UCLA gets the clap again

UCLA’s 2012 recruiting class seems to be overflowing, with the Bruins picking up another verbal commitment this weekend from speedy running back Fabian Moreau.

It’s 2013 group, though, is just getting started.

First Westlake High’s electric running back/defensive back Dashon Hunt. Now it appears he’ll have a backfield mate.

Lassiter (Ga.) High quarterback Eddie Printz has verbally committed to UCLA, flipping from SMU, where he was recruited by Adrian Klemm. Klemm took to Twitter once more with an 8-clap – his Twitter has been pretty busy recently – but undoubtedly Printz’ high school teammate, UCLA linebacker commit Kenny Orijoke, had some sway as well.

Printz, who has several offers from SEC schools and others along the East coast, has a very fluid throwing motion and should be a fit in the Noel Mazzone offense. On his most recent film, which has no sound (awkward), he delivers two perfect deep out routes, a difficult throw in terms of timing and accuracy.

He could be a good one. Plus, you know, he was really good in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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  • Anonymous

    Ucla gets the clap? Wow Jon

  • Anonymous

    Too funny. He’s a Trojan. Even their uniform has the same color scheme.

  • Coach Thom

    This kid looks the real deal. Good reads, pocket presence, quick delivery, arm strength, accuracy, good throwing mechanics, height, some mobility. Great get. Welcome, Eddie!

  • MPP Bruin

    Can we avoid any references to UCLA getting STDs? I don’t think that’s setting the bar too high.

  • Bruintx

    Again?? Damn, I guess that what happens when you hang out with those $C song girls. And since its a new year, I’m going to have to start payin’ my deductible again!

    Well, at least Printz looks like he already has an awesome arm!! Lets hope nobody entices him away…

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha….Just perfect. He’s wearing #7!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It sucks getting the clap again, but Bellepheron’s mom is soooooooo worth it.

  • Anonymous
  • Bruin Gold

    Yay! A Quarterback who could be great! A Running back who could be good!

    Yay, Coach Mora and the coaching team at UCLA!

  • Anonymous

    hate to be that guy, but I hear he is overrated

  • Maze

    @Anonymous 2:49 PM

    I’m sure you do hate being “that guy”, Anonymous. Happens a lot though, huh? Dates back to elementary school, I bet.

    I hear that anyone who posts as “Anonymous” is a coward, B(a)N or trOJan troll.

  • Kid’s got a great arm!

  • Once a Trojan, always a Bruin.