It’s ALL on the line – my feature on Adrian Klemm and his toughest task

Hey guys, check out my long, long, long feature on UCLA’s most glaring weakness for almost two decades and the men who set out to fix it, and fast: The Line of Demarcation

Some great stuff from Adrian Klemm and Jim Mora in here regarding the offensive line.

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  • tomas

    Excellent article, JG. Well done.

  • mindshed

    Is recruiting big uglies really such unconventional wisdom that we needed to bring Klemm in to blaze the trail?

  • Apparently.

  • FLBruin

    One of the best articles you’ve written, and one of the best anybody has written about the FB program. Awesome job — and more like this, please.

  • GlueEater

    Wow that was long. Still good though.

  • Anonymous

    Good job. I like the article

  • 50-0


  • From the Office of the Pac-10, I mean 12

    Long rough road is right:

    Not only no All-American OLmen since Kris Farris in ’98, only three All-conference first teamers since then:

    Andy Meyers,og; and Shawn Stuart, c in ’99
    Mike Saffer,og in ’02.

    From our desk in Walnut Creek…only way to describe the Bruin OL in the past decade—MAC conference ready!!!

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    But can he coach? SMU #101 in rushing offense and #87 in sacks allowed. Not exactly great stats for a team playing in CUSA or WAC, whereever they are now. I understand it’s partially the system but still… I have some concerns, even UCLA had better sacks against stats last year.

  • captainqtp

    Jon, this one of the best articles you’ve done. Thank you!

  • DbDan

    One of the best articles I’ve seen from you Jon. Great Job


    Outstanding article, Jon!

  • Bruintx

    I love what is being said… lets hope Klemm and Mora can back up that talk with action! We’ve been led down the garden path for so many years now that I think we’re (fans) all a bit cynical these days. Keeping my fingers crossed though!

  • Roose Bolton

    One detail that needed to be mentioned was the fact that UCLA had 4 different Oline coaches in four years from 2005 to 2008. It’s not all on the players or the recruiting but the Athletic Dept. Cable was OC and OL coach and he was getting chump change. The program has been in neglect for years.