Dubious Company

Illinois became just the fifth team in NCAA history to start the regular season at 6-0 and end it at 6-6.

UCLA managed a different, more exclusive distinction on Saturday night.

The Bruins became the first college football team to finish 6-8 after their loss to the Illini.
But despite the dubious distinction, UCLA players were proud to represent their school and were defiant to the criticism about their season.

“No one criticizes Cal; no one criticizes Arizona State,” Jones said. “We beat both those teams. We were supposed to be here. We played in the Pac-12 championship, and we deserve it. Who else would you put in this bowl game?”

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  • Blitzed

    Who else would you put it the game? A team that finished 500.

  • The Ghost of Formerly Good Bruin FB teams

    Dubious…great word to describe the entire UCLA FB team in 2011 — a team of dubious talent and heart!

    Why were fans not surprised that:

    ~ Nelson Poli-Rosario dropped at ball at the goal line? [Are the remaining WRs that bad to have this dipshit as the premier receiver?]

    ~ The Stale Prince of BelAir has no touch, such as taking off Fauria’s head in the end zone; or looking down receivers and after the first he runs; or that he accepts a sack insted of throwing the ball away?
    [Hopefully Hundley can learn the new playbook and learn how to throw a deep pass before fall camp]

    ~ That “Diesel Ski” has no ability to cut to the outside? [Get out of the way so the younger RBs can establish themselves]

    ~ Datone Jones forgot there was a game being played? [You serve no more use than a playbook on the shelf…move onto the next level…Asst Mgr at a Mickie Ds]

    ~ the interim Coach looked like a deer in the headlights? [Get your stuff out of the office by 1/2/12…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out]

    ~ Defensive players were out of position way too often and didn’t seem to learn as the game went on? [Get rid of the ignorant pussies and let the youngsters who are hungry learn on the job]

    ~ Anthony Barr has no idea how to run a pattern, either in a motion play in the backfield or on a deep pass, nor can he recover a fumble laying next to him. [Do I hear Special Teams captain…at l;east he might have a niche somewhere.]

  • cfcfan

    So we have the most NCAA championships….and this.

  • Bruin Gold

    I was there.

    The Bruins did OK in the first half. They actually lead 10-3. They were able to hold Illinois to no touchdowns and were able to stop the run and pass.

    The problem is they had to play the second half. This was when the wheels started falling apart.

    Prince’s turnovers killed the Bruins. In particular, the interception was a killer. It allowed Illinois to immediately tie the game.

    The defense started breaking down. They forgot that the only Illinois threat was their quarterback running. Yet no one covered him, allowing him to run wild. Idiots.

    The offense could not get anything done. Prince couldn’t pass. The receivers couldn’t catch anything other than for short yardage. Other than one long run, the Bruins had no running game.

  • Bruin Gold

    The good thing is that this season has ended.

    I look forward 2012 with Coach Mora.

    I look forward to having the bad players kicked off the team or sent to the bench. Gone are the lazy losers we have seen over the past several years.

    I look forward to players with a winning attitude, dedication, a competitive spirit, a hard-nosed approach to the game, who actually have passion for the game.

  • cfcfan

    @ghost of…..

    Not so fast Casper, Barr will have to beat out Prince for Special Needs, I mean Teams capitan. He should change his name to Tasker and be done with it.

  • cedar_23

    This is what you get when you think you are good enough to ditch practice, the senior class got a deserving ending of their career.

  • Coach Thom

    The players played hard, but they were overmatched. Prince sassed back at Mike Johnson repeatedly, as he has done with Coach Rick as well. He clearly doesn’t like being told a few truths and doesn’t seem to listen to advice. All in all, Coach Jim has a big hurdle ahead of him, but I believe he’s taking some positive baby steps.

  • offensive

    Defense played well but Illinois offense is really bad so its hard to tell.

    I love Kevin Prince’ toughness as he took some big hits and kept playing hard. I wish the whole team had as much heart as Kevin. However, with Mora and new system its apparent that Prince can not start next yr. He simply can not pass the ball accurately and dosn’t have the ability to check down to his 2nd option.

    Hundley will definitely be given every opportunity to start. Brehaut has not made a good impression by being suspended and wanting to play baseball.

    We desperately need some quality QB play.

  • Interim Coach Mike


    If I have one regret it is that I should have installed a screen pass that The Stale Price could have had as an alternative to being mauled by the best sacker in the country.

    I really thought the Bruin Swiss Cheese OL were all about accomplishing my “moderated” Pistol, I like to call the Pop-Gun.

    @ offensive,
    By the way, concerning your respect for the Stale Prince’s heart…I’ll let you in on my perspective…his inability to see the field and feel the pressure before taking off for inevitable physical pounding is akin to a toddler being praised for only hitting himself in the head with a balpeen hammer instead of inflicting the pain on others.

  • cv

    The OL has been a joke all year, next it will be worse. That said it could be an eight win season if Mora doesn’t screw it up!