Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Is it safe to say that unless basketball REALLY turns it around we’re out of the Shabazz race? Or have you heard if that’s not necessarily one of his priorities? – Anonymous
There is a world of difference when comparing this team with a lineup of Muhammad, Kyle Anderson, Jordan Adams and potentially Tony Parker. Yes, this season does play a factor, but a player of Muhammad’s caliber sees himself as a complete game-changer, not a complimentary part.

2) Why can’t UCLA extend the length of Spaulding field or move it onto the other side of Pauley Pavillion where the intramural field is? Annex the Wooden Center for facilities and add some space dedicated to football. – BruinInSeattle
I’ve asked several times, and the answer is always that UCLA is on a stamp. My question is, why not Drake Stadium?

3) Regarding the new FB hires, I’ve only heard reports on them regarding recruiting. How are they on schemes, player development, and technique instruction? – Bill Shakespeare
Steve Broussard and Noel Mazzone are considered very good R&D guys, and the scheme itself should be more aggressive and more pass-happy. Klemm and Martin are typically talked about as recruiting beasts, but not much out there on their technical skills. Spring ball will be interesting this season.

4) Interesting that there aren’t even many rumors floating around about a future defensive coordinator. in your opinion, is mora waiting for the nfl season to end or just waiting on certain coaches’ bowl seasons to end? – Anonymous
Yes and yes, and it’s not opinion.

5) With the new TV funds from Pac-12, can UCLA use the money to revive Olympic sports that were dropped due to Title IX? – Anonymous
I’m sure that is being discussed, but the current teams need all the help they can get, too.

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  • lbcbruin

    What do you mean by “ucla is on a stamp”?

  • Anonymous

    No more land to expand

  • Russ

    The answer that ” UCLA is on a stamp ” is beginning to sound like a cop out for Guerrero on his statement that there will be significant improvements to our football facilities. We don’t even have a true GOAL POST on Spaulding, and here is a news flash for our ADMIN. TEAM,..the length of a football field is 100 yards, not eighty! Football pays the bills, time to FINALLY spend some dollars to bring our facilities out of the 1950’s!!
    Doing things on the cheap no longer applies, especially since all members of the PAC12 now get $21M that they never had before. It is time to STEP UP DAN AND THE ADMIN.

  • Anonymous

    Unless you’re practicing a 100 yard play, I’m not really sure that you actually need a 100 yard field to practice football? Also let’s not forget that UCLA is a university first, and the facilities priorities have to be towards instruction research and housing.

  • vik-the-k

    Teams lost to Title 9 were lost to make the mens/womens scholarship ratio more even. It had nothing to do with funding.

    As for Drake, it is the home of Men’s and Women’s Soccer as well as Track. I might agree that it’s “doable” during fall (soccer could move back to the northeast mini-stadium on the IM field, which I’d like to see upgraded), but as a permanent home? Not a good idea. There’s PLENTY of room on the IM field. And yes, Spaulding needs an upgrade regardless of what happens.