Illinois 10-7

After Illinois missed a field goal, Kevin Prince more than made up for it for the Illini.

Illinois cornerback Terry Hawthorne intercepted a Prince pass and took it back 49 yards for a touchdown to give Illinois its first lead.

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  • BN Sucks

    UCLA has by far the worst coaching staff ever!!

  • Marc

    I hope coach Mora tells Kevin Prince to transfer to another school. Terrible quarterback. Just terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Prince has to be one of the worst D1 QB in the nation. We can only hope he won’t start for us with the new coaching staff.

  • BN Sucks

    I don’t believe it’s a talent issue. You can see it, but if it’s not used properly you get what we have today. Just awful play calling!!!

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    CRN would have coached this team to a win. He led us to the PAC 12 south championship. Hang in there bruins. We’ll be back to a .500 team in a few years.


    Here’s to hoping 2012 is better to us Bruin Fans! Let’s go Mora ‘cuz I can’t take any Mora this! Lol
    Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous

    Gutty Little Bruin – Go away until your sanctions for cheating have been completely served. That will be at the end of the 2015 school year. Bowl games? Big deal! Wait ’til you see what limited scholarships will do to you. Those are the real sanctions. Bowl games? Ha.

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    I found it so unbelievably ironic that on the last UCLA play – the on-sides kick, the one UCLA player moved into an illegal position just before the ball was kicked. As I screamed at my TV when he shifted, all I could think of was what a perfect end to four (actually more) years of absolutely miserable, poorly coached football.

    After watching that game, I wonder if Coach Mora wants to give the job back.

  • Mike

    Prince’s pick-6 was a bad decision, and that ball should NOT have been thrown, but Evans could have prevented the INT by taking one step toward the ball.

    The play calling was sort of weird, eh? Didn’t we have a couple decent RBs, or am I mistaken?

    Between this game and basketball today, has anybody checked to see if nestor has finally had a stroke?

  • bruins suck

    the bruins should have worn their surrender flags again

  • USC – 714

    You know, I came on here only to see how Bruin fans were reacting to todays bowl game in the Bay Area, but I found myself just having to chime in when I saw “Anonymous” contribute such an absurd comment in regards to USC “cheating”

    Mr. Anonymous, this video is for you. I love it because it makes individuals like you look foolish lol

  • Ley

    You know what is sad is, i watched the game with my USC Grad buddy that worked with John Robinson Staff and he is and will be nothing like these phony bandwagon pretend to be USC people that post here. you see he actually was around when UCLA won 8 straight years and had to deal with the pain not like these snot nosed 20 somethings that know nothing about this rivalry. I used to go to the USC games with my bruin gear at the Coliseum and the fans actually new football and it was a respect rivalry. Now days any body that buys USC gear is rude and has jumped on the bandwagon during the Cheet peet era. My Buddy knows we are a QB away from being good and Mora’s defensive strategy can only be a plus.
    Karma bites hard and the Bruins will be back. You only have one year left with Barkley so enjoy it. My Stanford grad buddy enjoyed great years with A Luck and he said next year will be tuff to swallow!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ley, why dont you go onto Scott Wolf’s USC blog. There you will truly see how low the UCLA fan base has really become. You talk about “bad karma” and “snot nosed” USC fans as if you UCLA fans are so holy and righteous. If you think the comments made by USC fans on here are in any way bad, well you havent seen anything yet. Go onto Wolf’s blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about. UCLA fans are the most disgusting, absurd, and ridiculous scumbags I have ever seen.

  • Anonymous