Jim Mora on UCLA going over the wall Pt. 1

New UCLA head coach Jim L. Mora on the “Wall” tradition:
“It’s completely unacceptable and it will not be part of the program going forward. It’s a right, not a privilege to play football for the UCLA Bruins. With the commitment you make when you sign on to play here, comes a commitment to do what asked of you by your coaches on a daily basis. I can just tell you, in no uncertain terms, that that tradition will no longer be a part of tradition going forward. Dan Guerrero and I have spoken about it, and we both agree that the culture of UCLA football needs to change as part of the interview process. We’re going to do all we can to make sure we change it.”

On discipline:
“I’m not about making threats, and I’ll keep that between the players and myself, but I can tell you that my general feeling is that if they feel they want to skip out of practice and jump over a wall, then they might as well just keep going. They’re not a part of what I want to be a part of.”

On his first reaction:
“I found out about it last night, and my general reaction was just what I’m telling you. Whatever has happened in the past and is happening now is not a part of the program going forward from January 9. I don’t have anything to do with this stuff right now. My effect will take place Jan. 9. I’ll talk to them when I address the team for the first time on the ninth.”

On recent recruiting:
“It’s always exciting when kids commit, but until Feb. 1 and that fax machine lights up and that fax comes through, it’s just momentum right now.”

On new coaching hires:
“Probably have something more for you at the start of the year. Probably go dark here.”

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  • Lifelong Bruin Fan


    Tradition, meet Discipline.

  • Anonymous

    He’s gotta switch that right/privilege thing…I think we got the picture though

  • Anonymous


    Are those direct quotes from Mora? Did he really say that playing at UCLA was a right and not a privilege? Or did you reverse them?

    And, what does he mean when he says, “buy your coaches9” ?

  • anon

    is this a transcription error? I’m sure he said it’s a privilege, not a right.

  • Coach Thom

    I admire Coach Jim’s position and attitude on dumping that asinine ‘tradition’ of jumping over the wall. Some of the boneheads that ‘lead’ this team, like Kai Maiava, will be gone next year, but he’ll still have some troublesome jerks to deal with. I can only hope players like Randall Carroll get their acts together and turn into the citizens, men, and players Coach Jim expects and demands.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Not that he needs my support but I hope Coach Mora knows that many, many Bruin fans are with him in this. This has always been an embarrassment to some of us and if it’s truly over then good on ya, coach.

  • No, it’s correct. He misspoke.

  • Bruintx

    Thats ok coach, we all know what you meant. Besides, its action that counts, not words… and it looks like action is what we’re finally going to get!

  • Amillennialist

    “if they feel they want to skip out of practice and jump over a wall, then they might as well just keep going. They’re not a part of what I want to be a part of.”


    Though it might seem a “small” issue, ditching practice is indicative of a lack of commitment to excellence, and its effects were seen week after week in a lack of technique, effort, discipline, and dignity.

    I love Neu, but this alone is a vast improvement!