Mora on the air

New UCLA head coach Jim L. Mora has made the rounds on local and national radio to talk about his thoughts on the UCLA “Wall” tradition. He really doesn’t hold back. The thing that strikes me the most is that he said hasn’t spoken to the players about it, and that he said he won’t.

Here are some links:

Mora on Cowherd

Mora on Loose Cannons

Mora on Mason & Ireland

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  • VT

    maybe he isn’t allowed to speak to players under conditions of contract or ncaa rules.

  • PV Bruin

    we know that we are in the prime time when coach Jim’s response to “the wall” appears on Yahoo main page…here comes the wind of change….

    Go Bruins!!!

  • bruincheerleader

    Jon thanks for posting these sound bites…you know the more i hear from COACH MORA, the more i like that he was chosen as head coach…only time will tell of course but he sells UCLA and the football program very well…


  • HighDesertBruin

    Actually, Jon, I believe Mora subsequently said talking to the players about changing the cukture — and addressing The Wall specifically — will be the first order of business when he meets with the team on January 9 — when the team really becomes his to lead.

    No point, really, in talking with them now: clearly, the seniors don’t care (and most seem not to have cared for quite a while) and, regarding the rest of the team, what purpose would it serve to inject himself now?


  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m in the minority, but there’s something unsettling about how this guy runs his mouth to the media. I’m NOT A FAN of jumping the wall and think it is a stupid tradition that needs to change, but Mora seems like he might be the kind of guy who speaks before he thinks. It’s easy for the media to get him talking. Could have been left at a simple declarative statement, “This ‘tradition’ will not continue under my tenure. I will make that clear to the players very soon” Instead, he just keeps talking about it. I know we need a tougher stance, but how about not alienating the entire team before even taking over . . . ?

  • Anonymous

    Barkley forgoes millions and returns to SC while our guys take pride in ditching practice.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Anonymous at 1:43PM: Yes you’re right, you’re in the minority. The rest of us are SERIOUSLY PUMPED that Coach Mora is LAYING DOWN THE LAW and getting it out there. Alienating the team? Pffff. The guys that are tough enough to understand that discipline is needed will stay and compete and represent the Bruins proudly, the others will leave. Cleaning house. I applaud him.

  • Burbank Bruin

    Alienate the team? My goodness…we’re talking about football players. I hope that if anyone felt alienated by his comments, they speak up and voice their displeasure. They will not last long under Mora’s stewardship of the program.

  • Anonymous

    Anon @ 1:43. Try reading the Sun Tzu’s The Art of War or Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince. This was an opportune time to take ownership of the program. The action is symbolic with very little actual risk. Well played Coach Mora. I don’t think he is speaking without thinking. This doesn’t strike me as him running his mouth. Instead I think he is taking advantage of an opportunity to make his mark, establish his leadership, and draw a clear distinction between himself and UCLA’s football ghost of Christmas past. The challenge for him, and judgement on this being meaningful or hyperbole, will come in how he implements accountability and if it translates into results.

  • BruinFaithful

    I wasn’t exactly enamored with this hire. I highly criticized it. But if the only and best thing Mora does is instill a toughness and culture of accountability, then that is much more than any other coaches since Red Sanders or Dick Vermeil have been able to do. I really like what I see so far. Jim is really going to give these bums what they need, a swift kick in the ass.

    CRN should have manned up a LONG time ago and put an end to this shit. Taylor Embree is a self entitled PUNK. CRN should have grown a pair and bounced his ass after that on the field scene against Colorado. Johnson is a weak ass too and should bench EVERY single Senior who was responsible for this. Such fond memories they will have of their last moments on the UCLA FB team, hopping over a wall. “Hey Dad, didn’t you play in that last game against Illinois? I don’t see your name on the roster or the stat sheet.” “No son, I chose to go to the movies and bond with my teammates instead.” “Yeah, what movie did you go watch Dad?” “You know what son, I really don’t remember, but we bonded really good.”

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisal never stopped the “Over The Wall” tradition because HE was one of the dumb assess who started it in the 80’s.

    I hope that Taylor Embree jumped over the wall and impaled himself on a big dong. How Embree is justifying the tradition is disgusting and cancer-like. He compared the Eagle Bank Bowl to the Rose Bowls of the 80’s. Can’t wait until all these quitters are driven out of Bruin Promised Land by Coach Mora.

    Mora, bring down the BOOM on these lazy goons.

  • BruinFaithful


    You are totally right. CRN was part of the culture that created this tradition. However, when he came on board and the players first did it. He said, “We only did it after going to a Bowl Game. If you guys go to a Bowl game, you can do it too.” Then they went to that crappy ass Eagle Bank and felt entitled. But when they didn’t go to a Bowl Game after season 3, they still did it after Spring Practice and CRN did NOTHING.

    I can see how Taylor doesn’t respect CRN. Would you respect the guy who slept on your Dad’s couch when you were a kid? Hey look, there is the guy who slept on my Dad’s couch. And CRN didn’t have the stones to pop the kid in the mouth when he disrespected him and on TV, for the World to see. Pathetic.

    When CRN did his little B and moan radio tour about the facilities at UCLA and the obstacles, he should have pointed the finger back at himself.

  • Whirling Dervish

    Anon @ 5:25–Impaled himself on a big dong–QUOTE OF THE YEAR!! I’m still laughing. I never could stand that piece of shit myself.

  • Wall of Voodoo

    Hey Mon. Come down to my voodoo shop at fisherman’s wharf. Many good spirits. Guaranteed to win fighting that hunger in your spirit bowl. Jump that wall and many gris-gris queens.


    Wow, I hope potential recruits don’t see what kind of sports fans ucla has or these boys will be heading for the hills without climbing any bruin walls.

    And talk about jumping off the bandwagon, I hope these posters don’t get hurt while trampling each other.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    So, is there any doubt the $UC PR machine and fat boosters are behind the timing of Fatt Barkly’s announcement? Mora was OWNING the airwaves and easily swaying recruits towards Westwood. And then Fatt Barkley’s announcement comes. So my question is this, how much money from boosters is headed Fatt’s way under the table to get him to give up millions this year? My guess is somewhere in the $1 million range. Given Lame Kitten and $UC’s history I’m pretty sure the NCAA is already on their way to South Central.


    They are kids! Dont forget that! Bash the leaders for not showing them better. This is a lack of good leadership and coaching.Really, this whole bashing our players is classless.There’s a huge diffrence between criticize and bash.GO BRUINS!


    They are kids! Dont forget that! Bash the leaders for not showing them better. This is a lack of good leadership and coaching.Really, this whole bashing our players is classless.There’s a huge diffrence between criticize and bash.GO BRUINS!

  • BruinFaithful

    BE REAL:

    Trolling again you ancient SUC Blow Hard?

    I hope recruits do read this and realize this Coach and Fanbase is not going to put up with this BS.

    What Bandwagon you old blind bat? 6-7 teams don’t have BandWagons you tard. BTW, how many Condom Fans did you have on your Bandwagon from 1989 to 2002?

    Why don’t you go SUC Barkley and rekindle your bromance?

    Enjoy getting smoked by Kansas at your half empty GAYlen Center.

  • BearBryant81

    I like the word that most fans, players and especially coaches forget that word is “work”. If you want to be successful at winning football games you better put the work in year round like this was the last year you were coaching football, if not then you just banking on talent or luck. If you practice hard and physical with discipline and accountability you will win.

  • timmah

    I rrreally like this guy, so far.He works hard, is decisive, and doesn’t deal in platitudes. When asked about selling recruits on his ability to get them prepared for the NFL, he didn’t just take the opportunity to blow a bunch of smoke but replied thoughtfully, without a bunch of hype. He seems like a doer, not a talker, and a guy who will bring in committed football players.

  • I had an online conversation with a former player about how I’m sick and tired of the media ripping the Bruins for this tradition and how I support Mora ending this stupid traditition. So before any becomes so judgmental, please read what someone who’s done it says, it just might change your mind about a tradition no one seems to care for – this is what he said: —- “screw what the media says, when jumping the wall is done right it is very beneficial for the team. It brings up morale during a time when everyone is hating life, its shows the team will follow the leaders, its releases stress and brings them together as an all for one and one for all mentality. This scrutiny is just dumb. Its done once a year, and normally the coaches know and make preparations for it so they don’t loose any practice time, learning time or miss out on something that will come back to bight them. People are pointing to this one small thing just because of the crappy success they have had. Built up stress during a month of double days in the hot sun or during the month of spring ball from banging heads over and over builds up and team fights break out. Divisions between offense and defense occur when their is no outlet for the whole team to come together. During our season when we went 10 and 2, we would go see a movie every night before a game as a team. The first loss came when we were running late and had to skip the movie. That comradere is needed more then people believe. The balance between building the whole team unity and relaxation vs. the competitive atmosphere needed on the practice field to build skills is a fine line to walk, but the whole wall thing wont make any difference in making a better team. Whats one wall jump do? You get guys who are out their hating life and practice, you need something to look forward to and lift morale. There is no reason to take away the wall jump as long as its done right. Its on the leaders of that team. Out days are over, I say it should be on the team leaders to decide and up to the coaches to show them the consequence. But when they are doing bear crawls together in the morning, helping each other out get to the next year line as a team, that builds unity too.”

    I hope this helped in understanding it from a player’s perspective.