have put forth MUCH more effort against SC (not to mention the plethora of other ugly blow out losses). Losing just one game to SC by a score of 50-0 should be enough to get ANY UCLA football coach fired. Deep inside I am sure Neuheisel knows that is true.

  • Let’s Play Nice

    The one article that Jon dedicated to the way the players feel about CRN as a man and a handful of troglodites had to piss in the sandbox by bringing up the obvious in his coachmanship.

    Certainly the players weren’t carrying him off because of his record as a coach; I suggest they were doing so because of a great admiration for him as a person.

    Years from now, those players who participated in this tribute will most likely remember that they were influenced by a man on how to treat other people.

  • Ley

    Sounds like a bunch of Monday Morning Coaches that know everything but can’t even coach little league. But Hey you have all the answers and people do actually go to a University to go to school last time I checked??? Go Bruins.

  • rejn

    If Rick didn’t have his heart set on coaching again (or in the near future???), and if I was the Chancellor (forget Guerrero – not sure what to think of him at the moment), I would find a place for Rick with a title of something like Senior Vice President of Development/Executive Director/Senior Associate Director, Athletics and make sure his primary duty is fundraising, promote, and talk up UCLA. Maybe he could be in line to be the next Athletic Director…

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    ucla-of-the-rockies thank you for your post, it needed to be said.

  • Amillennialist

    Rockies brings down the thunder, big eschatological guns a-blazin’!

  • spedjones

    Jon – why so silent on the behind the scenes stuff now? Dohn is chiming in all over the place on BRO from the other side of the country while we get zip from his replacement? Come on, earn that sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with rejn – this would be a perfect idea and a great place for Neu – he can really sell the school and raise funds, and it would give time for the chancellor to see if he’s a good fit for AD eventually.

  • @ender – who on this site trolls all over Wolf’s blog?? not me!!!

  • Trojan Conquest


  • BruinRogue

    Rick had it all set up. Beloved by fans as a former player, had U$C finally caught with their pants down (most $C chicks are anyways), and had some great coordinators. He did everything right but win. Horrible decisions in terms of personnel and game management. But he’s still a true Bruin so it’s hard to hate. I think he’d make a great advertising guy for us. Just not a football coach or hiring guy.

  • 420

    Leech to wsu now summerlan to asu wow what r we waiting for

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Give Jon a break. He posted this pix and by count it’s been hit-on hard.
    And you know the old saying, that sometimes no news is good news.

    It’s been a big week for the Pac-12, and you gotta believe the final cog in the wheel — our coaching choice — is under hardcore haggling right now.

    $4mill per year should be enough to lure Chris Petersen, his staff favorites and all the Idaho Potatoes we can eat for some time.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    What a sham this football team is…

    Ya’ll need to read this:


  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the story from Jon. By all accounts Rick is a quality human being and I wish him that best, just like his players. I do not think that I would install Rick as an AD or associate only because he is a positive speaker. Modern AD’s come more from the financial world and not from coaching. There are almost no AD’s left who are former coaches. Experience in managing major fund-raising is mandatory. Do you really want a former coach deciding how to manage a campaign worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Good AD’s have passion for sports, but a background in business.

  • Resource Guy

    No, I want an intelligent guy who has a law degree and knows the NCAA rules and guidelines better than anyone. I would also like to have someone who loves UCLA the institution, not just the football program, and can garner respect and excitement from the alumni. That is why Rick should be the AD now, or if not, then as soon as he is ready.


    They carried him out. Is he now a paraplegic after the beat down in the Coliseum?

  • Unreal…


    Chris Petersen has been offered 20 million over 5 years. Rick Reilly broke that story via twitter.

  • Ley

    You mean PAYING BY THE SAME RULES!!! Both Schools (ORG.- or USC home of the old raider fan base in L.A.)are known for bending rules and UCLA has higher academic standards then either would want to deal with because they couldn’t bring in the type of Athletes they do??? Better to be a Bruin.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Please, Unreal, out of respect to [former] CRN, this his HIS thread, let’s not talk about his replacement.

    Pretty sad to see that a guy living in Boise would turn down 4 mil a year to coach in Los Angeles. But that’s the greatest tradition in all of sports– UCLA football (?).

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What a bunch of sad sack, defiant losers like FIGHTONtoVICTORY over at Inside USC. Virtually all of them believe U$C has been wrongly bitch-slapped by the NCAA.

    Yeah, because of their holy innocence they are rotting away like O.J. right now while others like us play on.

    And they wish for anyone to coach us but Chris Petersen. Because they know that when we sign him, Lame Kitten becomes No. 2 in town.

    Then, USC football follows suit.

    Shock the world Friday night, Bruins!
    And then carry CRN out of Autzen!

  • Unreal…


    Sorry about that just responding to drive by poster.

    Love Coach Neu he had some really bad luck with all the injuries and the team was inconsistent. I was really pulling for him. Didn’t mean any disrespect for the guy.

    I’m just really excited for Friday’s game and for the future of the program.

  • bazinga

    Unreal, Rick Reilly knows not of what he speaks. He broke a bogus story about how UCLA offered all that money, plus guaranteed his “special needs” son treatment at UCLA Medical Center. Sounds great, but Petersen has no special needs son. He has a teenager who had a tumor when he was an infant, and the kid’s fine now.

  • Cheat On to victory – a.k.a. SUC owns shit, or KNOBBED, you effing loser…get the hell off this blog…and have fun watching the Bruins play in a game you couldn’t play in for being freaking cheaters. Cheat On, f*****g loser.

  • Trojan Conquest

    BruinRob…..I’ll make you a deal right now. I’ll get off this site if you get off Wolf’s.
    And complaining about USC cheating 7 years ago, or should I say a player cheating with an agent 7 years ago, is like a SC person complaining about UCLA basketball being cheaters with Sam Gilbert. It’s OLD FRACKING NEWS! But at least Gilbert cheated for the benefit of UCLA, where as Lake cheated for the benefit of Lake. Seriously, move on.

  • @Condom Conquest, it may have happened 7 years ago, but your paying for it JUST now (thanks to the NCAA taking their time, while they milked the cash cow dry) and the next three years with 10 scholie reductions each year.

    Had USuCk done what a decent program with a code of ethics does – take care of issues internally, like UCLA did with DeShawn Foster, and Ohio State with Tressel, maybe just maybe, USC would have gotten away unscathed…but no, your arrogance took over and thought that just because USuCk was a cash cow for the NCAA they would never drop the hammer on the condoms – WRONG!!

    As for UCLA asinine comment regarding UCLA basketball FORTY YEARS AGO, Nothing was EVER proven by the NCAA investigation during the Wooden years. The NCAA investigated and simply stated they found no wrong doing by anyone connected to the university. So unless you can provide a link showing that UCLA was stripped of a basketball title like USC was in 2005 for cheating, you can eat crow punk!!

    Ever heard of Marv Goux? the heir apparent of Sam Gilbert? now let’s talk about him! Marv Goux and USC were investigated and they found Marv Goux guilty of funneling money to the USC players through Goux…so STFU, fool.

    USC has been cheating for the last 108 years. In 1903 they hired a player and enrolled him in school for a couple of weeks, just so they could have a chance to beat Pomona Pitzer…check this out, from the L.A. Times, enjoy loser!!

    As for leaving Wolf’s blog? F**k you, never! you’re welcome to stay here all you want, just stop you asinine comments complaining about several Bruins spending our time there, you hypocritical POS.

    UCLA’s most famous athlete – the great Jackie Robinson
    SUC’s most famous athlete – double murderer OJ Simpson
    UCLA’s most famous coach – Legendary John R. Wooden
    USC’s most famous coach – Pete The Cheat, who bolted on you SUC asses.

    UCLA – “Champions Made Here”
    USC – “A Tradition Of Cheating”

    Enjoy watching the game tomorrow night, a game that you only WISH you could have played in.

    Go Bruins!!!!

  • **Sorry for the typo.
    The NCAA found Marv Goux guilty of funneling money from the Boosters to the USC players.

  • BrazilianFan

    Dan Guerrero mismanaged the coaching change. He did not fire CRN earlier in the season, and this cost UCLA the chance of getting some big name coaches that were available (like Mike Leach or, who knows, Urban Meyer); now he decided to fire CRN just before the championship game.
    This poor decision shows that:
    1. UCLA AD has no class or decency in handling a firing; as long as he has waited, he should have waited another week and fired CRN only after the last game;
    2. Dan will look like a clown if UCLA beats Oregon.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Ignore UCLA of the Rockies and other fair weather Bruin fans. CRN is a great Bruin. He lead us to the PAC 12 South Championship. The SUC game was just a bad day with some bad bounces. He would have continued to close the gap with U$C. Our next coach has large shoes to fill. Good luck competing with the trojans for the PAC 12 South title the next few years. CRN has proven he can win it.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Gutty: You might be the most delusional, naive fan I’ve ever come across — UCLA or otherwise. You may also be, like, 12, so I’ll be kind here.

    But you have to learn to tell the truth, son. Saying our 50-0 loss to SUC (hey, watch your language) was just a bad day with bad bounces is like saying the atom bomb was just a small disturbance over Hiroshima. Truth: We got smoked. Bitch-slapped. They said bend over and we just took it and took it and took it. Certainly, you’ve heard bad words like that from those punks out at recess a lot. Stand up them, boy, and just say “listen here you U$C bastards … you cheat and you will rot in hell for that!”

    Most anyone on this site bleeds Bruin and, therefore, CRN too. Great man. Not so great coach. Here, let’s say it together OK? Not. So. Great. Coach.

    To keep from getting laughed at continuously, you may want to refrain from using the “close the gap” term. Unless you throw in “passion bucket” and “move the needle” before and after it, so we know that you are not smoking crack. Wait, kid, don’t ever do that!

    USC is 39-12 (.765) in the past four years, and we are 21-28 (.429). I know you probably don’t understand those decimal numbers, but just trust me that they have way more wins than us and way less losses than us during the same span of time.

    Don’t ever confuse that with closing a gap. As for current, U$C sits at 10-2, and we are four back at 6-6.

    I’ve seen your posts on here for awhile now, and just thought you should be set straight. Also now that life is not fair. Uncle Dan Guerrero (don’t ever sit on his lap if he asks you to, kid) hasn’t handled this well, will continue to screw the pooch here (don’t worry, that’s just a crazy saying) and is probably half the man that CRN is. Sad, but true. Life is not fair.

    But, there’s an old cowboy saying that sums this up in terms of having to fire coaches that aren’t performing well:

    “When your horse dies … dismount!”

    Sadly, gaps won’t be closed until the same measure is applied with DG, too.

    Now that we’ve laid all this out, let’s move on to what is truly important tonight. And I know you are all ready for this: Let’s root our Bruins on tonight like never before. Paint your face. Shave your balls and paint each one. Bring down the mojo thunder from heaven almighty to reign all over Autzen tonight and then carry CRN to The Rose Bowl!

    To that, we both agree!

  • @UCLA of the rockies, I know a few of the trOJans on Wolf’s blog that would be running to volunteer shaving our balls and even painting them blue and gold. Especiall a tool by the name of NOBS.

  • Nice article Jon…Thanks. For another story that I feel represents the Man Neuheisel is read oregonlive.com piece called

    ” The contrarian view of soon-to-be ex-UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel” .

    Now we Bruins need to handle this as classy as Rick has.

    BTW: Assume any bashing on this Blog are from across town.