It’s official: UCLA hires Jim L. Mora

From UCLA:

UCLA has named former Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim L. Mora its Head Football Coach, replacing the departed Rick Neuheisel, it was announced today by UCLA Director of Athletics Dan Guerrero.

Mora and Guerrero will both be available to local media only via teleconference today at 11:30 am. Mora will be formally introduced to the Los Angeles media at a press conference early next week.

“I am proud to announce today that Jim Mora has accepted the position of head football coach at UCLA,” said Guerrero. “He has been a head coach at the game’s highest level and has clearly demonstrated to me that he is hungry and eager to return to the sidelines.”

Mora’s father, Jim E. Mora, was a prominent collegiate and NFL head coach, whose career included a stop at UCLA in 1974.

The younger Mora, 50, began his head coaching career with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004, and led Atlanta to an 11-5 regular season record and first place in the NFC West. After defeating the St. Louis Rams in the Divisional round, the Falcons’ season ended in a loss in the NFC Championship Game to the Philadelphia Eagles. Mora also coached the Falcons in 2005 and 2006.

“As someone who has been around the game of football my entire life, I have always held the UCLA job in the highest esteem,” said Mora. “Given its location and its tradition, UCLA is truly a sleeping giant and I realize that an opportunity of this magnitude doesn’t present itself more than once in a career, so I jumped at the chance to be a Bruin.”

After leaving the Falcons, Mora was named assistant head coach/defensive backs of the Seattle Seahawks in early 2007. He spent two seasons in that position before being promoted to the Seahawks top post after the retirement of Mike Holmgren.

He coached the Seahawks for the 2009 season and has worked as an analyst on the NFL Network for the past two seasons.

“UCLA has always been a place of high expectations, as it applies to our students, our faculty, our researchers and, not least of all, our athletic program. With more NCAA championships than any other university, the reality is that our fans count on us to be great. The hiring of Jim L. Mora as head coach of UCLA football proves that this is still a place where champions are made and integrity matters,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. “Jim is the kind of coach who understands that every player must succeed not only on the field but also in the classroom. Great athletic programs are made up of great leaders, great athletes and great minds. I can think of no better place for Jim Mora than UCLA, and no better coach for UCLA than Jim Mora.”

Mora began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at the University of Washington in 1984, immediately after his four years as a defensive back for the Huskies. As a player, he appeared in two Rose Bowls.

In 1985, the younger Mora made his NFL coaching debut as a quality control coach with the San Diego Chargers. In 1989, he was elevated to Chargers secondary coach, where he remained until 1992, when he joined his father’s New Orleans Saints staff in the same role.

Jim L. Mora departed New Orleans in 1997, moving to the San Francisco 49ers, also as secondary coach. In 1999, he was promoted to defensive coordinator and remained in that role until 2003, when he was hired by the Falcons.

  • MoraTheSame

    Nestor and all you wieners need to Pony Up big cash to improve our facilites. Take out a second mortgage. Rob granny’s bank account. Stop bleating like sheep and get ready for the new, ahem mora the same, era.

  • Mark

    Whether or not Mora is a good coach, ucla had to settle for the only person willing to take the job. The “coaching search” was a series of overtures that were rebuked. Mora contacted the school, they didn’t seek him.


    Well, the guy said all the right things about ucla being a “sleeping giant,” and how coaching at ucla is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    It sounds as if the guy will give his all, and bruins should be pretty happy if not ecstatic with the hire, except for the overly negative ones like BruinFaithful, who could not be made happy under any circumstances.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    With all due respect to Dorrell and Neuheisel, Mora is a much higher caliber level hire. I expect to see an immediate difference on the field in quality of play.

    If Mora can bring on board some top level assistants (and Jon has tweeted that super recruiter Adrian Klemm of SMU may be interested in joining UCLA), we will have the pieces to right this ship.

    Brighter days are ahead.

  • Anonymous

    The TRUE Bruins Nation will support Jim Mora…unlike fake Bruins at BruinsNation who don’t even go to the games but will complain from afar in DC. We don’t care if folks like Nestor do or don’t contribute to the UCLA fund…let’s get real…it’s not like their “booster” money even makes a dent compared to the rest of the alumni base. Keep up the negativity and use your “vast” influence to “rebuke” the hire…I’m sure u have a lot of sway. Good luck watching the games on the Pac-12 network instead of supporting via in attendance…never seen a bigger group of CHUMPS!

    True Bruins Nation–we will monitor your hypocrisy from afar. Keep cutting and pasting!

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Hey Coach, how does your dad feel about playoffs in college football?

  • INawe

    All I can say is, “What’s done, is done. Guerrero is an idiot but for my sake I hope I am wrong and Mora is successful after all the medioctrity we have had after a decade.”

    Best of luck to you coach. Show us what you’ve got!

  • Underwhelmed

    Well, at least it’s over.

    Welcome to UCLA, Coach Mora…let’s hope you prove everybody wrong.

    Best of luck and GO BRUINS.

  • cfcfan

    It amazes me, to no end, how so many people can be so sure this is a horrible hire for UCLA. The great weight of historical evidence says assumptions without all the facts leads to false conclusions. DG may be a horrible AD in the opinion of many Bruins based on what he has done in the past. That does not mean it is factual that Jim Mora will be a bad HC, that is an assumption based on limited understanding of selected “facts”. Since we don’t know what Mora’s plan of action is to accomplish his goal of making UCLA a football powerhouse, let alone who he brings with him as coordinators, fact based opinions do not exist. But then, facts are not important to all the little Alinsky’s out there, are they?

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Jason Collins of Rancho Cucamonga who already registered the domain name,! Are we really that cynical?

  • Still Laughing

    The whiners at BruinsNation are suffering mental breakdowns. I’m amused.

  • http://http::// BruinRob

    What’s done is done, TRUE bruin fans will support Jim Mora. With all the experience, and the Athletic department finally ready to spend some money, I am certain Jim Mora will bring in sound quality assistants which will be one improvement from the Neuheisel era, in which perhaps he had limited resources. Gook luck coach Mora, true Bruin fans who actually attend the games will support you and your staff.

  • Battanpocket

    Best hire at UCLA since Dick Vermeil hands down. Get on board

  • PUSC 3

    was hoping to see
    It’s official: UCLA fires Dan Guerrero

    @Coach Rick Neuheisal

  • The Wall is the Soul

    Funny how Junior states he wants to catch Oregon and U$C right now, but Guerrero (once again) has given him 5 years to do it.

  • Bob

    I’m sick of hearing about Nestor and Bruin Nation. Quit dropping f-bombs and hatred towards the AD. Quit hating a decision to hire a coach where none of us truly know anything about the process that took place.

    This is about UCLA football and the hiring of a new coach and hopefully a winning tradition. It’s not about you or me or Nestor.

    Good luck to Coach Mora

  • gilligan

    As a USC fan I find this hire very similar to PC. I don’t want to state that he will have the same type of success b/c some coaches have failed (D. Wandstedt (Pitt) and C. Gailey (GT)) but the fact that he is a defensive mind is a big plus. The key hire will be his OC and QB coach since I really think the defense will improve under his watch.
    The one thing to keep in mind is that this will also make USC maintain their high standards since the USC coaching staff has a lot of experience coaching against Coach Mora. Good luck to Coach Mora but not against USC.

  • Johnny Angel

    @gilligan I too would like to again see an on the field rivalry. Mora is a step towards that goal.

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Good luck to Coach Mora. Will be supporting you as any true Bruin should!

  • shawnymoe

    This is sad day in bruins land we could not have screwed up any worse. I mean he has no college hc experience. He was not a candidate for no other job nfl or college and some people think this is a gd hire. DG should go to the bumunia triangle and never come back. If anything they should have gotten mora sr at least it would have made our press confrence a lot more enjoyable……. Bowl gm bowl gm hell I’m just trying to win a gm…..

  • Brock

    As much as I am not a fan of the hire I love what he said in the presser. Guy has an attitude. Hopefully it translates to the players and onto the field. I’m pulling for him as I have the last 3 coaches bu I really wanted to go to the spread.

  • Marc

    I wonder if any of the losers over on bruinsnation have serious high level management positions at their jobs. I highly doubt it, as their tone and tactics speak to a much lower degree of acumen.

    I can’t wait to go to the spring scrimmage and see how the team looks early under the new coaches. I am excited. I can’t wait for the first home game against Nebraska. I can’t wait until the team takes the field against the trogans (sic). I have a feeling that Jim’s teams will improve throughout the year. Let’s get this started.

    And Dan Guerrero, talk to your team of lawyers and see what you can do to take the name and images down from that pathetic website, bruinsnation.

    Nestor (Murshed Zaheed), Tydides, Achilles, et al. Understand this; your time will come. Your time will come.

  • RickBruin

    Appears UCLA administration hope does spring eternal; can someone explain why 1) other coaches were not fighting over this job and 2) why UCLA could not find an innovative coach, instead opting for a previously fired coach relying on the family name, a la Kiffen.

    P.S. True Bruins Nation, please advise of your URL / blog address, so the silent majority can follow along.

  • ubcrluain

    Got away from now. Simply got FED UP with a bunch of condescending, disrespectful a-holes who spit their vile to those who disagree with their attitude. The Jim Tressel posts (the one where the MAJORITY of us wouldn’t mind having Tressel as a coach) made it clear for me to leave. The administrators were so DAMN disrespectful to the MAJORITY of us that it’s hard for me to believe that they are so deluded into thinking WE are the ones who are wrong.

    I loved (sarcasm) how Tydides tells an armed services member “Serving your country…does not confer upon you immunity from criticism.” Tydides is right, but if one is going to be criticizing others, then it’s fair game that Tydides open himself up for criticism. But at bruinsnation…you can’t. Why? Because at bruinsnation, being a manager DOES confer upon you immunity from criticism.

    The rules (that the managers/moderators drafted) tells you not to criticize them:

  • GoGetEmJimbo!

    Coach Mora, best of luck kicking some you-know-what, especially those Trojans, but more importantly, those Ducks, Cardinal, and maybe even the energized Cougs! Ignore the naysayers, and go get the best coordinators you can get. The team has TONS of talent – assure them that they will ALL get to compete, no matter their class standing – -the best get to play on Saturdays. Welcome to Westwood. I have been cheering on the Bruins for almost 50 years. My Dad went to UCLA, my twin went to UCLA, and I went to UCLA. Next up, my son who is about to graduate HS and is zeroing in on…UCLA. Make us proud and have a ton of fun!

  • Anonymous

    Bruinsnation is damaging to UCLA. The alumni, staff, recruits, and potential coaches see it, and it’s not representative of true Bruins. It’s not an open forum. It’s a smear campaign managed by a handful of malcontents. Some people don’t like the subject of Bruinsnation, but it’s relevant to UCLA athletics and the Bruin culture. And, as someone else mentioned in a previous thread, Bruinsnation also disparages Jon and the Daily News.

    I’m sure a handful of emails to New Partners, Nestor’s employer, requesting they stop slandering UCLA administrators and staff – including the chancellor – will get their attention. Their employee insults and disparages UCLA alum on company time and likely on company servers, and he therefore represents them.

    Hey Murshed, we know you read these comments. Watch your back.

  • Marc

    I am being 100% serious right now. What can we do to let the turds running bruinsnation that you can’t act the way you act without consequences.

    Does anyone have hacker friends who can dismantle their website? We know nestor’s name, Murshed Zaheed. Can anyone get the names of the other ones, specifically Tydides? Post the phone number of their employer where they post from.

    I want to wear an anti bruinsnation shirt to UCLA events, anyone have good ideas.

    I’ve already asked Jon Gold to remove their link from his website, perhaps pressure should be applied to ESPN to not cite them as references for how Bruin fans feel.

    It is time to let them know that they are unwelcome at all UCLA events. Not that they go anyway. I am pissed off and I want to exert some pent up energy towards those cowards.

  • mwright84

    I’m actually relieved to find others who feel the same way. I am a professional in the media business, and offended by the whole tone over there. It is beyond “unprofessional”, it’s actually “anti-professional – it’s amateurish and destructive to UCLA football. The vitriol directed towards Mora is shocking to me. I know many people who know him, and to a man they describe him as a good, decent, hard working, talented man. So to you morons at Bruins Nation I ask: who the hell are you? What gives you the right to be so self important and judgmental? Have you donated any money of significance? Have you ever played a down of football? I’m pretty sure the answer to both is “no”. In that case – shut the hell up. Nobody cares what you think. Seriously. Nobody.

    For myself, I say “welcome Coach Mora, and good luck”. You have my full support. I will be there at his first home game rooting for my Bruins. And hey, Tydides – you moronic (nestor’s) ass-kissing sycophant – that does not mean I’m settling, or ill-informed, or deluded – it just means I’m a Bruins fan and understand that that it’s NOT ABOUT ME – it’s about supporting my school – something you and your fellow BruinsNation haters should learn about. And just so we’re clear – I’m pretty sure I’ve played more football, attended more games, and donated more money than you ever will – so STFU – and for the record, you chased away yet another genuinely influential Bruin fan (me) who actually has an impact on what happens, unlike your embarrassing website. Congratulations – you, Murshed and the rest of your posse – are irrelevant. You have no influence – sorry.

    You have my email on file – come find me. Happy to debate you anytime, anywhere, as long as it isn’t on your god awful site. If you have the guts to debate me on neutral ground, bring it. Otherwise, go back to your dorm room and shut your stupid mouth.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Marc: I completely agree with you–if BN does not voluntarily agree to stop publishing their hate-filled excrement, steps should be taken to make sure they are NOT referenced in the media and elsewhere as an authoritative voice on UCLA athletics. And if only I had the hacking skills…

    mrwright84: I was active on the thread the other day at BN where you posted a suggestion of using a more positive approach to achieve positive-oriented results. I agreed with your suggestion and then watched in disgust as Nestor and one of minions responded to you in an extremely rude and unprofessional manner. It just so happens that in a different thread I got into a heated exchange with Tydides which basically resulted in him acknowledging that BN is NOT a forum for intelligent discussion but rather one to further the agenda of a few people. After my last post I was banned. I consider it a badge of honor because I certainly want no affiliation with a group of Brown Shirts that needs to be exposed for what they are–hate-mongering childish egotistical fascist malcontents that serve no positive role for the UCLA community.

    Someone has suggested that Nestor’s employer (apparently a government organization) be contacted directly to notify them that one of their employees is wasting time, resources, and taxpayer dollars to operate that pathetic excuse for a “fan” website.

  • Ron Huffaker

    Another perspective on Bruin Nation. I’m a Bruin football fan. I moved to OC back in 92 and began following the football team. Sorry I’m not a booster, not an alum, just a football guy. If i said this on BN they would have told me to STFU since i lack a degree from UCLA I’m not worthy of their time. I’ll buy UCLA gear for my family and go to a game or two. I wrongly assumed Bruin Nation was a site for UCLA football. I didn’t know it was a “community?” I logged on last week and after my first post disagreeing with a poster calling people morons and idiots, i was “banned for life”. If you do not agree with what they say you’re banned. Thats funny stuff. Just letting y’all know some like myself assume Bruin Nation is the voice of UCLA athletics. That seems like a problem. Any potential fan, student, recruit, parent, foe, will read their crap and assume all ucla fans act this way. It took me a few days to figure out what the hell was going on. That site should be shut down. A cancer to UCLA football is an understatement. Just my opinion. Let’s hope for some inspired play against Ill.

  • I witnessed many of these Bruinsnation interactions

    Bruinsnation is a parasite that needs to be killed off the UCLA brand. It’s shameful that the editors have hijacked SB Nation it to the detriment of the university, fans, and alumni. SB Nation offers one of the best platforms for open discussions and fan interaction. It would be great to see it relaunched under different editors and a new name.

    The best course of action against Bruinsnation is probably to contact New Partners, “Nestor’s” employer, and copy the athletic department, the chancellor, SB Nation, the Daily News, and LA Times. Most employers will nip that in the bud at the first sniff of such bad publicity. Nobody wants to be associated with the slandering of a public university – especially UCLA. Continue to reference New Partners often in blog posts as an enabler of the Bruinsnation smear campaign. Make it so a Google search of that firm leads to Nestor at Bruinsnation.

    That operation is not representative of the university, its students, staff, or alum.

  • Sgbruin

    This is the site for bruin news and not bruin nation. Good going fellow bruins and mdwright84! Bruin nation sucks. They don’t speak for all of us.

  • george

    I began watching UCLA basketball again during the Aaron Afflalo years and became an instant fan of Ben Howland. Began reading BruinsNation for information and, at the time, it was fun because they were all high on Howland while he was winning. Over the past couple years with UCLA doing relatively poorly, the Nestor/Tylides crowd have gone so far as to call Howland incompetent and to clamor that his job is in jeopardy. I assume that this disgusting display of hypocrisy is typical of whiny bratty bruin fans and have since stopped watching. I imagine that others (LA times?) might assume the same.

  • Carlos

    Yep — BruinsNation is a bunch of idiots. Please don’t think that they represent the UCLA community. I wrote about their farcical tenure as the official UCLA blog for SB Nation here: