Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) More of a request than a question, but assuming Sal Alosi is in fact the new S&C coach, is there any way you can write a story about the specific lifts/drills that he employs that are different than what we’ve been doing under Lin? Our team looked big this year, but along with that they looked incredibly stiff and slow. Not looking for Bodybuilder.com level of detail on the splits and everything, but definitely something more in depth than the “we’re focussing on explosive strength” quotes that you always see in interviews with S&C coaches. Given how important S&C coaches are (there’s a quote floating around from Kirby Smart saying Alabama’s S&C coach is the 2nd most important coach to Saban), I think this would be very interesting. – FLBruin
Yes, I’m definitely interested in the dedication to the strength and conditioning program now that the UCLA football team has its own strength coach. That kind of change cannot be understated. I think it will make a difference, and Alosi is obviously one in the best in the world at what he does. We’ll see if he can toughen up some soft SoCal kids, but that sounds like a good story.

2) Jon, Two Fat Guys Talking Football has been a big hit–any chance we will be seeing Two Guys Talking Basketball? I really hope so. – Lifelong Bruin Fan
We debuted Just Two Round Guys Talkin’ Roundball earlier this week, and it was tons of fun. Literally, tons.

3) How would you assess brett hundley’s progress this year? more specifically, how would you rate his ability to throw a consistently accurate, catchable pass….compared to, say, brehaut and prince — or, for that matter, brock osweiler? i know brett has smarts and a big arm, but does he have what it takes to excel in mazzone’s spread offense? – anonymous
Hundley made good progress this year, but I do wonder how far along he would’ve been simply with those weeks lost to the knee injury. I doubt he’ll be playing much more basketball. Brehaut is still the far, far, far better passer than the other two, and I would not be surprised if Mazzone turned him into some kind of one-year wonder. Hundley’s issues are recognition and patience, and that comes with time. Only a select few quarterbacks can come in and be so poised behind a relatively poor offensive line. To me the worst thing that could happen to Hundley would be to rush his progress, because when it does click for him, it’s going to cliiiick.

4) What’s the biggest diffefence notice between Nue and Mora? Do you get a feeling off the bat that things feel and seem different? – ucla34
Things definitely feel different. Mora is a lot more intense, and a lot more non-nonsense. The key will be to see if he sets a standard for behavior then makes the kids live up to it. Neuheisel had a standard, but he let a lot of things slide.

5) Do you think Hundley most likely starts next year and is KP most likely done as starting QB? – ucla34
I think it will come down to Brehaut and Hundley.

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  • Anonymous

    Definition of reporter:A person who reports, esp. one employed to report news
    Definition of literally: Exactly
    Definition of ton: A unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds
    Definition of tons: Multiple of ton

    Conclusion of quote: “it was tons of fun. Literally, tons. ” : The total weight of these two guys talking roundball was equivalent to or exceeded 4,000 pounds.


  • Mike H class of 90

    Definition of joke: Anonymous posts

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MikeH: LMAO

  • Reformed Droog

    Years ago, I loaded up my truck with household junk and took it to the Santa Monica dump. They weigh the vehicle before and after to see how much to charge you. While waiting to check out, I noticed that as I stepped on the scale next to my truck, it went up 0.1 tons. That’s when a horrible realization hit me that I weighed over a tenth of a ton.

    And that’s the story of the day I officially retired my glory days…

  • The MacLeaner

    Droog – sounds like it shoulda been the day you retired the Ding Dongs šŸ™‚

  • Reformed Droog

    Actually, my vice was always fried chicken…