Quick chat with Brandon Huffman

Spoke with Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman yesterday about the Building a Class story, here are some leftovers:

What do the other UCLA coaches do with their futures in doubt?
“You can’t just be polishing up your resume. You have to prove you want to still be on this staff. The reality is that some of these guys might end up at a Pac-12 school, and they want good reputations.”

Is a new coach on defense or offense? That is, is he more protecting the commits they already have, or going for new ones?
“It’s going to be both. What happened with Neuheisel, when he walked in, they already had 18-20 guys committed. Rahim, Datone, Tony Dye, Patrick Larimore Nick Crissman – those were guys who had committed by June or earlier. Nobody wanted to be that guy who left.”

Can this get UCLA in the living rooms of any elite prospects?
“It all depends on who they hire. A lot of it is dependent on if it’s an offensive guy – maybe some guys didn’t think they can do the Pistol, maybe the new guy runs the spread or the pro-style. Maybe it’s a defensive guy, and maybe there can be an outside linebacker who doesn’t want to play in a 4-3, but the new guy runs a 3-4 and now he looks at UCLA.”

Give me one surprise with this news:
“They’re not going to lose any of their elite prospects. I don’t think they lose those guys like Hiva Lutui and Aaron Porter. Even though Porter said at halftime of the Arizona game, he had three Pac-12 coaches call him.”

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  • UCLARedDragon

    Mike leech to WSU wow we missed out on that one…second guessing the season now

  • kiriba8

    Leech is a bright guy, but sort of a train wreck from a personality standpoint. For sure, a bad fit at UCLA.

  • BruinPain

    We’re totally screwed now! We let Mike Leach get hired by not only another University but within our conference!!! Our AD and big donors are SO STUPID!!! I almost want to burn my degree at this point.

  • Arthur Winkelman

    Unbelievable…I don’t know if this is for real or not: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/news?slug=ucla-to-hire-joe-paterno

  • Shawnymoe

    Yea I wanted mike leach to come to ucla he is the type of guy who wins and is not afraid to speak his mind. I have a bad feeling were going to hire some retread coach with bad assistants and we’ll b doing this again n about 3 years…….

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Trust me it is a Blessing that Mike Leach is not at UCLA, He has Car loads of baggage
    He is a good coach, But he is a PR nightmare.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Well Lifetime may have a similar name as mine but I for one am very disappointed that not only do we now have no chance with Leach but that he is going to a Pac-12 opponent!

    Obviously he was available…I hope this does not come back to bite us. SMH

  • BruinPain

    Well Lifetime Bruin, we just got rid of our fair haired PR dream boy. Unfortunately, we need a coach and not some public relations front man. Remember we’re hiring a football coach.

  • BruinBear

    Leach is a good coach, but he would have been a horrible fit at UCLA. No doubt the WSU offense will improve, but it’s no big deal that he went to another Pac 12 school.

    I seriously doubt we can get Petersen. If not, Bellotti would be a nice hire even though he is 60 and would probably only coach for about 5 years (that might actually be a good carrot to get a really top notch coordinator to come aboard as “HC in waiting”

  • Anonymous

    Like many, was sad to see Coach Neuheisel removed but changes needed to be made. Don’t stop there but also terminate the services of AD Dan Guerrero. One suggestion is to replace him with the former Bruin, collegiate and professional Hall of Famer Troy Aikman. Submitted by a converted trojan fan