UCLA hoops notes

* UCLA took three days off and will return to practice today.

* David Wear has soreness in his left calf after it was hit during the Arizona State game.

* Ben Howland on Joshua Smith turning the corner:
“It was one game, but I thought he had a good week going into that week – I was disappointed he couldn’t play against Arizona. We need Josh to play as he did saturday. He was very inspired. He played really hard, with a little animation.”

* Howland on the play of the Wears against Arizona/Arizona State:
“Just more physical on both ends of the floor. Defensively, (they were) bumping bodies and blocking out agressively. I thgought the same thing about them posting up, they did a real good job of posting up and being really agressive going to the basket.”

* Howland on the advantage of playing so close to USC so often:
“Yeah, but we haven’t been playing at the Galen Center. It’s a big difference. They’re going to have all their fans there and we’re going to get what, a couple hundred tickets?”

* Howland on Norman Powell’s inconsistency:
“He’s a freshman. He’s learning and he’s figuring things out. You get to conference, and it’s a different level. The level is raised even higher because of intensity.”

* Howland on Powell’s dunking abilities:
“I don’t care about that, but he is definitely our best dunker. He really is. He has a great body. One thing about being a freshman, he’s learning a lot – but he also has this body that doesn’t wear down. He has this live, active body.”

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  • OCBrewin

    I haven’t seen Powell dunk, but if he is going to be the next Human Highlight Film, all I can say is “Norman, bring it on!” We need some electricity out there. The Wears are fine, but what they need from time to time is some infusion of passion, like Westbrook had, Mata Real had, Love had, etc. Even Zidek had that “priiiiddde” out there. So Norman, when you get your chances to play, do us and the team a favor – throw some down and get that team pumped up!!!!!

  • venividivicibj

    coulpe hundred of tickets? isn’t that what we have for every game? seems like it

  • bruinbiochem06

    That’s why I’ll be buying a USC ticket and cheering for the BRUINS!!!