Howland presser Pt. 2

UCLA head coach Ben Howland on Joshua Smith:
“For him at that body fat, what he did going into his summer going into his freshman year, was got up freshman year and went (to the gym) twice a day. It was rigourous. For him, it’s a six-month process. It’s not a two-month or three-month deal.”

On Smith coming back as a sophomore:
“Part of it was such a long season the first time, going through it, so much more attention to detail, going all the way to march. All that played a difference for him. It was hard. But now he’s seeing, ‘If I don’t do that, I’m not playing to my potential.’ We all know what his potential is, but it’s still what-if?
“I still think he can be dominant for us. No question.”

On Smith’s struggles:
“Not just at the offensive end. That’s where we all think about him. But for him to continue to do a good job of rebounding and to use his size. That’s where I thought he made a number of mistakes was on the defensive side of both the Oregon and Oregon State game.”

Injury update:
David Wear practiced last two days, little soreness. But overall he’s good.
Travis Wear had sinus infection on Sunday, missed practice Monday, practiced Tuesday.
Jerime Anderson bad head cold, will practice today.
Tyler Lamb knee tendonitis should practice today.

  • localbruin

    IF Smith comes back next year he’ll be an All American. You heard it here first.

  • Jon Gold

    If he doesn’t, can I annoy you about it for the next five months at any opportunity?

  • Anonymous

    So next year he’ll show up in shape? Hahahaha!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “For him at that body fat, what he did going into his summer going into his freshman year, was got up freshman year and went twice a day.”

    Uh — what?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Local: Nation’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? Seattle Oyster-Engulfing MVP? You may want to specify just which All-American team Josh will land on. And, by “land on” I didn’t mean like Godzilla squashing folks and shit.

  • post move

    All I know is that Coach Wooden wouldn’t play anyone that out of shape.

  • MPP Bruin

    Can’t read. Basketball is just too depressing right now.

  • BSKB

    When Josh Smith comes back, he’ll be about two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Any way we can get a special dispensation for Sal Alosi to whip his lazy ass into shape?

  • localbruin

    Jon Gold, IF I escalate to hyperspace and use terms like “man among boys”, “NBA ready” and “blowing up practice” just to name a few and he’s a flop—flop—why then I suppose you’d be entitled to throw a saddle over me and trip me a few times around the track.

  • localbruin

    TO ALL THOSE RIBBING JOSH SMITH: Hear me now and fear me later. This dude can flat out play IF he chooses to. Next year will be his decision year as to go up to the NBA or not. If not, he’ll bend Pauley’s new floor boards for 2 more years and be the biggest bust at Ucla center since Stewart Gray (now that, my friends, was depressing).

    But, IF he chooses to go to the next level, he will lay waste to the Pac12 like locust lay waste to a wheat field (insert eating analogy of your choice here).