• Russ

    Win 12 games…? The sound of winning all 12 games has the sound of “IC”,… terrifIC and unrealistIC. IMO the wins will be somewhere between 6 & 8, “favorable” season with 7 home games not withstanding. We have a new Coach, but so have two others, Washington St. and ASU, both have definitely upgraded their staffs, and both are away games. Send up the red flag Jim Mora for these two.
    Coach Mora has his work cut out for him this season that is a given. The Spring Game should give a good look at what to expect for 2012. The patience that preceded the two prior hires may be very short lived this time out of the gate. BRUIN fans will be watching closely for major improvements.

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    CRN left some talent. Even with a late start, Mora should land solid recruiting class. A new system will slow things down, but removing the pistol will be an automatic improvement. I will take 6-6 as long as we improve consistancy, use Hundley at quarterback and establish a new offense. After so many bad years, I am not asking for too much.

  • 1BruinFan

    Russ, why knock Franklin for wanting to go undefeated? True winners believe that they should win all the time. You MUST have that attitude going into a new season in order to be successful. It’s not about probability, but about a winning attitude…something that hopefully will become contageous with the new staff. Franklin has always had it. It’s a shame that more of the players don’t. You could tell by all the smiles and joking that took place while they were getting their asses handed to them during embarrassing losses. Hopefully Mora and Co will provide an attitude adjustment this off season.

  • http://paulm Ley

    Thanks Jon,
    Do you have a list of recruits visiting this weekend and who looks like a realistic signing at this stage???

  • Anonymous

    Franklin needs to start praying to a different God because he sure as heck ain’t a Bruin fan.

  • sam

    Accountability is prime for Mora, and he’ll have his work cut out for him.
    “I have a wealth of experience. I’ve been very successful doing this for a long time” Mora said.

    Really funny. His well-documented flaws: No accountability-always blaming others. No ability to assemble quality assistant coaches. Living off of his Daddy’s name. Always a puppet of the general managers. Always speaking without thinking.

  • Anonymous

    I’m from PA, so I certainly can’t speak to the level of competition here (and from what I see it doesn’t appear to be better than average), but if throwing on time to the right spot and moving well in and out of the pocket for a 6-5, 220-pound kid means anything at all, this young man should be a priority.