The Mora File

Name: James Lawrence Mora
Age: 50
Expertise: Defense
College Experience: One year, 1984, Washington graduate assistant
Professional Experience: 25 years, including 2004-06 as head coach of Atlanta; 2009 as head coach of Seattle
Professional record: 31-33
Quote: “I can’t tell you exactly where they’ve been, but I can tell you what I want UCLA to become. I want them – I want us – to become a football team that plays smart, plays hard, that plays relentless. That plays with great mental toughness and physical toughness and plays with a relentlessness that is obvious to everybody that watches us play. I want us to be a team that when we are in a situation when our best is demanded, we give our best. I want to fill the program with athletes who love to compete and thrive on competition. That’s what I want our football team to be.”

  • Bruin Gold

    I like what Mora is saying.

    It is like I’ve said for years.

    UCLA Players have to:
    1. Play smart
    2. Play Hard
    3. Play relentlessly
    4. Be Mentally Tough
    5. Be Physically Tough
    6. Love to compete
    7. Thrive on competition.

    Bruinsnation wimps do not like to hear these words. But UCLA Players have been wimps for years. It is impossible to coach wimps and have them win a championship.

    When you have great players, you get championships. it is fantastic to see Mora focus on the character of the UCLA players. The players take the blame and the responsibility for winning AND losing.

  • BSKB

    @Bruin Gold

    You are damn right. We lost too many games on the practice field to count. If Mora lives up to his words, the team will get better. At least the man stands for something, unlike the folks at BruinsNation who simply want to be against everything so they can never be wrong.

    Oh and speaking of BruinsNation, the new talking point is that the search didn’t go on long enough. We should have waited through bowl season to pick the new coach, please update your notes accordingly.

  • BruinRogue

    I’m no BruinsNation fan but I do share the distaste for Mora. He wants the team to be one that plays smart, hard, and relentless, but his teams have never done any of those. In fact, a lot of people thought he was under-utilizing his weapons (future Pro Bowl WR Roddy White sat unused till Mora left). Mike Smith was the one who brought consistent success to the Falcons, not Mora.

  • Hot Bruin

    Don’t know too much about him, although he talks a good game. We’ve heard that before! My concern is that his college experience is very limited. I hope he gets on the recruiting circuit quickly. I’m not that impressed with his pro record either. He was fired from the Seahawks for a dismal season. Isn’t that the team that Pete Carroll took over and turned around?? Oh boy. We’ll have to wait and see. Now it’s Guerrero’s turn to be on the hot seat.

  • Bruin Gold

    Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks has 5 wins and 7 losses.

    Jim Mora went 5 and 11 with Seattle the year after Mike Holmgren went 4 and 12.

    Face it. Seattle simply has had a bad team for years.

    Pete Carroll certainly isn’t turning them around.

  • BruinPain

    I agree with Bruin Gold on both of his comments. I’d also like to add that i visited the BruinsNation website for the first time in a while just to see how those looney tunes were taking the hiring of Mora. Unfortunately, they were true to their “One flew over the Cuckoo Nest” form! They’re more angry and delusional than ever over there. It’s embarrassing to the majority civil and mentally healthy Bruins to have those sick and vitriolic clowns run such a high profile on SBNation. Anyway, I hope Mora is good to his words.

  • Anonymous

    Nestor is Nurse Ratchett, and if he could, he’d lobotomize you.

    Because he can’t, he bans.

  • MoraTheSame

    I’m not Pete Carroll. Why do you always have to bring up USC? I’m not a retread. I was not the last coach asked that would accept the job. UCLA is a sleeping giant (whatever that means). And, you gonna get Mora the Same.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan
  • Bruintx

    I dont think any of us should agree or disagree with Mora’s hiring based solely on pro record. How many coaches have we seen over the years who were great in college but were total flops in the pros? The answer: MANY (if not most)!! There is a much smaller population of coaches moving in the other direction solely because successful NFL coaches dont usually leave the NFL. However, that doesnt mean that college isnt really the forte of some NFL coaches (even mediocre ones). No one can say whether Mora will be successful in college until he gets a chance (including those ding-dongs over at Bruins Nation). Is DG taking a huge chance with this hire? Absolutely!! But only time will tell whether it pays off or not. DG may be gambling his own job as well if Mora turns out to be a bust.

    I like that Mora doesnt sound like he has a super big ego and is willing to delegate responsibility to others more knowledgeable than him in certain areas. It sounds like he is going to be much more game prepared than CRN at least. Bottom line… Jim Mora is what we’ve got for at least a few years, so I am just going to hope for the best.