Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Ley

    Hey Jon,
    Will Mora be hiring a DC soon and if not do you believe this is affecting recruiting and are you hearing any surprise recruits that may come to Westwood??

  • The Blur

    What’s the status on Da’End Parker? He going to come back? Is there a chance for a medical redshirt?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, Do you think the football staff has the time/ability to “flip” any significant verbals on or before signing day?

  • BruinBall

    When you or some other news source (as opposed to a random poster on some UCLA blog) says that a guy is a UCLA lean – is that because you’ve take to the player (off the record) or a coach or family member and they’re specifically told you he’s favoring school X or Y etc. Or can it be something far more speculative?

  • 40ouncezipper

    Regarding recruiting when a new head coach (mora) takes over a program does he have to honor the current scholarships offered by the prior coach or can he withdraw offers to recruits that my not fit his needs?

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Do you know of any silent commits this year?

  • FLBruin

    More of a request than a question, but assuming Sal Alosi is in fact the new S&C coach, is there any way you can write a story about the specific lifts/drills that he employs that are different than what we’ve been doing under Lin? Our team looked big this year, but along with that they looked incredibly stiff and slow. Not looking for Bodybuilder.com level of detail on the splits and everything, but definitely something more in depth than the “we’re focussing on explosive strength” quotes that you always see in interviews with S&C coaches. Given how important S&C coaches are (there’s a quote floating around from Kirby Smart saying Alabama’s S&C coach is the 2nd most important coach to Saban), I think this would be very interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, your reporting and blog are fantastic. Do you ever read other UCLA blogs? What’s your opinion of Bruinsnation’s criticism of you and their inference that they do better reporting despite living in a different time zone, having never played sports, and never been laid?

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Jon, Two Guys Talking Football has been a big hit–any chance we will be seeing Two Guys Talking Basketball? I really hope so.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Oops how could I forget the “fat”–I meant Two Fat Guys Talking Football (Basketball)

  • anonymous

    how would you assess brett hundley’s progress this year? more specifically, how would you rate his ability to throw a consistently accurate, catchable pass….compared to, say, brehaut and prince — or, for that matter, brock osweiler? i know brett has smarts and a big arm, but does he have what it takes to excel in mazzone’s spread offense?

  • ucla34

    What’s the biggest diffefence notice between Nue and Mora? Do you get a feeling off the bat that things feel and seem different? Do you think Hundley most likely starts next year and is KP most likely done as starting QB?

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Hey I just thought of a great title for the basketball video segment–Two Round Guys Talking Roundball! 🙂

  • FLBruin

    There was constant chatter of a “split” locker room this past season — can you talk about this at all in any more detail than oblique references to the team “not being on the same page”? It seem like it most came to a head during the “over the wall” incident when people were finally named (those who stayed vs those who jumped). And going forward, which faction is returning more players — the Franklin/Prince group or the Embree/Carroll group? The internal dynamics of the team are something that is rarely touched on and I understand your reticence to name names given your continued interaction with the team, but I’d appreciate it if you could shine some more light on this topic.

  • BruinRogue

    Any news on Mora’s Plan B, C, D for replacing Pagano as DC?

  • Al Bruin


    Perception of a football school and, let’s say, UCLA:
    All time bowl records;
    Norte Dame 15-16,
    UCLA 15-16-1

    Al Bruin

  • Anonymous

    I meant Notre Dame

  • BruinJD

    It looks like one of the Wears was limping a bit during both games this week, any word on what the problem is.

  • Anonymous

    USC has had great success giving true and redshirt freshmen playing time. It works on the field and in recruiting to let players know that the best talent will be on the field regardless of class. RN always seemed to defer to experience and underclassmen rarely got significant playing time no matter how talented (and this resulted in a number of transfers). I don’t think you know the answer but maybe you can ask Mora about his philosophy on this?

  • camobmus

    I’ve heard that one of the reasons Carlino left was that he was being bullied and hazed by Nelson off the court. When he talked to Howland, he told him to just deal with it. Any truth to this?

  • john

    Does Mora know about Xavier SuaFilo status? Will Xavier Sua-Filo return and play for Coach Mora? Does Mora even want him to return?

  • Russ

    Hi Jon, first thanks for your keeping us up to date on what is taking place at UCLA. Q.., will Coach Mora push to recruit a quality QB for this class and do you have any info on a possible QB transferring to UCLA. Last, any info on getting rid of the jerseys with the bar & bringing back the full circle stripe.


    If Mora face plants ( and I hope he doesn’t) does the seat under DG finally heat up?

  • MichaelRyerson

    ‘Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments.’ Any chance 2012 will see you begin to ‘check the comments’ and make this disclaimer unnecessary? Seems like you’d want to check the comments.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    You’ve taken a lot of good-natured banter on this site over a perceived nod — right or wrong — toward Tyler Lamb. I can honestly say I’m beginning to enjoy watching this kid play, especially when he attacks the rim. Did your new T-Lamb tat make that big of a difference in his confidence this season?

  • Marc

    Malcolm Jones. Please elaborate.

  • bruincheerleader

    Jon i just wanted to highlight Marc’s question about MALCOLM JONES?…could he be used in the DERRICK COLEMAN role this coming season?…a big bruising running back to go with JETSKI FRANKLIN in the backfield would be ideal…u think?

  • Marvin

    What’s all this fuss about the facilities? Can you describe what UCLA is working with compared to, let’s say, Oregon?

  • Larry Dreyfuss

    After he was introduced at halftime at the Wooden Classic, I noticed Coach Mora engaged in an antimated conversation in the passage way with a couple of young men. Do you knaw anything about what recruits may have attended the game?

  • Anonymous

    Why did UCLA downgrade and then eventually end the Chancellors Pregame Party for UCLA season ticket holders before the USC game yet continues to hold a lavish party at the pool area south of the Masoleum for non-season ticket holders?

  • localbruin

    I heard the new name will be “Pauley Pavilion at UCLA presented by Five Guys Burgers”. Please deny this and give us an update on the revamped food offerings contemplated for next year.

  • bibs

    Happy New Year Jon,
    What can you tell us about the three players that Mora dropped on his first day on the job?Does this begin a new era of accountability?

  • bibs

    Were the Nelson’s carbon copies of each other?

  • Shaboom

    Jon: There is a great difference in blog styles between you and Scott Wolf. How is your relationship with him? Do you two get together often to discuss teams and sports in general? Do you ever compare/discuss blog activity and concepts?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, if Tebow leads the Bronco to a Super Bowl win will do you a Tebowing and put it on your Youtube page?

  • PUSC 3

    Is it true Inoke Breckterfield is leaving to coach somewhere else next season?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, Any official word from UCLA on the outgoing coaches? Obviously they are gone, but usually there is some comment on them leaving, but so far it seems like the university is just trying to forget them and hope that no one notices?

  • San Diego Therapist

    It’s not like Neuhesial was a big advocate for the “over the wall” day etc. Mora is talking about changing the culture, but wasn’t Neuhesial also trying to do that? Was he just ineffective or didn’t care or was it just beyond his control? What happened?

  • bibs

    I think that Breckterfield was kept for recruiting;what does his new position mean?

  • The EDGE

    Please give us your best guess, on Shabazz choosing UCLA vs all others. Thx.

  • Tim

    Can you interview Jim Mora regarding what he is looking for in the students he is recruiting. What is seeking from the student he is recruiting besides their physical ability. Has he requested any “grace” from admissions for students that are on the edge academicically?

  • Saban

    After the BCS game, it was refreshing to hear Saban say that he had to trust his Sophmore QB. Everyone expected Richardson to carry the ball 20+ times but, when there’s 8 in the box you have to take what the defense gives.

    I think one of CRN’s big downfalls was his conservative play calling and not trusting his QBs who never developed.

    Which QB sets up best for Mazonne’s shsort passing game?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the deal with Josh Shaw, CB from Florida transferring to UCLA and then not able to get into the school? What requirement was not met?

  • Anonymous

    Do you have any insight into the Angus McClure/Inoke Breckterfield swap? I found Inoke’s retention on staff puzzling considering the general underperformance of the defensive line during the season (with some improvement toward the end).

  • Kevin

    What do you make of the new DL coach’s ability to coach such a crucial position?

  • UCLA ’64

    Hey Jon,
    I keep hearing blabbing about Ismael Adams in that he’s reconsidering his commitment to UCLA. Is there any truth to that rumor? Also, what’s the status of Havi Lutui? Thanks and Happy New Year.

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    When will the Pac 12 Network begin? And who will carry it and how mush will cost.

  • pikachu

    Does the movement of Breckterfield to football operations affect the recruitment of the Hawaii players (Wooching, Lakalaka, Fairbairn)?