Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) Any grumblings about regrets over choosing to play at the Sports Arena this year? – The Blur
I haven’t heard much in terms of “regrets” but you have to think that they can’t be satisfied with the crowds they’ve gotten so far. It’s pretty barren.

2) Of the football recruits for next year, which are you most excited about, and are you concerned that any of those will flip before signing day? – Anonymous
The day I get excited about a recruit is the day I know I’ve gone over to the dark side. Obviously Ellis McCarthy would be the prize of this class, but I’m interested to see Ishmael Adams. I like his game and his personality, and I think he can be a crucial piece for the Bruins in the pass-happy Pac-12.

3) I started my own ucla football blog, uclafball.com about 3 weeks ago…does that make us enemies? – Bruinfan
I must end you now. End you. Now.

4) Seems like a number of the BB guys got concussions in practice this season. How did they get them? – Medic
I think they accidentally played with a medicine ball instead of a basketball. Gotta keep your head on a swivel.

5) What is Howland’s status for next season? – Cynic
Not in doubt, barring some kind of epic collapse.

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  • BSKB

    I wanted to endorse the UCLAfball.com site. There is some good stuff in there. Lot’s of interesting coverage in a unique way, looking at what happened to touted recruits or players who transferred out. Reviews of individual player output and so on. I’m sure many of this blog’s readers would enjoy it.

  • Ley

    Is it me or is Josh Smith just going through the motions, because he looks as if he’s just hanging out on the floor?? Is it me or is Mora really sticking his chest out with this recruiting class/changing the culture/coach hirings and showing that he is in it to win it and just not in it for a coaching gig???

    Just askin.