Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) How come Stover has not been playing more minutes? Is this a coaches decision or is he still being hindered by his injury? – MoeBruins
He’s been working his way back from injury and trying to get back into game shape, but he should be on the verge of some decent minutes.

2) I get the feeling that there are two groups of players on this years basketball team: 1) a core group of less talented players who buy into Howland and seem determined to work as a team and then 2) the group of players who were suppose to be the stars this years who seem dysfunctional and close to uncoachable. Is this a correct assessment? Related to this how would you handle Josh Smith and Reeves Nelson if you were the basketball coach? – Moebruins
To this point, I would say that’s a pretty fair assessment. But I also think it’s seven games into the season, and the talent is there to turn things around quickly. Also, the Pac-12 stinks. Like, stinks. As in, is pretty darn bad. If Howland can figure out a way to fix the defense in the next few games, the whole vibe will improve. Regarding my handling of guys like Smith and Nelson: The bench.

3) Any chance Stan Hasiak transfers back in next year? – john wingett
I think that ship has pretty much sailed.

4) Dear Mr. Gold,
I asked this question last time, but I believe that it grows more urgent and relevant by the day!
Now, I’m not crazy, but I had an idea, and I figured you would be the man to talk to. What do you think are the chances that UCLA would agree to select its next football coach via an “open casting call”/reality show approach?
Now hear me out: I am talking an American Idol-style competition open to know-it-all fans, high school coaches, assistants, unemployed Penn State staff members, WHOEVER, put through various challenges and evaluated by a panel of celebrity judges like Troy Aikman, Dan Patrick, and/or Richard Simmons.
Too crazy? Maybe so, but check out the alternative playing out right now with UCLA’s A.D. conducting the search! – W.E.B. Dupree

What am I supposed to say to this?

5) Was Neuhesial fired before the PAC-12 Championship game in response to the unhappy fans/alumni after the SC lose or was it to get a jump on a coaching search? Seems like the former… – BruinBall
Lil’ from column A, lil’ from column B.

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  • captainqtp

    Jon, in answer to 4) – just say yes. Say yes.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Jon: I like your recommendation in no. 2 (although it only needs to be applied to one of them now). Also your response to another question that “it’s Howland that’s changed” is interesting…I guess I can ask you to elaborate on that in next week’s roundup (unless you care to do so here).

  • Anonymous

    From Wolf’s blog:

    We hear some UCLA boosters tried to contact Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen on their own this week.

  • PUSC 3

    Question 4 is hilarious!! But seriously, American Idol style coaching search is better than what dg is doing. Simon and Paula Abudul could find us a better coach than dg.