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Sources have confirmed that Marques Tuiasosopo is set to stay on board and coach the tight ends next season, another quick move by new UCLA head coach Jim L. Mora.

Tuiasosopo has quickly climbed the coaching ranks after a long NFL career, which followed a standout career at Washington. He has gone from strength coach for the Huskies to UCLA intern turned interim quarterbacks coach after Rick Neuheisel was fired to full-time staff.

Like each of UCLA’s previous hires – sources have said that Noel Mazzone (offensive coordinator), Steve Broussard (running backs), Adrian Klemm (offensive line) and Demetrice Martin (defensive backs) are all set to join the staff – Tuiasosopo is quite familiar with the conference, though he’s the first new hire to bridge the new staff with the former staff.

With Broussard still with Arizona State during bowl preparation, Tuiasosopo gives Mora another crucial recruiter before the dead period begins.

* An interesting note: Mora’s first five hires seem to be a shift toward more youth on the coaching staff. The average age for the first five hires is just over 40 years old. Compare that to Rick Neuheisel’s first staff in 2008, and that’s a difference of eight years, as the nine Bruin assistants on the ’08 staff averaged 48 years.

Head Coach: Jim Mora

Offensive Coordinator: Noel Mazzone (54)
Quarterbacks: ???
Running Backs: Steve Broussard (44)
Wide Receiver: ???
Offensive Line: Adrian Klemm (34)
Tight Ends: Marques Tuiasosopo (32)
Defensive Coordinator: ???
Defenslve Line: ???
Linebackers: ???
Defensive Backs: Demetrice Martin (38)
Special Teams: ???
(note: only nine assistants per staff, so some positions will double-up)

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  • lbcbruin


    Any hints as who might fill the rest of the staff? You think anyone else will be left over? Who would you suggest?

    Thanks man!


  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t he going to be QB Coach since he was a QB and not a TE…?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, does Mora plan to be his own DC?

  • Anonymous

    The enthusiasm over these coaching hires reminds me of four years ago. CRN comes and a gets a commitment from Dwayne Walker to stay. Then the two of them close the deal with Chow, which no one thought would really happen. Fans light up the message boards with excitement. Comments refer to the new coaching staff as the “dream team” and how this is the way for a new HC to start off his tenure. Then CRN locks up most of the recruiting class put together by Dorrel’s staff and the fan base goes wild and can’t wait until fall. All this hype leads to four years of mediocrity.
    Change can be exciting, but the over the top rhetoric posted here and other sites without any evidence is merely idle speculation. Coach Wooden used to tell his players that behind every peak there is a valley. My fellow Bruins, to avoid the valley it is best to not create expectations that may in retrospect appear to have been misguided. Let’s all wait and see the on field results. If the team performs well you can be pleasantly surprised and if they don’t, you may not be as depressed and you won’t look as stupid as the folks over at BN. BN proclaimed CRN the second coming and then tried to move further and further away from their original “official and don’t you dare disagree or you will be banished” point of view when CRN was never able to deliver the on field results all fans crave for.

  • Coach Thom

    Thanks, Anonymous 2:55 PM. We Bruin fans will definitely keep our excitement down to a mild roar. Heavens! We wouldn’t want to get optimistic, would we?!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wait for it, wait for it…. Now! Bruins is this finally the Drrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaammm team?

    Oh lord please say it’s so….

    CRN shaking his head….

  • I see it a little differently. We are currently in the valley, and it’s nice to look up the the peaks.
    I’m feeling optomistic that we may start doing a little climbing.

  • Merage Bruin

    Any Chance we can get Mora to speak with Vic Koenning at the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl about our open DC position? He already confirmed that he is not staying at Illinois.

  • MPP Bruin

    Are people calling this the dream team? I understand the need to not get overly excited, but I don’t think we’ve hit any kind fever pitch yet. It certainly does seem to present an interesting staff and makes me feel better than I did a few days ago. If that’s over the top enthusiasm, then I think that’s asking a bit much.

  • Texas Bruin

    Hey Bruins – these guys he’s hiring are ones people are talking about as good coaches. I admit I was not excited about Mora but this gives me some hope that he can recruit and assemble a good staff that can coach. I’m much more optimistic about the possibilities. Go Bruins!

  • Bruinedout

    The Monopoly is over here,

    Are you bored? Get a job you derelict.

  • Hey Jon-ah
    Are there any indications that Mora will be the Defensive coordinator or will he hire someone else????? Go Bruins ! like what I am hearing so far.

  • BruinFaithful


    Seems like all these guys are great recruiters, but can these guys coach?

  • BruinFaithful

    Anon @ 2:55:

    Have you been reading the posts here? I don’t think ANYBODY is happy with this hire. I am certainly NOT.

    And none of these Assts. excite me either. The only acceptable one might be Adrian Klemm. All the others seem like Pac-12 retreads from unsuccessful programs.

    Also, I’m not a supporter nor a huge fan of those BN guys. To me they are good compilers of information and that’s all. There are some decent posters on there, but overall posting there is a waste of time. It’s a good aggregator site for people smart enough to form their own opnion. However, I don’t EVER remember anyone on there having Rick Neuheisel as their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or any choice. Many people were actually adamantly against it. There were much bigger names they had their sights on. As I did, once CRN was announced as HC, many decided to go ahead and support CRN. When it became apparent that things weren’t working out, well, you know.

  • Bruin Gold

    YOU CANNOT WIN WITHOUT TALENT – particularly any championship.

    This is why I am so pleased with these new assistant coaches.

    Jim Mora is doing a great job hiring top recruiters who are also excellent coaches.

    The talent pool has been deteriorating at UCLA football for over a decade. No matter how good a coach you have, you will get whipped by more talented teams with some good coaching.

    Talented players are:
    1. Self-motivated, self-starters
    2. Hard-nosed
    3. Intensely competitive.

    It doesn’t take much coaching to get a talented player going. You have to be mentally a beast in order to be a champion player.

    It is thus so important to have highly talented and connected recruiters. Jim Mora is doing it. I’m impressed.

  • Marc


    You say your no fan of bruinsnation, yet you use their acronyms like a pro. Also, the quip about being “smart enough”? Smart enough is finding the information they compile on your own. To me, their like Fox News; they shape outside information to support their overall viewpoint. Sometimes, it’s quite subtle; remember Nestor (Murshed Zaheed) is a staffer (communications) for Henry Reed so he understands the game and how to play it.

    They have already set their “minimum expectations” for 2012; 9 wins with a win over usc. While I’m not against high expectations, you tell me the percentage of teams that win 9 or more games the first year under a new coach. I agree that their schedule is favorable next year and I’ve been high on the talent (most underutilized) on this team. I would think 9 wins should be reachable, but by no means should they be “minimum expectations.”. Also, I’d like to see a team that plays better over the course of the year, capping a strong second half of the season with a win against usc. Though, I am not going to spit fire if the team falls short of my own goals. Goals I will set on my own after going to spring and fall practices, and after getting a better read on the competition.

    Setting “minimum expectations” sounds like a set up for a “with us or against us” proposal down the road. Another subtle trick of the political crowd.

    Just saying…

  • RickBruin


    Mora himself said our goal is P12 and national championships. 9 wins with one over SoCal will not do that.

    Someone who is content with a C grade is unlikely to have put the effort in for an A

  • cfcfan


    Your analysis of what Fox News does would hold more weight if you actually knew who Harry Reid is. Look him up. You analysis of what the little Alansky’s at BN do is spot on, however.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    BruinFaithful: Speak for yourself. There are plenty of Bruin supporters who are HAPPY WITH THIS HIRE including me. And I am happy with how Mora is going after it by targeting and landing top recruiters. Great first day plus for Mora, and this is only the beginning. Brighter days are ahead.

    Marc: Thanks for calling out the BS about “minimum expectations.” The groupthink crowd at BN obviously is setting the bar at a level that they wouldn’t have set even for a coach they wanted to see hired. Since I believe in karma, I look forward to when those losers get payback for all the negative energy they create.

  • Marc


    I knew I was messing up his name, but I’m being lazy tonight. Had a final last night, working 50 hours a week and just dang tired. Tonight, got home from work, threw on FSW to watch Bruins B-Ball, heated up some Progresso soup and doing this on my iPhone. I was too lazy to look him up, but I know that Murshed Zaheed is a communications staffer for the senator from Nevada. Harry Reid; thank you for the correction.

    Believe me, I’m a fair minded fan and a regular guy. I know that my constant criticism of bruinsnation may upset some people, including Mr. Gold. It won’t stop me, though. They need to be exposed for the kind of people they are. And, I believe the Fox News comparisons run deep with those guys. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering the political communications background of their guru. And he should know that Fox News has been a game changer in the political landscape since their inception.

    I can appreciate other people’s opinions and my own views are subject to change based on other people’s strong arguments or great articles I read or just life experiences.

    Thank you for your correction, criticism and complement. All in one short comment, I might add. And continued thanks to Jon Gold and Daily News for their constant coverage and allowing us to have an open forum in these comment sections.

    To comment on the flurry of hires by coach Mora; I find it exciting. I cannot wait to see them in action. My hope is that he truly is a disciplinarian, as this team sorely needs one.

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of people comparing this period to CRN’s initial hiring, but there’s a huge difference between the two. CRN (and his “dream team”) inherited little to no talent. Coach Mora is inheriting quite a bit of talent. I know some may disagree about the talent on this team, but it’s there and that’s why it was such a disappointing season.

    Here’s hoping for good season next (anything less than 8 wins next season would be a disappointment).

  • Amillennialist

    The comparison to Fox in inapt.

    Nestor is Bruno Ganz in Downfall.