Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) I see that Fabian Moreau was changed from RB to WR on scout. Any of our other RB or DB prospects being recruited as a WR? – codemonkeybruin
Taylor Lagace could get a look at wide receiver as he’s noted for his abilities on both sides.

2) Do you think Jim Harbaugh and Jim Mora to be similar? I find their personalities, toughness, and inner fire/competitiveness to be similar. What do you think? – mcnowner
There’s a different kind of energy to them. I covered Harbaugh in 2006 for the San Diego Union-Tribune when he was with USD, and he has a different kind of intensity. Mora is more simmering, more brooding, while Harbaugh is like a tasmanian devil. I do think both have the inner fire that you’re describing.

3) Do you think Malcolm Lee knew his knee was going to be an issue for the future and that contributed to his jumping to the NBA early? – Anonymous
I absolutely think that his rather frail frame and frequent bumps and bruises signified to him that his shelf life might not be as long as some others’. I also think he got some bad advice.

4} It seems somewhat likely that basketball finishes the season at around 13-18 and 8th place in a down year in the PAC 12. That would be 50-47 with two 18 loss seasons over the past three years. In your opinion is that a far enough fall for Dan Guerrero to consider letting coach Howland go? – CodeMonkeyBruin
I would be surprised if they fell that far, so I’m not going to speculate on this one.

5) Treggs, Shittu and Seymour – who do we get? – spedjones
Have the best chance with Treggs, but UCLA still has some more selling to do.

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  • ender

    You covered USD while Harbaugh was there?! Man, we dreaded everytime a Harbaugh team (notably the ones with Josh Johnson) came down to North Carolina and lit us up a new one. We didn’t get close to beating them until Jim left. Looks like they finally picked up where they left off with Carragher, notably a UCLA alum.