Full Mora/Guerrero press conference transcription Pt. 6

JLM on evaluating the current roster:
“I have not gotten a very good chance to give you anything near accurate. That will be one of the things I do right when I get there. Along with hiring a staff and recruiting, it’s evaluating the players on our team. The most important thing right now is to come in and attack recruiting, make sure we get a tremendous class in and hire a great coaching staff.”

JLM on retaining certain coaches:
“I took the job with no stipulations regarding staff other than I don’t believe you need to go into someplace and blow out your coaches. Our objective is to provide our student-athletes with the very best coaches we can provide them with.”

JLM on his defensive expertise being an advantage in the Pac-12:
“I don’t know if that’s an advantage yet. The fact that I spent so many years coaching defensive football is certainly going to be a benefit to me. I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve done a lot of things defensively, been involved in mutliple schemes. Been fortunate to coach some of the greatest players who have ever played the game. I think that will help me in this UCLA job identify players we need. But there are some things I’ve got to learn about these schemes. I can’t wait to actually sit down and watch Oregon film. I’ve only watched them on TV. I’m excited to see what Rich Rodriguez did at Michigan and West Virginia on film as opposed to just TV. I’m excited about watching what stanford does on film as opposed to just TV. When you’re a coach, part of the thing you love about coaching – and there are many things – but one of the things that really gets your juices going is scheming. Trying to come up with something that’s going to beat the other guy on Saturday.”

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