UCLA announces hiring of Mazzone, Ulbrich

Two more in, just two more to go.

UCLA announced the long-expected hiring of Noel Mazzone as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach on Friday morning, along with the hiring of special teams/linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich.

Mazzone turned Arizona State’s passing game around almost overnight with the rapid improvement of little-known Brock Osweiler, who helped lead the Sun Devils to a No. 10 national ranking in passing offense and No. 26 in total offense in 2011. In 2010, when Mazzone was hired, Arizona State improved to 15th in passing and 29th overall, a year after the Sun Devils finished 61st in passing and 89th overall.

“Noel is an astute offensive strategist who has run numerous offenses in his 30-plus years in football,” UCLA head coach Jim Mora said. “We look forward to giving him the opportunity to tutor our student-athletes day in and day-out, especially at the quarterback position.”

The well-traveled Mazzone also had stints in the NFL, with both the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, and several college football stops, including offensive coordinator positions with Mississippi, Auburn, Oregon State and North Carolina State.

Ulbrich, meanwhile, has just one coaching gig on his resume after a 10-year playing career. Ulbrich arrives from the Seattle Seahawks, where he joined Pete Carroll as an assistant special teams coach in 2010 after playing 10 years for the San Francisco 49ers, where he became very familiar with Mora, who served as his defensive coordinator until 2003.

“I had the pleasure of coaching Jeff for part of his playing career; he was always one of the most dedicated and hard-nosed players on the field,” Mora said. “On the day I met him, he told me he wanted to be a coach, and I am proud to help him accomplish that dream.”

The hiring of Mazzone and Ulbrich gives UCLA seven of its nine assistant coaches, as the duo joins offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, running backs coach Steve Broussard, tight ends coach Marques Tuiasosopo, defensive line coach Inoke Breckterfield and defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin. UCLA is expected to bring in former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receivers coach Eric Yarber, but the Bruins are targeting a defensive coordinator as well. San Diego Chargers linebackers coach John Pagano, who was reported to have accepted the defensive coordinator position at UCLA, instead was promoted to defensive coordinator of the Chargers.

Offensive Coordinator: Noel Mazzone
Running Backs: Steve Broussard
Wide Receiver: Eric Yarber?
Quarterbacks: Mazzone
Offensive Line: Adrian Klemm
Tight Ends: Marques Tuiasosopo
Defensive Coordinator: ???
Defenslve Line: Inoke Breckterfield
Linebackers: Jeff Ulbrich
Defensive Backs: Demetrice Martin
Special Teams: Ulbrich
(note: only nine assistants per staff, so some positions will double-up)

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  • bruin pride

    Any ideas of who Mora is targeting for DC?

  • Semi-Pro

    I’m not too worried about the DC position as Mora is an NFL Caliber DC himself. The position coaches are the bigger thing for recruits.

  • Boston Bruin

    Quarterbacks: Mazzon ? (éminence grise – Marques Tuiasosopo)

    Talk about doubling up…who in their right mind wouldn’t tap the expertise and success of a former player with success as a Frosh, mostly sitting out as a Soph, and then coming into his own as a Jr and Sr who was a Heisman finalist (I assume an All-American).

    CMT…whio holds an NCAA record as a running/passing QB for 200+ yards in passing/running in a game…can be the perfect mentor for young Hundley.

    Mora seems to be surrounding himself with some pretty damn good coaches!!

  • sam

    Good for Ulbrich. he’s said he wants to become a head coach at a lower level college ASAP. I think he would stay at UCLA for a few years before moving on to another college. He just needs coaching experience at several different levels.

  • YES! Clark Lea is GONE! uclafball.com -check it out

  • Logan_5

    “Ulbrich arrives from the Seattle Seahawks, where he joined Pete Carroll as an assistant special teams coach in 2010 after playing 10 years for the San Francisco 49ers, where he became very familiar with Mora, who served as his defensive coordinator until 2003.”


  • sam

    How about Dann Quinn as a defensive coordinator? Quinn is Mora’s protege, who is now the Florida Gators defensive coordinator. A former Seahawks D-line coach, who took the Gators job last year to become a head coach at the college level ASAP. Same reason for Ulbrich, who was a quality control assistant in Seattle (same as a graduate assistant at college level.) Very, very difficult to become a coordinator in the NFL. See… John Pagano, who took over a decade to do so, but rather a lucky guy.

  • Anon

    Watching US Army All American High School game, Ishmael Adams is so ready to play at Div 1 level. He should start for us this upcoming season.

  • Surrender Monkey

    I’m watching the Army game too. Uggggg. Nobody is selecting UCLA. We need some of those guys.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Ishmael Adams is a BEAST!! He’s going to be a Woods stopper from day 1. Looking forward to shutting down SUC’s passing attack and bringing home the win at the Rose Bowl.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Adams still has to sign on the dotted line. And he told Scout he’s getting a lot of pressure from the Cal kids, who are also close friends. Let’s hope it sticks another three weeks.

  • Shawnymoe

    We just have to admit that we can’t recruit with the cal,Oregon, or USC. We’re just gonna have to develop our players and make them good. We don’t need all these 5 stars players but I sho would like to have a few. Hopefully we can pick up a few surprises at signing day.

    Go bruins!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Adams is a solid verbal. If he looked at our current CB positions, he will see that he’s more likely to play as a True Freshman. Besides, it’s not like we don’t have former Oak Christian in our roster.

  • uclamd92

    Hey relentless,
    You know what’s irrevelant? The GED from SCUM that you and TJ Slimers have. Or did you even attend the university? Just admit, you only wish that UCLA would open your application. TJ slimer’s employer is also becoming irrevelant. I just saw a Groupon for 87% off for LA Slimes. I almost choked on the dinner laughing so hard. A word from the wise to LA Slimes, when your sport reporter is unbiased and constantly puts down 50% of its readers, they will stop paying for that crap. Looks like the umemployment rate is going up again.

  • JohnG

    Or the cheap trill relentlesslypositive gets from trolling inside UCLA. Troll On Trogans!

    Go Bruins!

  • There was college football before 2003?

    @ relentlesslystupid

    Girls? Gingerbread House?

    Is that the best smack your lame @55 can generate?

    That figures coming from an inbred SC honk.