Carroll, Nelson, Flowers dismissed from football team

The first three axes have fallen.

UCLA head coach Jim Mora announced the dismissal of three football players – rising senior wide receiver/defensive back Randall Carroll, rising sophomore tight end Raymond Nelson and rising redshirt sophomore defensive end Wesley Flowers – on Monday morning, soon after holding his first team meeting of the new year.

“At UCLA, we have a high set of standards that we expect every student-athlete to adhere to,” Mora said in a release. “Unfortunately, these three gentlemen choose not to do so.”

Carroll, who converted to defensive back from wide receiver late in the season, was one of the highest profile recruits of the Rick Neuheisel era, but is no longer enrolled at UCLA because of a failure to “meet academic requirements,” a school release said. Carroll had 15 receceptions for 242 yards as a true sophomore in 2010, coming on strong toward the end of the season. He had a standout spring session but seemed to lose confidence during fall camp and finished with just three catches for 34 yards this season. The No. 13 wideout in the class of 2009 – who spurned USC to pick UCLA – finished his career with 21 catches for 297 yards and two touchdowns.

Nelson and Flowers, meanwhile, were both dismissed from the program for a violation of team rules. Nelson, who was sent home early from the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, played in eight games as a true freshman, while Flowers has not seen any action.

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  • Wow..what a shame. I remember the day when Carroll committed back in 2009..I was beyond excited. I guess it serves as a lesson to us fans to never get too excited about a big time recruit.. – check it out, spread the word.

  • BSKB

    This is quite the surprise. It looks like Mora is committed to changing the culture in Westwood after all. I’m sorry to see these guys go, but I trust the reasons were good.

  • BSKB

    I just realized the family connection, first Reeves and now Raymond. Not a good year for the Nelson family.

  • Reformed Droog

    The first thought through my head was that Coach Wooden would have approved, and if we’re not striving to live by Coach Wooden’s standards, we’re already failing.

    I feel bad for these kids, but they are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions.

  • Anonymous

    wow, hopefully he is cleaning up in the right spots. I like the bold move as long as the team buys into it as well.

  • BruinBall

    I wonder if Brehaut will be around next season?

  • Parent

    Randy was said to be transferring at least 2 weeks ago. He wants to play receiver. I am not sure if this is a UCLA spin but a couple of us knew it. There was talk of a few others transferring but we will see. The wide receiver coach Yarber is a done deal.

  • “Rising” senior wide receiver Randall Carroll? How can he be rising with only three catches in his junior year? I believe the more appropriate adjective would have been “disappointing.”
    That being said, I was a Carroll fan and I’m bummed it didn’t work out for either side. Good luck Randall.

  • rising is not in relation to talent, but year. He is no longer a junior in terms of eligibility. He is a rising senior.

  • MichaelRyerson

    This is part of the internal dynamic that is largely hidden from us casual observers. Some of this is rightfully private and we will never know the whole story but I think it’s clear many of us have been unhappy with the lackadaisacal attitude the team seems to display so often. For my money, we’re better off with fewer primadonnas and more bluecollars.

  • Coach Thom

    Great move by Coach Jim. Get rid of the trouble makers and underachievers. Make room for the players who want to enhance the program through hard work, dedication, and accountability.

  • Thanks for the explanation Jon–I haven’t heard it phrased that way.

  • Marc

    What does this do to available scholarships? Does UCLA now have three additional scholarships to give out this recruiting class?


    you know Randall Carroll personally, some of these comments are unfounded. Academics aside, he worked his ass off for the UCLA Football team AND the UCLA Track team. He gave his off time toward community activities. He’s a really great person, if you KNOW him.

  • BN Sucks

    I don’t doubt he’s a great person. Bottom line..he didn’t cut it…in the class and on the field.

  • nocampus

    Easy now. I dispised some of RC’s tweets but have some class and wish him the best in his future endeavors and let it be. It’s done.

  • post move

    Anyone who watched Carroll in high school knew he would make a better DB. UCLA didn’t run an offense that used his speed and Prince couldn’t get him the ball.

  • Bruin Gold

    Go Coach Mora!

    Cut out the cancers to the Bruin Football Program.

    Bring in discipline, responsibility, accountability and a hard-nosed attitude.

    Go Coach Mora!

    Go Bruins!