That makes two: Broussard also on the way

Jim L. Mora said earlier today he hoped to have two new coaches in place by the end of the day, and he has.

Arizona State wide receivers coach Steve Broussard is set become the new UCLA running backs coach, sources said Tuesday night. Like soon-to-be offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, Broussard is considered an up-and-coming young recruiter with ties to Southern California. Like Klemm, too, Broussard is a former NFL player, having spent eight years in the league with the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks.

Broussard also brings Pac-12 playing experience as well, as he played for Washington State before ultimately coaching there, as well, from 2007-09 as running backs and special teams coach, before joining the Sun Devils.

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  • PeterUCLA

    So, obviously coach Mora has addressed the perceived concerns regarding his recruiting ability in 2 big ways!

    Give him some credit for bringing in these valuable assistants.


    JMJ is doing & saying all the right things. I remember years ago thinking what a Great College Coach he would make. It may not have been the sexiest hire, but in my opinion “The Right Guy”.

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    I think the key to success will be who coach JM can surround himself with,
    And I feel he is on the right track with his first two hires,
    I have not meet couch Broussard, but I worked with his Father in the early nineties at
    Willig FRT. Lines in Vernon, Ca. He comes from good stock, IMHO


  • diehardbruin

    JLM’s coaching staff is going to be critical and this shows JLM knows alot more than people give him credit for. Great scoop Jon!

  • Bruin_jim

    How bout we grab Mazzone from ASU to teach our boyz the spread, and then finish off with Ken Norton Jr. to bring us the beast LB’s, time he came home anyway…

  • Coach Thom

    Bring Norton back to the fold!!! He is a great coach and recruiter. The pieces are starting to fall into place for a potentially great coaching staff. Please let Mike Linn go and bring in a more knowledgable S/C guy.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the problem, Thom: Norton’s an SC (not S/C) guy!

  • diehardbruin

    Might not be a bad idea to start fresh except for 1 or 2 guys (Clark Lea and Mike Johnson)

  • Bruintx

    Love the recruiter connections of the first two new hires! Hate to see Palcic go though. I think he did an admirable job with the O-line under very tough circumstances.

    Nothing personal against Mike Johnson, I think he is a good guy. However, the play calling has just been way too vanilla for my tastes under both his and Chows regimes. I could reasonably predict 75% of all our offensive plays during the last few years and I’m no defensive coordinator. It hasnt been hard to do.

    Cant we get someone innovative in here to run the offense?? Hopefully, JLM keeps the hot streak of new hires going…

  • Brock

    So, are we moving to the spread offense?

  • Maze

    Bruintx is spot-on. Bob Palcic did a fine job with what he was given, teaching the fundamentals, etc. but I believe Coach Klemm can also bring that recruiting element, in the form of great scholar-athletes (with pipelines to TX, CA, and HI) and recent playing experience in the NFL.))

    I also share Bruintx’s disappointment with the play-calling in recent years–vanilla is right. I thought (we ALL thought Norm would be a blessing–and we all thought RN would turn the tide as well). As far as defensive play-calling…don’t get me started. Tresey made Bullough look All-World out there.

    I really don’t see CJM tolerating that “Over the Wall” BS, either (coincidentally started by CRN as a player)…new Sheriff in town.