Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) Jon: How upset is Howland with Josh Smith’s lack of fitness? With the training table I assume is availble for UCLA athletes, shouldn’t he have been in much better shape than he was as a freshman? – Tim
I can tell you that everyone is disappointed, including Smith himself. But until some habits change, major work is not going to be done.

2) Hi Jon, With the way UCLA is now receiving commits for 2012 they will greatly (at least at this point) exceed the allotted 25. How can UCLA stay within the NCAA guidelines and honor (based on a scholarship)the commits from the kids? – Russ
Early entries, grayshirts, current commits going elsewhere. They’ll figure it out somehow.

3) First, a thought experiment: Stand up Pete Carroll here as one version of a successful PAC 10 coach, the stand up Jim Harbaugh over there as someone with a different style but similar results. Now draw a line between the two. Question: where does Mora Jr. fit in this continuum? – cookie monster
Umm. If the A vortex is parallel to the x axis, then the Mora fits in with the Q parallelogram. If you’re asking who Mora more closely resembles, from first glance I’d say Harbaugh. More intense than Carroll. But I really don’t understand the question.

4) What happened with the Hawaiian placekicker Ka’imi Fairburn’s recruitment? He had verbally committed to the Bruins, and now lists Cal as his leader. We are in dire need of a PK since Kip Smith is suffering from a case of Hong-chi Kuo… – mariodileo
Fairbairne is still verbally committed, but the class is filling up quickly and there ultimately may not be a spot.

5) We all know that coaches are not permitted to talk about recruits until they sign a national letter of intent. However, every time UCLA gets a new recruit to commit to UCLA coach Klemm virtually announces it with his “8 Clap” tweets. I realize that just saying “8 Clap” isn’t talking about an individual recruit but his most recent one, “”8 CLAP!!!!! My boy Meat doin’ work” comes very close.
An NCAA violation, as we’ve seen, is in the eye of the NCAA. Could the NCAA determine that Klemm’s Tweets are a violation of NCAA policy and the result be a UCLA sanction? – Anonymous
No players have ever been named in any of the tweets, so no violation.

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  • spedjones

    Anon must know “my boy Meat” was a reference to Coach Martin, not a recruit, right?

  • 50-0

    Any chance USC can flip Jon Gold for Scott Wolf? Now that would truly be a steal.

  • Coach Thom

    Jon is worth FIVE or maybe a THOUSAND Wolfs….or should that be ‘Wolves’? Anyway, I love Jon and his sardonic wit. Also, he is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan. I imagine Wolf follows the Raiders. Keep up the great work, Jon. I love you and so does Tim Tebow.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Oversigning is the ugly reality of big time college football. SUC and the SEC schools do it for years. I think us being 8 over on scholarships indicates to everyone on the team their job is in jeopardy if they don’t step up. You see me Richard Brehaut? We don’t need baseball players, we need 100% committed FOOTBALL players

  • anon

    @Coach Rick Neuheisal… your post actually seems like it came from Neu. I’d take Brehaut over Prince any day. Prince is all heart and no action.

  • Anonymous

    @coach rick neuheisal – what would you have said about Jackie Robinson playing 3 sports? Who cares if an athlete wants to pursue all of their options – they probably are better off for it by getting a more balanced perspective.

  • Anonymous

    Jackie Robinson excelled at playing three sports. Brehaut is mediocre at two. You really trying to compare the two?

  • Reformed Droog

    About that chart…


    (Don’t worry, it’s SFW.)

  • yvonne

    its people like anonymous spouting their unbased nastiness at a college kid working hard that makes this world quite ugly sometimes. Thank Goodness coach Mora is more intelligent.

  • BruinFaithful

    Russ and all:

    This scholie issue has been feted over ad nauseum. It is VERY simple. There are 2 numbers to focus on, the yearly limit of 25 signed scholies and the program limit of 85 scholie players on roster, unless you play for the SCheaters across town, but I digress.

    We had 17 scholies to give at the end of this year. 3 players were dismissed and I hear one more, kicker Kip Smith might be also. That would take us to 21 scholies to get to the roster limit of 85. Between now and the August deadline, certainly more players will be dismissed, transfer, medicallly redshirt, or will not have their scholie for 2012 renewed. So we will stay under that magic 85 number, while some scholies will count towards 2011, some 2012, and some 2013.

    Of the current commits, some have been told they will not qualify academically, i.e Isaiah Folasaa, and more will also. Some have decommitted for academic or other reasons, more will free up. We have at least 3 players coming in the Spring as EE and possibly more, those count towards 2011 Class. We only signed 15 players in 2011 and 1, Raymond Nelson as part of the 3 aforementioned dismissed, is already gone, so there is still plenty of room in 2011’s Class. So, any players who enroll in class by Spring Quarter, or EE’s, will count towards 2011’s total, which now stands at 14 by my count. So we can have as many as 11 players enroll by Spring Quarter and count against 2011.

    Some players will Gray Shirt and count towards 2013’s Class.

    There will also be more players on the current roster dismissed, medical retirees, and not offered a scholie this year to get us to 85. Many options and plenty of time to figure it out. They have until August to do so.

  • BruinFaithful


    WOW!!!! “My Boy Meat Doin Work” is a reference to DB Coach Demetrice Martin. How is that close to mentioning a player? Huh?

    I remember back in 2000 or 2001 Steve Lavin said, “I’ve got to go down to Redondo Beach and sign the Top 25 player in the country”, to the LA Times or something to that affect. Now that’s as close as you can get, and that wasn’t a violation. As long as you don’t mention the player by name, you’re all good. Very minor violation even if you do.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Jackie Robinson played 4 sports at UCLA! Football, basketball, baseball, track.