Tidbits from Howland press conference

* Ben Howland said that Tyler Lamb is nursing bursitis in his left hip and had an MRI that revealed nothing further. He missed practice yesterday and is questionable for today.

* On top of his knee injury, De’End Parker has food poisoning.
“This kid can’t catch a break. His knee, the concussion put him out a couple weeks and the last few days, he’s been violently throwing up. But his knee is still the main issue.”

* Howland on zone defense against Penn:
“We started it, and our zone was a little better than our man. But they made some shots. (Tyler Bernardini) really shot the heck out of it. They really did a good job as the game wore on attacking better. We have to get better at it, because we’re going to have it during the course of the year.”

* Howland on zone in practice
“We’ve been working on it the last week. All the kids have played it. There are a lot of little nuances on what we want to get better at. We’re still trying to emphasize getting better with out man.”

* Howland on Lazeric Jones:
“He’s playing a lot better. He’s gained a lot of confidence from his play. He’s been solid; he played really well for us on Saturday against Penn. I probably need to get him a few more minutes of rest. We’ve got to get (Norman Powell) more minutes.

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  • UCLASteve

    This team kinda stinks. What a totally let down! Kinda like me.