Ben Howland teleconference

UCLA head coach Ben Howland on the team’s defense against Oregon State:
“It’s just disappointing. When you watch it on film, our stance off the ball, our help, there was no sense of urgency. Our intensity wasn’t where we needed it to be.

On today’s light practice:
“We have a number of guys who played major minutes. We watched film for about an hour. Hopefully we’ll learn from that. And we’ll obviously go through Oregon stuff. These early games on Saturday are tough because you don’t have the preparation time.”

On Thursday’s unexpected defensive lapse:
“We’ve been getting better defensively. Especially the last three games, we’d done a good job defensively. To turn around and not have the kind of defesnvie showing we’d had the last two weeks was disappointing. The main thing is giving great effort.”

On Anthony Stover playing more:
“Stove did a good job when he was in there. He’s played some minutes in each of our last games. It’s definitely siomething I need to look at.”

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