Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    From your view as the beat report, are UCLA football fans suffering from premature optimism or is there a real sense that the Mora hire is a real, though unproven, turning point?

  • Marv

    will you elaborate on facilities.., I’ve heard Oregon has a motion detection room with life- size film of defenses for qb’s to practice in.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a student and I often see football players working out in the Wooden Center- do they not have their own weight room? Or, are they limited from using the training facility?

  • Anonymous

    Your writing is excellent and I really enjoy the way you cover all UCLA sports. Do you have an ultimate goal as far as your career? Would hate to lose you and your covering of the Bruins.

  • romeojam

    Much was made of Reeves Nelson’s departure from the hoops team, and it reminded much of when Drew Gordon was kicked off the team. However, Reeves was given another chance to make-up for his mistakes and rejoin the team, whereas Drew was not given the same second chance? What do you make of Howland’s different approach to handling the two similar instances?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think some recruits treat the recruiting process as a game to attract attention from different schools by committing and then backing out of their commitment? Do you believe any of UCLA’s recruits will renege on their commitment before signing day? Thanks for your excellent work.

  • Vvvbj

    How are Will Oliver and Conor McDermott and some of our other projects doing?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    Are switching to a 3-4 defense? Can you run a story on the change?

    Is Anthony Barr moving to OLB? Especially with the change in offensive and defensive philosophy any other position moves you have heard about?

    In the NFL NT are about 330lbs or more. Even in college you’d think that guy should be about 315 or so. Who will be the NT on the current roster? Most DT we have on the roster (Marsh, Willis, Carter) would fit more at 3-4 DE and are not large enough to be a 3-4 NT even in college.

    The toughest position to recruit in college is DT. In a 3-4 the NT is even harder to find and the 3-4 DE a lot of times would be a DT in a 4-3. Will we be able to recruit enough bulk to play with a 3-4 front? Is this a smart switch since now we essentially have to fill 3 DT spots instead of 2?

    What do you expect the depth chart to look like for the front 7 in a 3-4?

  • Vvvbj

    Wgat do you think of Manfro? Will he make a difference, or is he more of a scout team player?

  • localbruin

    How would Kevin Prince react if you jokingly referred to him as a clown? Say for example you make the following statement to him: “Hey Kevin, who’s going to start a QB next year, you or that other clown?”

  • rejn

    Did Jeremy Castro flip to UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    Jon u have been getting a lot of love from bruinsnation lately. R u on board with the Dan Guerrero must go campaign?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    Can we get an update on Dietrich Riley? Will he be back with the team in 2012?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    I see that Fabian Moreau was changed from RB to WR on scout. Any of our other RB or DB prospects being recruited as a WR?

  • mcnowner

    Hi Jon,

    Do you think Jim Harbaugh and Jim Mora to be similar? I find their personalities, toughness, and inner fire/competitiveness to be similar. What do you think?

  • Anonymous


    We all know that coaches are not permitted to talk about recruits until they sign a national letter of intent. However, every time UCLA gets a new recruit to commit to UCLA coach Klemm virtually announces it with his “8 Clap” tweets. I realize that just saying “8 Clap” isn’t talking about an individual recruit but his most recent one, “”8 CLAP!!!!! My boy Meat doin’ work” comes very close.

    An NCAA violation, as we’ve seen, is in the eye of the NCAA. Could the NCAA determine that Klemm’s Tweets are a violation of NCAA policy and the result be a UCLA sanction?

  • bruincheerleader

    way tooooo soon i know, but, any idea who might be considered the NEXT UCLA men’s basketball coach of howland tanks even further this year?…just asking?…thanks…

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Malcolm Lee knew his knee was going to be an issue for the future and that contributed to his jumping to the NBA early?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    It seems somewhat likely that basketball finishes the season at around 13-18 and 8th place in a down year in the PAC 12. That would be 50-47 with two 18 loss seasons over the past three years. In your opinion is that a far enough fall for Dan Guerrero to consider letting coach Howland go?

  • spedjones

    Treggs, Shittu and Seymour – who do we get?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    Will Angus McClure stay on as DL coach or is he there as a recruiter until after signing day when he will be moved to a non-coaching position and replaced?

  • OCJohnM

    Owa Odighizuwa was highly touted out of high school and called a “freak” by you. However, so far he hasn’t had much of an impact on the D-Line. What do you attribute that to and what will it take for him to live up to his potential?

  • bibs

    Which of the current players do you think will lose their scholarships in order to bring in all of the players who have committed to play for us? Is there another way to keep some of the current players rather than taking away their scholarships?

  • Anonymous


    Does Mora plan to do anything different in the summer with regard to promoting Junior Days to bring younger guys to the campus?

    Also, how many more will be “asked” to leave the program before signing day?

  • lbcbruin

    Mr. Gold,

    We’re hearing things about from Mora about a pro style offense, an offense that is flexible, but Mazzone is a spread guy. Do you beleive Mazzone will “tweak” his offense while he’s at UCLA? Would you consider what Mazzone runs a “flexible pro style offense”? What do you think we are going to see?

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the basketball program?


    What happened to Reeves Nelson, have you (or anyone else from the media) talked to him since he was dismissed from the team? What are his plans?

  • Shaboom

    If a recruit sends in his LOI and he later finds out that 2 or 3 higher rated recruits have also sent in theirs, can he rescind his LOI? If not, what recourse does he have?

    Applying this same scenario to the school, what is their procedure when they want or need to reject a LOI? And where does this rejection leave the recruit? I don’t see this happening with UCLA but it seems like it might be inevitable at USC.


    Why do bRuin trolls find it necessary to troll USC’s blog, make fun of Mario Danello dying, and low $#!T like that? You bruins are a pathetic waste of space and your football program is a joke. Hiring Jim Lessa isnt going to change the fact that you’re a doormat in a soft Pac12.


    Oh and to answer SpedJones, you wont get any of the 3. What are you doing here? Arent you supposed to be trolling the USC blog, you worthless pile of cow dung.

  • BruinInSeattle

    There are other blogs out there that are calling for Howland’s head (after they mount Guerrero’s on a post first). I like Howland and think he is great for UCLA and will work out whatever kinks are preventing him from reaching the top. What is your take? Do you think Howland will eventually reach the promised land and hang another banner? Or is there some fundamental flaw with Howland that prevents him from rising above a certain level (apparently Final Fours)? Should UCLA look for another coach or stick with the one they have?

  • JJA42


    First, thanks for the hard work. Did any of the commits enroll early? The quarter started a couple of weeks ago, I believe, but I do not recall seeing any news on this. If no one did, I believe that as of 7:10 pm on 1/23 we are three over the limit(with what I am sure is a hope by the staff that we still land other commits). Is that the current math?


    @ FOTV
    LMAO!!!! I think they do it to get this kind of reaction from you and the other trolls. I do not agree with anyone making fun of someones death. Aside form that, I hope they continue pissing you off. Its very entertaining to me.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    @CheatOnToVictory: Nothing wastes more pathetic space than USC hoops. That is, other than O.J. in his prison cell, of course.

  • bibs

    We have a soft verbal from a kicker from Hawaii.What is our status with a kicker for the coming season? Is Smith able to come back?Is there any way to delete non questions from SUC trolls who have nothing to do with their time and lack the vocabulary to ask a decent question?

  • nocampus

    You don’t answer any of my questions…i’m hurt.

  • Jonathan

    Hypothetically, if UCLA basketball has a losing season this year, making it two losing seasons in the past three years, how could Guerrero possibly retain Howland, especially given the number of promising coaching candidates (Josh Pastner, Scott Drew, Brad Stevens) that could potentially take over? Even Lavin didn’t have as many losing seasons. The only way I see a reprieve is if he can recruit Shabazz to come to Westwood.

  • post move

    It’s apparent that Josh Smith is not physically or mentally prepared to play at this level. Why is Howland not giving Stover and Lane more minutes?

    Howland needs to ask himself, WWWD (What would Wooden do)? when it comes to player management. Coach would have never tolerated Nelson’s behavior or Smiith’s lack of conditioning.

  • Semi-Pro

    post move: Coach Wooden also coached in an era where players stayed in school all 4 years, and didn’t transfer to another school when their coach cut their playing time. It’s an entirely different game today and an entirely different culture.

  • Anonymous

    There’s been several football decommits in the last week or two. Do you know if these are more a result of the kids just flat out liking other places more than ucla or if its just part of mora trimming down the incoming class (as far as I know, all the kids that have decommited were neuheisal recruits)?


    Jon, why has AD Dan Guerrero recently become referred to as “Chianti” Dan on various other websites?

  • LA Dan

    It looks like a great recruiting season for football, however, I am hearing that we are waaay our scholarship limit of 85.

    1) Is that true?
    2) What is our limit for this year?
    3) If this is true, do you know the plan to get back to 85?

  • BruinAficionado

    Jon, nuclear scenario.

    First to go: BH or DG?

  • cj003

    There’s always talk about UCLA’s football facilities being subpar. Is it just the practice field or is it something else? If it is something else why cant we build up because there is a “lack of space?”


    Hello Jon,
    Facilities: any plans for upgrading Spaulding Field before Spring Practice? We would also be interested in any knowledge regarding the so-called “long-term feasibility study?

  • Mitchell

    Hey jon!

    There’s been some chatter about how Noel Mazzone didn’t really use a TE at ASU, and what that means specifically for our TE-extraordinaire Joseph Fauria. Do you think Noel’ll find a way to incorporate Fauria because of his ability? Or what exactly is keeping Fauria from moving to a WR position? We know he has great hands and, but is he not fast enough to be a big, bad WR in the mold ala Vincent Jackson? Thanks!


  • Anonymous

    How do you view twitter with respect to your position at daily news covering the bruins? Today cowherd mentioned his view of it as somewhat of a tool related to his job, but his job is very different than yours, so please share. He talked about how often he uses it, how it can help him, etc.

  • DC in LA

    Klemm was named the top “non-BCS recruiter” in the country by Rivals.com. What does that mean? Is there such as thing as top BCS recruiter? Whats the difference?


  • rejn

    What are you hearing on the Quarterbacks Sudfeld and Fuller? Either one of them a real option to come to UCLA, or did the two verbals last week eventually send them elsewhere? Is Fuller being recruited as a QB or an athlete? If Sudfeld or Fuller come, is that too many QBs bunched up within a year or two of each other?

  • Anonymous

    do you get the feeling that jeremy castro’s flip to ucla was just a knee-jerk reaction to kelly leaving? Does he ultimately flip back to oregon or does he stick with ucla?

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    Will Kip Smith be back with the team in 2012?

  • IslansBruin

    I was pleasantly surprised when UCLA gave a scholie to Steven Manfro. Do you think he fits into any of the current teams plans?


    Did Wooching decommit hurt UCLA or do you think Mora wasnt looking at him the way Rick was?