• Anonymous

    Coach Mora handled TJ Simers well. Simers is an embarrassment to his trade.

  • Coach Thom

    Who was the idiot baiting Coach Jim? Was it Simers? What a douche-bag. Coach Jim handled him well. I like the straight-talking approach of our new coach. No more parables, proverbs, mots, or oily lawyer speak ala Coach Rick. Coach Jim calls it as it is, no BS. And I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of his roasts or tongue-lashings. He’s just a bit scary. Go get those recruits, Coach Jim!

  • Jon, Watch this particular video and wanted your thoughts on a particular portion (at the beginning and near the end of the video) where a reporter, imo, was asking leading questions and also had a disrespectful tone to his phrasing of the questions. I know you and the other reporters heard the questions and the manner they were presented. I got the feeling that this reporter feels entitled to his position and actually disrespected his profession.

  • Anonymous

    Simers is a jackass.

  • bruinbiochem06

    “Southern Cal, that’s what I like to cal them!” LOL.

  • Blue1Gold

    “Southern Cal!” That’s what I refer to when I speak of Ketchup and Mustard…There ‘s only one original USC and that’s the University of South Carolina. And I agree. Simers is a snarky little punk.

  • VB

    Simers is a douche.

  • You’re All A Bunch Of Simpletons

    You should read Simers’ article re: the above interview.

    He doesn’t glorify coaches, athletes or sports and always tries to remind folks that these are adults playing kids games for a living. He asks questions meant to get honest/realistic answers – if the interviewee wants to resort to hyperbole or cliche…then Simers will keep going after them until they just answer the questions. It’s been his shtick for years and none of you seem to get it. Coach Mora handled him well enough…as with Kiffin, if UCLA starts winning and the head coach doesn’t feel threatened by the interviewer…Simers will lose interest and move on.

  • Marc

    TJ Slimers is a total piece of pie. I would eat him up if I met him. I hope to do so this coming football season. He is a total lowlife reporter. I have a couple of friends that are reporters, though not in sports. We talk about the things they are covering; one of them is covering the Kelly Thomas murder, and I get the overall gist of what they are trying to do. The sometimes have to antagonize to get straight answers, say when dealing with the DA’s office (tight as a button), but what TJ does is not that.

    He gets his due by being a total prick and trying to goad people into embarrassing comments and by ridiculing people as he feels a sense of obligation.

    @youareallabunch of simpletons. It is you who is a simpleton. I’ll be at Section 22 in the Rosebowl this year as I am every year. I’ll be cheering on the UCLA Bruins win or lose, and I’ll be hoping coach Mora can get this team to the Rosebowl.

    You are just a freaking idiot! Come see me!

  • Nathan Exp

    Mora and UCLA admin mishandled Simers. Simers had valid questions why UCLA admin was trying to run interference for Mora during interview…made Mora look foolish. All Mora has to do is be honest, does anyone believe that Mora doesn’t know what the Monopoly question was about? Marc, you must mean the “AD’s” office, right? As poor a job as Dan is doing I don’t think the district attorney’s office really cares about it much.

  • Anonymous

    If i ever see T.J Simers in person I am going to punch him in the face.

  • Anonymous

    Criticism doesn’t hurt unless it’s true.

  • Marc

    @anonymous 3:37pm

    What criticism? TJ Slimers wasn’t criticizing the coach; he was trying to goad him into an embarrassing comment with regards to the monopoly and any juice that he can hand deliver to his buddies in south central. That’s the thing about old’ Slimey; he doesn’t offer up unique criticism or insight to a subject or interview. He just berates and acts like a clown hoping to get something scintillating to write.

    He’s done it against everyone, just about. He had a failed radio show on AM570. You know why it failed? Because he has no substance, none. He talks like a loser and treats everyone like crap because, ultimately, that is how he feels about himself.

    To gain self esteem, you do esteemable acts. He doesn’t do that; he berates. That will kill you. Try this experiment: one day, smile all day and say positive things to everyone, even when you don’t feel it’s deserved. Another day; say three to four days later, do the opposite. Let us know how you feel about yourself and how your days go each of those days.

    You probably won’t feel too good and your day will feel like a bad one on the day you shit on everyone like Old’ Slimey. Now imagine how you’d feel if all your days were like that one.