Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • The Blur


    Any grumblings about regrets over choosing to play at the Sports Arena this year?

  • Anonymous

    Of the football recruits for next year, which are you most excited about, and are you concerned that any of those will flip before signing day?

  • bibs

    Why is it taking Mora so long to sign a defensive coordinator?Any reason why Mike Johnson wasn’t retained?

  • I started my own ucla football blog, uclafball.com about 3 weeks ago…does that make us enemies?

  • Medic

    Seems like a number of the BB guys got concussions in practice this season. How did they get them?

  • Cynic

    What is Howland’s status for next season?

  • Anonymous

    Can we assume at this point, that if Dicky Brehaut plays baseball this spring at UCLA he won’t play football at UCLA next fall?

  • Anonymous

    Does having Brett Hundley on the team keep future QB recruits away, such as a Devin Fuller?

  • Anonymous

    Did Rahim Moore’s years at UCLA prepare him for Saturday’s annihilation and disappointment?

  • Anon

    Can you give us an idea of who is in the running for DC? Please add any opinion of what they bring to the table as DC.


    Whats new with Honeycutt and Lee… why don’t either of them ever play?

  • Anonymous

    Jon is the UCLA beat writer. Not the former UCLA players beat writer. If you want to know about Lee and Honeycutt then look them up yourself.

  • BruinRogue

    What will happen first in 2012: a top 10 5-star recruit commits to UCLA basketball or a top 10 5-star recruit commits to UCLA football? Or the apocalypse?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, Here’s hoping Mora bucks the recent trend and gets the best players on the field ASAP. Which players in your tenure as beat writer would you have played from the jump rather than redshirting or tethering to the sideline? Thanks

  • DC in LA

    Regarding last year, do you believe was the root cause: was it was a lack of talent, a lack of lack of heart, bad coaching or something else?

  • Anonymous

    Any word on Patriots Coach Pepper Johnson as DL/DC, any thoughts ?

  • triplethreat88

    Who is getting the start at PG next year, Kyle Anderson or Larry Drew?? Do you expect Anderson/Adams to start immediately?

  • Anonymous

    Any word on how larry drew is looking in practice?

  • spedjones

    Jon – you don’t seem much into the recruiting game. Dohn was all over it. Why?


    Jon- Coach Mora and staff are doing real well on the recruiting front. Got some talent coming in for next year, relentlessly pursuing more…However, we seem to be over the limit for spots (so I’ve read). With “big names”still on the table, if we sway more verbals, how can we manage scholarships?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Which defines Da’End?
    1). JC transfers usually struggle academically in UC system
    2). His injury really is a bad boo-boo
    3). Injury “worse” after realizing behind Zeke, Lamb, Jerime & Powell
    4). Leaving as next yr. behind Lamb, Drew3, Powell, Anderson & Adams

  • Anonymous


    How many times a day do you think the Bruinsnation editors fellate each other?

  • Tim

    Jon: How upset is Howland with Josh Smith’s lack of fitness? With the training table I assume is availble for UCLA athletes, shouldn’t he have been in much better shape than he was as a freshman?

  • Russ

    Hi Jon, With the way UCLA is now receiving commits for 2012 they will greatly (at least at this point) exceed the allotted 25. How can UCLA stay within the NCAA guidelines and honor (based on a scholarship)the commits from the kids?

  • timeout

    Ben Howland loves to call timeouts when the Bruins are gaining momentum. Is this because there’s a t.v. timeout coming and therefore uses the timeout to rest his starters or is it that he wants to setup his defense to get a stop and continue the momentum? do you know what the stats reflect in terms of how well the team performs after these timeouts.

  • Cookie monster

    First, a thought experiment: Stand up Pete Carroll here as one version of a successful PAC 10 coach, the stand up Jim Harbaugh over there as someone with a different style but similar results. Now draw a line between the two. Question: where does Mora Jr. fit in this continuum?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon, you are on the practice field, we are not. But with all due respect, how do you see any edge for Brehaut given his “Over the Wall” mentality of a bowl game suspension/baseball choices now mixing with Mora’s more hard-nosed style of coaching?

  • mariodileo

    What happened with the Hawaiian placekicker Ka’imi Fairburn’s recruitment? He had verbally committed to the Bruins, and now lists Cal as his leader. We are in dire need of a PK since Kip Smith is suffering from a case of Hong-chi Kuo…

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Jon, happy to see you are doing the basketball video segment! But no shout out for coming up with the title? What’s up with that, round guy?

  • Anonymous


    We all know that coaches are not permitted to talk about recruits until they sign a national letter of intent. However, every time UCLA gets a new recruit to commit to UCLA coach Klemm virtually announces it with his “8 Clap” tweets. I realize that just saying “8 Clap” isn’t talking about an individual recruit but his most recent one, “”8 CLAP!!!!! My boy Meat doin’ work” comes very close.

    An NCAA violation, as we’ve seen, is in the eye of the NCAA. Could the NCAA determine that Klemm’s Tweets are a violation of NCAA policy and the result be a UCLA sanction?

  • nocampus

    How many scholarships are available? How many commitments are there? How are more scholarships opened up? I don’t think they can pull scholarships from underperforming students as long as they meet practice reqs and academic reqs. How does it all work out?

  • vvvbj

    what happened to conor mcdermott (didn’t he go to a JC?) and our projects (will oliver)? How did Will do on the scout team, and is Conor still coming to UCLA?

  • goforit

    What do you envision A. Barr’s role to be next year? Can you see him as a beasting LB in the 3-4 scheme? Also, at what position do you see McCarthy excelling on the DL?

  • Anonymous

    How much accountability can be assigned to one player? I contend that Joshua Smith is personally responsible for UCLA’s dud of a season. If he had entered the season in shape, prepared, and focused, and played the way we all know he could and should, there’s no way UCLA goes 0-2, and they probably pick up 1 or 2 wins from among Michigan, Texas, Standford, and Cal. So, what do you think of my contention?

  • John A

    Rumor is that Kip Smith has left UCLA. Is there any truth to that rumor?

  • Edward

    If they have any, when do UCLA’s EE’s have to sign and start classes?

  • Erik

    Do you know who the 6 to 10 that will be dropped from the team are? When will that be announced?

  • Pyperkub

    Has Coach Howland ever been asked about whether he considers the next TV Timeout/Stoppage when calling timeouts? I noticed at least 3 times during the OSU game when UCLA called timeout when the next stoppage would be a TV Timeout, and in many cases those timeouts could have been saved.