Mastro reportedly headed to Washington State’s Chris Level is reporting that Jim Mastro is going to be hired by Washington State to be its running backs coach. Trying to get it confirmed now.

if so, that further cements the assumption that UCLA would be moving away from the Pistol offense under its soon-to-be-hired coaching staff.

Here’s what I was told by UCLA:
“Coach Mastro will be going up to meet with Leach some time in the next few days and after that meeting, a decision will be made.”

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  • Watty

    Or, it means the assistant coaches are jumping ship since it’s clear UCLA has no idea what it’s doing right now, or what offense it will be running next year.

  • Mr. Assumptions

    “…UCLA would be moving away from the Pistol…”

    Jon, with no head coach, who exactly would be making that decision?

    Mastro saw an opportunity in hand, and has no idea what will be the philosophy going forward…that would be a more sound assumption, if there is such a creature.

  • Anon

    Watty – it is hardly unusual for assistant coaches to accept other jobs after the head coach has been fired. In fact, it is highly unusual for them to stick around for very long in those circumstances unless there is a possibility of an internal hire.

  • Two teams operated primarily out of the Pistol offense in 2011. Nevada, where Mastro used to coach, and UCLA. Neuheisel is gone, and he brought the Pistol to UCLA. He also brought Mastro to UCLA. I would assume the new coach would not run an offense now used by just one other coach in the country.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Wow, what a novel idea of the author actually participating in his own blog. Can we trade Wolf for Gold?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Wow, what a novel idea of the author actually participating in his own blog. Can we trade Wolf for Gold?

  • Anonymous

    MIKE NOLAN. You have to respect a guy who gets fired because his huge ego NFL football players couldn’t handle it. He would bring instant credibility with his old school hard-nosed attitude. He’s like a defensive minded Jim Harbaugh.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the pistol the perfect offense for Hundley?

  • Watty

    Anon – I’m aware of that. My point is that if UCLA wasn’t busy bungling the firing/hiring process for a new head coach, we might have one in place and Mastro would know for sure if he was out or if there was a spot on the new staff that suited him. It’s highly unusual for coordinators to stick around, but less unusual for position coaches to be retained if there’s a need/fit for them.

    But don’t mind me, I’m just bitter about the whole thing right now…

  • PV Bruin

    Is John Gruden totally out of the picture?

    Since we are considering ex-NFL coaches, why isn’t he in the mix?

    just wondering…

  • Anonymous

    Mastro has been friends with leech for years and Nevada fans were rumors that he would leave Nevada to join Leech at TT, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s a great coach too….helped Nevada become the first team in history with three 1,000 yard rushers in the same year.

  • Shawnymoe

    Thank god I hate the pistol get out of LA and don’t let the door hit u where the good lord split you………

  • scidiot

    Gruden is not going anywhere. He has a sweet gig with ESPN and just signed a new contract. Go ask Nebraska fans how well a NFL coach worked out for them. PC was an exception to the general rule. bruins need to take a flyer on a young hc from a small school or go after one of the hot coordinators. The big names are gone.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I’d hire Dwayne Walker, and with the money you saved go out and overpay for a really good OC.

  • bruin95grad

    Just great…Coach Leach is now going to incorporate the Pistol into his arsenal. He likes to mix up the formations, attack the entire field, and use ALL of his offensive positions to attack the D.


  • PV bruin


    Thanks for the info on Gruden.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon, thanks for holding your ground and not joining the fucking frenzy out there that doesn’t know its ass from a hole in the ground.

    It’s obvious the pooch has long been screwed here, and that Dandy Dan Guerrero is operating in his true colors: too late, completely out of touch and selfishly just trying to hang onto his job. He could hire Sandusky right now and at least be guaranteed two years into EVEN THAT contract.

    It’s re-treads and retards right now. And I’m convinced this whole titanic won’t be righted until DG is sent on his way.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Nolan would be an excellent coach for the Bruins.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Oh darn, we don’t get to face off against the cap gun offense anymore? But we all know the savior of Westwood, Brett Hundley is here to save the day! Bwwwwwwwwwwwwaaa ha aha ha ha

  • Dodgerfan

    It’s interesting that names like Gruden and Nolan are mentioned.

    I think Red Sanders would be the BEST!!! XD

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Hurry and post Jon: Sources just confirmed that Dewayne Walker just laid down some hellacious turd that clogged the Shell station toilet a few miles from campus! He’s driving a powder blue SUV! His wife had on a gold sweater! You KNOW what that means!

    The saddest thing no one is talking about w/all the coach-search drama is what Dan Guerrero’s wonderful timing, indecision and general fuck-ness has done to hamstring our recruiting prowess. National LOI Day is just 2 months out and we got no one at the wheel.

  • rayatl

    How about Art Briles from Baylor? It would be hard to pry him away from there, but doubling his salary and being at a major university might help!

    While we’re at it, how about getting Baylor’s AD as well. Let’s see, Top 12 in football, Top 10 in men’s BB, Number 1 in women’s BB…sounds good to me.

  • trania

    How about Joe Tiller (retired coach from Purdue). Purdue is a QB factory… maybe UCLA can get a good QB with Joe Tiller leading the way.

  • Anonymous

    The amount of hate on the pistol is absurd. Do you guys have any idea what you’re talking about? The majority of the run first offenses of the last three or four years (including, but not limited to Nebraska, Oregon, Auburn, Mississippi State, Air Force, and yes, Nevada) have incorporated the pistol in some form to their offense. It combines the best of the spread (veer/inside and outside zone read/option game) AND still allows for your north/ south run game with all the conventional play action and waggle/naked boots legs you West Coast apologists love.

    Read here, from the editor of “Smart Football”:

    Just because Prince is a mediocre QB doesn’t mean the pistol has no pop. Get educated. We’d be smart to at least keep it as a formation, especially if Hundley is as good and versatile as advertised.

  • ender


    Another Curtis Painter? No thanks.

  • Ley

    I am officially going to send the weenies over at Bruin Nation a case of Merlot to go with all there WINEing


    I wasn’t aware UCLA had a football program. I dont think any good coaches are aware either.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Don’t mind the pistol being one offensive package. Just not the entire offense. Pistol is being used more throughout all of football (saw it in a pro game), but it should not be sole offensive philosophy. I know spread is vogue right now but, I wouldn’t mind old school hard nosed football. Two back, pro sets sound pretty good to me. But aside from offensive side of ball, I want to see aggressive attacking punishing defense that takes chances. Sigh, would be nice.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    What is it with Kansas and its infatuation with 400-pound coaches?

  • BruinFaithful

    Air Raid + Pistol/Zone Read = WOW!!!!

  • PUSC 3


    Leach didn’t get hired because guerrerror is an idiot. Leach wanted the job, but guerrerror pursued all the coaches that didn’t want the job.