Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) Just curious, why couldn’t the QB’s take a snap under center on short yardage? We always ran out of the shotgun even in short yardage. We were so bad in short yardage and in crucial games against Stanford, SC, and Oregon where we would get stuffed every time.
I watched the High School teams in the playoff games and saw that the QBs would take snaps out of the shotgun however, in short yardage would get under center. Why can a high school team execute but, not the Bruins?
Was this CRN, Prince, or a Maiva problem? – short yardage
I’m shaking my head as I read this. It was a Neuheisel problem, and one I never understood at all.

2) Would it be possible for Tyler Gonzalez to get another year of eligibility since he has only played one season? – Al Bruin
No, I don’t believe so.

3) Any chance Jamie Graham can apply for a medical redshirt and come back? – Anonymous
No, his career is over.

4) How did Mora land these coaches? Did he know them previously or did a third party put this together? – Anonymous
Know them previously as in, know them or know of them? Some he’s worked with or around, and some are just good coaches who were in search of better jobs.

5) Is Mora shuttling between LA and Seattle every week? I’ve heard his wife, a former Huskies cheerleader doesn’t intend to leave Seattle for LA. The Moras have just built their dream house in Seattle area. – Sam
I haven’t asked much about that, but I will inquire soon.

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