Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) What do you envision A. Barr’s role to be next year? Can you see him as a beasting LB in the 3-4 scheme? Also, at what position do you see McCarthy excelling on the DL? – goforit
I’m not sure Barr has the mentality for linebacker, but I need to see him play it first. One of UCLA’s issues at linebacker for a few years is having guys who absorb contact rather than intiate it. It won’t take long to see if Barr has that quality. And McCarthy is a defensive tackle if I’ve ever seen one.

2) How much accountability can be assigned to one player? I contend that Joshua Smith is personally responsible for UCLA’s dud of a season. If he had entered the season in shape, prepared, and focused, and played the way we all know he could and should, there’s no way UCLA goes 0-2, and they probably pick up 1 or 2 wins from among Michigan, Texas, Standford, and Cal. So, what do you think of my contention? – Anonymous
Hard to argue, based on how high his potential is.

3) If they have any, when do UCLA’s EE’s have to sign and start classes? – Edward
I believe during the winter quarter. Brett Hundley was in school last year by the 10th.

4) I’m a student and I often see football players working out in the Wooden Center- do they not have their own weight room? Or, are they limited from using the training facility? – Anonymous
The Acosta Center has a 15,000-foot weight room that is used by all 22 sports. Can’t tell you why players may work elsewhere sometimes.

5) Much was made of Reeves Nelson’s departure from the hoops team, and it reminded much of when Drew Gordon was kicked off the team. However, Reeves was given another chance to make-up for his mistakes and rejoin the team, whereas Drew was not given the same second chance? What do you make of Howland’s different approach to handling the two similar instances? – anonymous
I think disciplinary matters like these are best handled on a case-by-case basis. Gordon’s transfer was mutual, while Nelson’s was not.

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  • Anonymous

    Actually, since spring practice is during the spring quarter, UCLA had the advantage of taking early enrollees in March. See Wade Yandall from last year. Hundley enrolled in winter quarter to get an extra quarter to adjust. This advantage is one reason I think we have a legitimate shot with Armstead.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    If we are getting Armstead, let’s make sure he send in his LOI after McCarthy. That guys seems jumpy about his commitment.

  • Anonymous

    I’d workout elsewhere too if I had to climb to an elevation of 15,000 feet to get to the gym.

  • Kristen

    Wait what happened to Part 1 of the answers?

  • Semi-Pro

    I would imagine the athletes work out in the Wooden Center so they can check out the “scenery” if you catch my drift. Nothing but a bunch of other big sweaty dudes working out in Acosta.

  • Anonymous

    The football players working out at Wooden are very disappointing strength-wise. I point out a time recently when I saw Ricky Marvray lifting so little. It is no wonder they can’t block on the field. Even some of the bigger guys should be racking it up way more than they do. As a law student who doesn’t get the time to work out as much, I shouldn’t be lifting comparable or even more than these guys. I attribute a lot of these deficiencies to Mike Linn and his S&C program and some to the mentality of these guys that don’t want to work hard.

  • Lawyer Bunghole

    Anonymous Legal Eagle, if you are lifting the same as Marvray, maybe you should head out to the practice field.

  • BruinFaithful

    Marvray doesn’t need huge bulking muscles. He needs lean muscle and blocking is more technique and effort and desire than it is size. Besides, as a WR, he is typically blocking a DB, Safety, or maybe a LB.

    I agree that the conditioning program has been a HUGE disappointment, that is why Mike Linn is gone. If they are lifting in the Wooden, this is probably voluntary and as an aside to the lifting the do with the S & C Coach during morning workouts. This is probably more for conditioning and lean muscle than size and bulk. You don’t want to over do it by lifting heavy in the AM with S & C coach and then again later. This tears muscle badly.


    Can’t speak for now, but when I was in school Bruin Brawn was closed on the weekends and we had to use Wooden if we wanted to lift Sat/Sun.