Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Do you think that Rahim Moore probably believes that God is behind the Bronco’s success? Was this the perfect NFL situation for him? To be a part of a team with a Christian leader. What is your take on Tebowmania as a Bronco fan? – Ben G
As a Bronco fan and a Jew, trust me, I’m conflicted. I admire Tebow’s resolve and his faith in both his God and himself. Am I a fan of the public declarations of faith and the never-ending gee-gollyness I keep seeing? No. Would I feel the same if his name was Tim Lowenstein and he played for Yeshiva U. and not Florida? I don’t know.
But I’m even less a fan of Tebow’s throwing style, and the fact that the Broncos traded three good picks for him disgusts me. I think it’s fair to say that I’m shocked by the kind of success he has had, because I thought professional football players were too fast and too good to be done in almost solely by the running game.
I do believe in his ability to lead and I truly believe his persona is not an act, other than an act of faith. I have no doubt that with him on the field the Broncos feel like they are better than they actually are – including Rahim – and they play that way as a result, and the proof is in the results. However, I don’t think he is good enough right now to be a Super Bowl quarterback, and with the defense, running game and receivers on the roster, they need one.

2) So a lot was made of the mountain of cash that UCLA had to pursue a candidate like Peterson. Did Mora get the Cadillac package or something closer to Neuheisel? – BruinBall
Roughly split the difference, which is what was to be expected. However, by the caliber of assistants hired so far, it is clear the assistant pool is bigger.

3) Do you still expect a lot of transfers with the new coaching hires? What about any decomittments with the new staff? – Jimmyy
There will almost certainly be a few transfers, but a lot of guys are waiting to hear about the rest of the staff. Some of those who were up in arms about the change, and how it affected them, have calmed down a bit. But, especially given the shift from the Pistol, some guys might be better suited elsewhere.

4) why are we looking at so many DBs all of a sudden, and will this push lead to prior verbal commits to fall off UCLA’s radar (Diddy’s kid, for example)? – Spedjones
UCLA has a desperate need at defensive back, for one, as no underclassmen have done much to merit much hope that they can stay on the field. Beyond that, the need at wide receiver is glaring, too, and certainly some would be candidates for the offensive side. But, truly, UCLA’s recruiting is in such a state of flux that I believe we have zero indication of what’s going to ultimately happen on Feb. 1.

5) lots of exciting updates on new staff getting us back in the game with big recruits. but my understanding is we’re already over our scholly limit (had room for ~18, plus XSF) so how do they make this work if they get the big recruits? drop some of the guys currently in the class? expect transfers out? – Anonymous
Medical retirements, transfers, current commits decommitting, greyshirting. Lots of solutions.

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  • sal

    Any Idea who the Defensive Cordinator will be??

  • Anonymous

    Rahim loves Jesus ALMOST as much as Tebow.

  • Anonymous

    If his name was Timali Tebow-Mohammed and he was praying to Mecca the media critics would be afraid to say a word about it.

  • Anonymous

    Anon@11:54am You said it!!

  • Anonymous

    Rumor I heard was the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator is the guy.

  • Coach Thom

    I must say Tim’s press conference following the humiliating loss to the Bills was perplexing and just a little bit worrying. His avoidance of actually answering the questions about his performance with references to celebrating Jesus’ birthday and how ‘cool’ Christmas is totally bemused me. It was like listening to an eight-year old, not a professional football player. His throwing motion seems to be something that can’t be corrected. For all his meritorious character traits, I’m sure Elway and Co. will be looking for top QB in the next draft.

  • Anonymous

    @anon 12:53pm: curious why a dc from the nfl, specifically from the ravens of all teams, wants to be a dc in college?

  • anon

    Last year’s Ravens DC, Greg Mattison, is now the DC at Michigan, so it certainly can happen (though Mattison had a prior connection to Brady Hoke). Their current DC, Chuck Pagano, was a college coach for around 15 years before going to the pros, and initially began his coaching career here in socal (at ‘SC, in fact).

    I would be very surprised if they hired him, but it’s certainly not impossible, and he’s probably one of the pro DCs who would be most familiar with college-style defenses.