Quick Howland conference tidbits

UCLA head coach Ben Howland on:

On Arizona:
“Arizona is a very hard team for us to matchup because it’s basically like playing against five guards. Solomon Hill is having a great year, leading them in assists, leading them in scoring, and he’s a particularly hard matchup.”

On the Pac-12 start:
“We’re 0-2 and I’m disappointed. We had a chanc to win on Thursday night if we made our free throws. We had five or six wide open shots we weren’t able to capitalize on.”

On Joshua Smith:
“He did some extra running on Sunday and again yesterday. Slowly but surely. Yeah, we need to him to play more minutes. We need him to get more shots. Right now he’s sixth in shots attempted and I invisioned he’d be in top two in that category.”

On Smith’s offense:
“He’s got to slow down. I think he’s gets sped up some. That’s his biggest thing. People are doubling and he has to read that. … He’s got to realize if he just holds on to the ball when people are doubling, people can’t take it from him. He’s too big and strong.”

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  • UCLASteve

    Let me start by saying I like Howland, have always respected him and have supported him throughout the years. That being said, it’s now time for Howland to go.

    Refusing to play zone for the past 3 or 4 years and then conceding, but not using it when it’s working, and then using it, but not knowing how to play it… this is ridiculous. Yes, Howland’s style requires a certain “type” of player, but you have to be able to adjust as a head coach at a TOP program and unfortunately he appears not able to and as such, a major weakness has been exposed. Fans are upset, players are leaving, and recruits are having second thoughts.

    There are no moral victories when it comes to UCLA and basketball. I remember the days when losing a single game to Kentucky or Duke caused major concern. Now loses to mediocre teams (ala Middle Tennessee State, LMU, etc.) does nothing more than make people sigh. Darn it, I want more than a sigh. I want people to be ticked off. This is UCLA basketball for crying out loud. If other sports are ok with losing that’s fine, but not with our bread and butter. Once you fall from the basketball elite, it is SO difficult in this day to come back. Media and public perception plays a big role as this also effects future recruits decisions and alumni pocket books in the end.

    Sadly, time to find a new coach.