Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • UCLA Med

    What was your opinion of the process in which Mora was hired? Did you get the sense that Guerrero was caught off guard having to fire Neuheisel and then not being ready to conduct a national coaching search?

  • Anonymous

    In retrospect, did the football team have a harder schedule than initially anticipated?

  • Bruinboomboom

    Jon, what type of offense do you foresee Mora running? Pro style, spread, or something else?

  • bruincheerleader

    Jon you’re good…i asked when is ucla going to get a football coach and within days after posting my question, our prayers were answered…now to another question…will Coach Mora find an NFL coach to bring his defensive skills to UCLA?…

  • BruinBrock

    Hey Jon: Who do you see Mora hiring as his coordinators, especially on offense? And since Mora is collecting a bigger salary than any other UCLA football coach in history, is Guerrero going to be willing to pay top dollar to get Mora the staff he will need to be successful?

  • Jono

    1) Any possibility of hiring Ken Norton Jr. back to his alma mater?
    2) How did Ken Norton Jr. end up at USC for so many years? Did he never want to return to UCLA? I’d like to hear the story of that, might make a good article.
    3) With all these new coaches and more money for hiring, do you foresee the PAC-12 overtaking the SEC within the next 3 years?

  • bguyla

    Why didn’t you guys post anything about the Westlake v. Oaks Christian game? Dashon Hunt was there, Petros and Jill Painter were on the broadcast, Tracy Pierson was there, and PMS did their broadcast from the stadium. Just a thought to expand the horizons of this blog to things that I think people would appreciate in addition to everything else you do (which is a lot already).

  • rob

    Does concern related to the quality of football training facilities at UCLA center solely around the size and quality of the practice fields? AD Guerrero indicated that every square foot of space on campus is planned for. Does that include the 10 acres of intramural fields adjacent to Drake Stadium? Might the team swap Spaulding Field for expanded space at the intramural field?

  • BSKB

    Would you be able to tell us where the talks with various coaches broke down? It sounds like Petersen was a total non-starter, but what about Sumlin? Were there other people that were in the mix that we didn’t hear about?

  • 40ouncezipper

    Give me a simple yes or no answer. Is the UCLA basketball team a better team without Reeves Nelson?

  • Anonymous

    How do you tell the difference between Jim L. Mora and Donnie Wahlberg?

    Okay but seriously, how many bids do the NCAA tourney come from the Pac-12, and is UCLA one of them?

  • briankeithedwards

    What position would Anthony Barr play if the offense changed from the pistol to a more pro-style offense? Why hasnt he considered moving to linebacker?

  • 909Bruin

    is Datone Jones coming back next year?

  • Jerry

    Do you people (there are exceptions)read? This is a comments section, not a Q&A. Sorry for leading with a question, but, come on! Oh BTW GO BRUINS!

  • Mayor McCheese

    March 1, 2012, is DG still the AD?

  • NorthCampusBruin

    I’m not sure about the Mora hire yet but it’s definitely not bring the kind of splashy name a program uses as momentum to recruit and jump start a program with energy, do you for see UCLA trying to make up with this when it comes to coordinators? Is the right amount of money being allocated for that? Does Mora seem like that type?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon — does the Mora hiring change you prediction for next year’s season? IIRC, you thought Neu would be on track for an 8-4 season. Obviously without knowing anything about anything that Mora wants to do, would you expect him to do better, worse, or about the same than that 8-4 mark? Thanks

  • BruinBall

    Is Mora really an upgrade on Neuhesial? I mean, Neuhesial seemed to be recruiting well — if Mora can’t at least match that, does it matter if he’s a better coach?

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that under AD Dan Guerrero they gradually downsized the quality and eventually phased out the Chancellors Pregame Party at the USC game, which season ticket holders could attend. It used to be held in a beautiful setting at the Rose Garden. Yet they had some kind of UCLA pregame party on the south end of the Colseum by the pool. Who was that party for?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Mora will keep and can work with Mike Johnson? Will Mike Johnson become the Head Coach for the Akron Zips? Will Mora try to hire Robert Prince away from Boise State and Jeff Jagodzinski?

  • Anonymous

    In your opinion, does Athletic Director Dan Guerrero provides any added value to the Head Football and Basketball Coaches hiring process for UCLA? Does he develops and maintains relationships with prominent as well as up and coming coaches through out the community of the profession, or is his limited to only being able to response and evaluate to those of whom showed tremendous interest in the openings in the first place?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Jon, will there ever come a time when we will no longer have to tolerate the rancor which is encouraged by allowing the anonymous posting option? Wouldn’t we all be better served to, at a minimum, require some sort of registration so that even with a pseudonym a poster’s behavior begins to produce a pattern?

  • Anonymous

    Is this the replay of the 2009-2010 season as the 3rd losing season in 9 seasons for Ben Howland? If you were UCLA’s AD, would you retain Howland as the man to keep UCLA consistently competitive on par with the level at Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and UNC even when you factor in the 3 Final Fours?

  • bibs

    How influential do you think some of the big donors were in the selection of our new coach? I know that some of them were involved in trying to get Peterson.
    Why do you think so many bloggers complain about the AD,don’t they realize that he is in charge of a total program that is quite successful?
    Happy and Healthy Holidays!

  • rejn

    Do you know how it came about that Jim Mora got on Dan Guerrero’s short list? Was it Terry Donohue which encouraged the contact? Was it some other football alum/contact or influential alum/donor that directed Guerrero to Mora?

  • rejn


    Out of curiousity, if Terry Donohue, or another prominant UCLA Football person was the UCLA Athletic Director (ie Gary Beban, Randy Cross, Tom Ramsey, Jay Schroeder, Kenny Easley), do you think coaching candidates such as Chris Peterson, Sumlin, Golden, or even higher profile types like Urban Meyer would say no to UCLA if they offered them the football coaching job at UCLA?

  • Anonymous


    Do you believe UCLA can get back to competing with its cross-town rival and contending for Rose Bowl berths, as it has in the past, with Dan Guerrero as the athletic director? Yes or no, please explain why.

  • Patience

    I think people have been overly critical of Jim Mora Jr. If you would have told me 2 weeks ago that Jim Mora was on the top of our list I think most fans would have been excited. However, with all of the other coaches turning us down it now appears we’re settling and that he’s not a good hire. Its all about perception and spin control. If DG is at fault, its for his mishandling of the leaks etc regarding the search.

    Give Jim Mora time we don’t even know his coaching staff yet. Let’s see how his staff shapes out and we can begin to discuss the merits of his hire.

    Whether you agree with the hire or not you have to support the new coach and give him a chance.

  • Rich

    Hey Jon, 2 questions:

    1. re: facilities: I’ve always wondered if there is something about the current facilities that has contributed to all of the well-documented injuries the Bruins have suffered over the last few years. Is there something actively wrong or bad with spaulding field, or is it just cursed?

    2. What do the players think of Mora and the process that led to his hire?


  • Anonymous

    Jon, what are the chances that Johnson gives Brehaut back his job for the Bowl game? Prince was not overall very good at all in Brehauts absence. Doesnt Brehaut deserve his job back?

  • awash

    Early in the season a TV commentator (I can’t recall the game) kept on talking about the size advantage that the UCLA receivers had. Fauria, Rosario, Smith, Embry. What I never understood was why we never had these players just go down 8 yds and turn around and screen the defenders and just throw a ball at their head. Was this just lack of scheme or inability of qb to put the ball exactly where it needed to be. I noticed that Prince would miss alot of wide open easy throws and thus I truly do not believe he should be the qb next year. I never understood why we never took advantage of the size of our receivers.

  • awash

    I just don’t get it. Is Nelson really that stupid or does he have Mental issues. I would hope that you could some day get the real scoop on why so many players have left or been kicked out of the program. Since Howland won’t let people in his practice, maybe you can find some ex team managers / players that will tell you if Howland is a complete tyrant, who is completely inflexible or what is really happening here.

  • rejn

    Were Bob Palcic and Jim Mora on the Atlanta Falcons staff at the same time? Anything regarding Palcics plans and if he would be someone Mora wants to keep around?

  • Bruinbulldog

    Are the Bruins in a position (financially speaking) to be able to shell out enough money to be able to tell others such as Akron to keep their hands off our Johnson (assuming we want to keep our Johnson)? Or, does Mora’s previous bad experience with Johnson have any indication that he will let loose and fire off our Johnson?

    It seems like the Bruin community is in favor of Johnson and I know you said that Mora is currently evaluating the coaching situation…I just hope he’s not gonna be a dick about it given past history.

  • Ben G

    Are you excited at the prospect of Jim Mora being hired as the DC, like our own Monte Kiffin? Imagine the interviews and quotes on the practice field.

  • awash

    I have noticed that most of Howlands recruits are not very athletic except for Powell and thus it does not seem they can get their own shot off. Can u tell me more about Anderson, he looks pretty good. I hope Howland doesn’t screw him up to.

  • TIM

    Jon: Will Mora have any input or say in preperation or be on the sidelines for the upcoming bowl game?

  • NorthCampusBruin

    Do you think Mora starts Hundley next year in the hopes of getting him through the learning curve in a trial by fire manner that hopefully leads to a breakout season a year or two later or does he play it conservative and stick with Prince/Brehaut?

  • NorthCampusBruin

    For better or worse, InsideUCLA has become a defacto refugee camp for BruinsNation expats. Would you ever consider putting up a message board system for us? Before you scream and curl up in a ball at the mere thought, think of the potential traffic/hits!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Why 12 days? When you’ve got someone as loyal as CRN, the ball is really in your court when it comes to firing, the all-important timing of it and then the re-hire. So tired of us being a national laughing stock. Why couldn’t this have been a more seamless deal? Do you agree that Wazzu actually made us look like the back-country hicks for once?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    In hindsight, is UCLA football … let’s just say, in better shape right now if CRN was fired after the Debacle in the Desert?

  • DC in LA

    Do you think Rick will come back as AD?

  • DC in LA

    Do you think Rick will/should come back as AD (with all that it implies)?

  • Semi-Pro

    Hey Jon,

    Which current UCLA football coaches do you expect will be retained under Coach Mora’s staff? Will there be a wholesale change?

  • Ben G

    Do you think that Rahim Moore probably believes that God is behind the Bronco’s success? Was this the perfect NFL situation for him? To be a part of a team with a Christian leader. What is your take on Tebowmania as a Bronco fan?

  • BruinBall

    So a lot was made of the mountain of cash that UCLA had to pursue a candidate like Peterson. Did Mora get the Cadillac package or something closer to Neuhesial?

  • Jimmyy

    Do you still expect a lot of transfers with the new coaching hires? What about any decomittments with the new staff?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    We next here from Reeves Nelson:
    A). Transferred to some other school out west.
    B). Some level of pro ball, here or overseas.
    C). Sporting a face tat like Mike Tyson’s.