Two sides to the checks story

Kai Maiava, Randall Carroll, Aramide Olaniyan tweeted Sunday night about their displeasure over not receiving checks UCLA withheld for missing mandatory (this is up for debate) workouts and not turning in academic exit forms in time. Many players – even those that didn’t tweet about not receiving checks – said these workouts during finals week for bowl prep have always been voluntary.
Players tweeted about how they would be hungry because they didn’t have money, but a few hours later the issue was resolved.
“The last thing we want to do is to have anybody starve,” Mike Johnson said.
Coincidentally, UCLA is playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.
Jeff Locke took to twitter to defend UCLA and said after practice Monday: “The way it was treated by some of the players in the media made us look bad. I don’t think they should’ve made the school look bad at all. The way it was put out by some players made it look a lot worse than it really was. I think it was handled fine. We might have messed up for a second, but in the end it’s all fine.”

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • Is it wrong that the punter is becoming one of my favorite players?
    I liked the way he played through that cheap-shot injury he suffered earlier this season, and I like the way he’s standing up for the school while others are being overly sensitive and dramatic.

  • Marc

    The A**holes at bruinsnation are the one’s who really went crazy with this story.

    What do the players think of those tools?

  • Anonymous

    This is one reason why Jim Mora is needed. From what I know about him, he will not put up with this kind of crap from the players. Do what you are supposed to do, and you will get a check. Blow off clear instructions and then hit twitter with you whining, and you can go the way of Reeves Nelson. UCLA football needs discipline, and I hope that is something Jim Mora will provide. Props to Jeff Locke for acting like a man.

  • Anonymous

    Of the entire roster, how many did not receive checks? If it’s a very small minority, then that would suggest that those few players were not paying attention to the rules. If it was a significant number of players, then there may be an issue. So how many total players was it?

    Otherwise this is much ado about nothing.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jill: A new coach, Reeves gone, etc. and etc. and all you can report on is this? Post a real topic outside of something suited for The National Enquirer sports section or just hold the fort until Jon comes back.

  • Anonymous

    Bruinsnation? Ahaha. Only tools read that blog anymore…

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Locke is a good dude! He probably had all his stuff in, but then again he’s a kicker/punter

  • Ley

    Hey ucla-of-the-rockies
    Nobody really cares to hear your negative (bruin Nation) comments any longer so if you don’t have anything constructive to say, you can roll over in the morning and just whisper it in Nestors ear!!!

  • BSKB

    These kids need to learn about taking responsibility and understanding that they represent their school. Going out on Twitter like that was just dumb. Good for Locke for standing up for his school and his team.

    Also, what was the timing of these practices that they couldn’t make 3 of 5? Was there overlap with finals? I know they are voluntary, but I’d like to think or players are motivated to prepare for the bowl game, not just the check to cover their expenses.

  • Blitzed

    The entire situation is one big example of everything that is wrong with this team. They couldn’t be bothered to put in some extra work. Mandatory or voluntary doesn’t matter. They should have been there. Good teams have players who want to get better. These guys just don’t have that.

    They went 4 years with Neu coddling them and the second someone throws a little tough love in their face they ran to Twitter like a bunch of high school drama queens screaming to high heaven. And we wonder why this team was never any good.

  • BruinEastside

    Good for Jon Gold and Inside UCLA. We need good objective reporting that provides all the facts. On other sites the information was lacking to form an intelligent opinion.

  • nocampus

    this is stupid. the whiners who tweeted should be sat out of the bowl game.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    What do BN and the LA (Trojan) Times have in common? They both bag on UCLA whenever possible, even when it involves a non-story such as this one. BFD.

    Jill writes:
    “Coincidentally, UCLA is playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.”

    Those of you who like to rip Jill: even you have to give her credit for a good line.

  • UCLArt

    I hope the entire team is hungry.

    They sure as hell haven’t shown any fire for years now.

  • samo hopar

    Why is it every time things aren’t done the way they should be its always Carroll and Maiava somehow involved.

  • uclabruin11

    Yeah, as a former-student athlete, this whole thing is ridiculous…yes, the administration probably was supposed to give them their per diem money, that should have been clear. BUT I seriously blame the players…if they are going to “be” at UCLA during the break, the reason they get the per diem money is because they are supposedly mandatorily staying at UCLA for athletic purposes. I mean not going to workouts? They could have went home for that. Unreal.

    But I agree this whole thing is a stupid story…let’s focus on the new era of Bruin football. GO BRUINS!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Ley: Nestor not welcome here, nor you. All you ever talk about is BN, so why not just stay over there, as it’s obvious you are over there a lot.

    It’s called a blog. This is what it is for. You like Mora? Great. I don’t. I don’t like re-treads — on my truck or to lead my Bruins. Let alone coaches fired and replaced by Pete Carroll. My wife thinks he’s cute, and looks a lot like Donny Wahlberg. After a 12-day search, I’d prefer more substance, even if he looked uglier than my Uncle Fred. You like Dan Guerrero and are all up with drinking his punch? Fine. I don’t. And I don’t like the state of where our two major sports are right now … at an all-time low in the 30 years of my living all things Bruins. And I hold DG responsible for at least a good share of that on a level that is tough to discuss, tough to pinpoint, and hard to admit. Because we have a lot of pride in our Bruins, and it’s hard to be kicked around all the time. Reeves? That’s a tough one. Love the kid. Love the Bruin blood he’s spilled. I truly hope he finds peace and maturity and that this whole situation of players leaving here in now eye-popping numbers compared to other major programs is not what I do honestly fear … a problem with our leadership under Ben Howland. Time will tell.

    Jill Painter? She can handle the opinion, one way or another. Nothing much of substance when Jon gone? I say let it ride. It’s a non-issue. So don’t go try to drum something up — something I’ve heard from many on this site that she is quite good at, though I really don’t care one way or another. I’m just calling it like I see it. And that’s what I see here, most Mondays. And that’s my opinion.

    You don’t like it? Fine. State it. And keep the other sites out of it. Let alone Nestor, of whom you have some strange infatuation for.

  • Bruintx

    “Blitzed”… you called that exactly right, bullseye!!

  • Like it or not, this is the news of the day.

  • diehardbruin

    Ignore these BruinsNation idiots. Any objective reader knows they are just relentless in their attacks. Thanks for doing a great job covering the Bruins.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Blitzed: +1. Can’t wait for Mora to change this culture of laziness and whining.

    uclabruin11: Thanks for your perspective as a former student-athlete. It’s unfortunate there are not more players on our team that exhibit your maturity also demonstrated by Jeff Locke.

    UOTR: That was pretty harsh on Jill. Like it or not (and I certainly don’t), this check-gate incident has become an issue and I was happy to read here that at least one player disapproved of how his teammates acted.

    I understand you are dissatisfied with Mora’s hiring, but I hope you will at least give him a fair chance. Personally I am genuinely optimistic he is going to do some great (not just good, great) things here.

  • Ley

    What a rant of pathetic Non-Sports Junk. Stop holding on to the past! It is now about Mora and his direction of this program going forward and please Don’t speak for other people it’s just sad. If you dont like Mora, fine. We don’t care for Bruin fans that jump off the wagon because it got bumpy.I think your generally just upset at the world since your wife likes Carroll??????

  • la_bruin

    Dear Jill,
    re: “Coincidentally, UCLA is playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  • Ley

    Thank you for putting it all in perspective Jill. It’s still Monday isn’t it???

  • bruinbiochem06

    I don’t think the players should have to practice during finals week. Just my opinion.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Lifelong: I truly hope you are right about Mora changing the football culture. I am probably more concerned with how we have free-fallen so recently in both major sports, even to the bane of virtually all network broadcasters assigned to us in either sport. It is simply not what I remember — excellence — in growing up with all things Bruins sports. Mora? Maybe. But looking at the simple resume coming in, it seems there are more questions than answers.

    Ley: The wife and I are fine, thankyou. And it’s Mora she thinks looks like Donny Wahlberg, not Carroll. I’ve never claimed to speak for anyone else here but my own opinion. Major sports at UCLA Bumpy? That’s like saying the Himalayas are foothills. Please Ley, you can be honest AND a true Bruins fan. And thanks for posting w/o a reference to BN. It lacks any and all integrity to complain how things roll over there yet run on here and then talk like Nestor would.

  • bibs

    Carrol,Maieva -their dealers were hungry!

  • rockyseto

    “Coincidentally, UCLA is playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.”

    Great Line