UCLA football schedule released

For the first time since 2002, UCLA will not end its regular season with cross-town rival USC next season.

The Bruins’ 2012 schedule was released on Wednesday, with the team set to play seven home games for the first time since 2008, including non-conference matchups with Nebraska and Houston.

UCLA will also host Oregon State, Utah, Arizona, USC and Stanford, with the Cardinal finishing off the season on Nov. 24.

The Bruins begin the 2012 campaign at Rice on Sept. 1 before back-to-back visits by the Cornhuskers and Cougars, who beat UCLA 38-34 in Week 1 this season.

UCLA is schedule to play exclusively on Saturdays, but all 12 games are expected to be broadcast live nationally by Fox, ESPN and the new Pac-12 Network.

Sept. 1 at Rice
Sept. 8 Nebraska
Sept. 15 Houston
Sept. 22 Oregon State
Sept. 29 at Colorado
Oct. 6 at California
Oct. 13 Utah
Oct. 20 BYE
Oct. 27 at Arizona State
Nov. 3 Arizona
Nov. 10 at Washington State
Nov. 17 USC
Nov. 24 Stanford
Nov. 30 Pac-12 Championship

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  • alxandr

    THANK GOODNESS no more Thursday games…

  • Anonymous

    No Ducks or Huskies for the second year, what gives?

  • They rotate every two years

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy our time without having to play Oregon or Wash. I noticed only 1 bye week. And most importantly, no dreaded Thursday Espn national game. This schedule is favorable, make it work Mora.

  • That’s the best schedule I’ve seen in years. The only thing that could improve on it would be catching Stanford and their new qb early in the season.

  • tim warren

    u$c is not the final game? Is nothing sacred anymore?

  • ucla84

    The password is…heresy!

  • spedjones

    losses to Nebraska, SUC and Furd likely, Cal a toss-up. Zona tough to call and who knows what Wazzu will do. Could be a good, ok, or terrible season next year.

  • gilligan

    UCLA has a decent schedule that is tougher than people realize. Rice should be an automatic win and it will give UCLA time to work on their offense and defense. Nebraska will be a lost but closer than expected unless Martinez runs like crazy. Houston is a toss up, not sure what to expect post Sumlin but they did look good against PSU (I know it’s a different team). OSU and Colorado should be wins. Cal will probably be a lost, the first true road game of the season against an ok opponent. I think Utah will be a win, if Mora is a good defensive teacher UCLA should be able to contain Utah by this time in the season. ASU is a win and I also think that they will beat Arizona b/c they have too many holes to fill. I think UCLA will lose the last three games of the season. Final projection 6 wins, 5 loses and a toss up game.

  • Anonymous

    With all the experts here I’m heading directly to Las Vegas. You guys better not be wrong.

  • Mark

    You don’t need that last date on there.

  • cv

    Looks like 7 wins if Mora doesn’t screw it up.

  • Miss UCLA

    This may be the first time since 2002 that our last regular season home game was not against $c, but in 2010 our last regular season game was against against ASU on the road.

    Go Bruins!


    Ohio State-Michigan not the last game of the regular season?– Not on your life

    So why has the SC-ucla game been reduced to the trash heap of traditional games by not being the last game of the year?

  • NorthCampusBruin

    Wow, with the exception of Nebraska, Mora lucked the F out.


    Oh, yeah, almost forgot, an optimistic analysis of next year’s season, which will be greatly determined by which Prince returns as a senior– the inconsistent one or the better than ever improved one. I will bet on the latter, and if that proves to be true, than the season could look like this:

    ucla comes into the SC game at 8-2 with surprise victories over Nebraska (home cooking will help) and Cal, with only a probable loss at ASU and another loss somewhere down the line to scar its record…Now, SC is loaded so that is a probable loss, but Stanford at home is not a long shot with an entirely new Cardinal offensive team.

    So ucla ends up at 9-3 with a possible bowl victory to end up at the storied number “10” and a 10-3 season.

    As Tony the Tiger says, that would be “Greeeeaaat.”

  • Nestor

    I don’t care if SUC is the #1 team in the country, if CJM doesn’t beat $C next year it will be unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE! We will have no choice but to drive him out of Westwood and strip him of The Four Letters.

  • BruinBrent

    @ Nestor

    I want to win as well. But, are you seriously going to start ANOTHER lynch mob after one season? Even if we are 10-3? Negative town. You need to calm down, although I respect your work on trying to get rid of DG.

  • Surrender Monkey

    Gosh Jon, this schedule looks really good. What is your prediction? Beating SC like Nestor says shouldn’t be the only goal. We could probably go to a bowl with 7, 8 or 9 victories being not unrealistic.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    I’m relentlessly optimistic but I see a likely 5 or 6 losses. 8 – 4 at best.

  • CrouchingBruin

    1) Thank goodness no games on Versus next season.
    2) I hope my cable provider (A&TT U-Verse) doesn’t charge me extra for the “new Pac-12 Network.”