Dream day in Westwood for Uganda coaches

Making a cameo on the blog for what I think is a worthy tribute to John Wooden. Four coaches from Uganda were at UCLA yesterday, and they’ll be here today, to soak in all things Wooden. They are using his principles to help kids who are in desperate need of it. The power of Wooden reaches all corners of the world.

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • MichaelRyerson

    The Sports Arena is not on the USC campus.

  • Trojan 70

    Is Sam Gilbert going to be there also?

  • CrouchingBruin

    Thanks for the update, Jill. Will you be writing an in-depth article on it? Sounds like it would be interesting reading.

  • PV Bruins

    @Trojan 70

    At least they came to UCLA to learn about work and ethics… something that some of USC grads like you may not have heard about it…

  • Resource Guy

    @ Toejam70

    No, but if any of the kids from Uganda need instruction on how to murder perhaps they can seek out OJ. Or if they need instruction on urban warfare, they can just hang out around the U$C campus.

    Disgusting that you would try to take down a man who is virtually universally thought of as one of the finest human beings to walk this earth. Next you may want to take on Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King. You are a tool of the greatest order. Enjoy the sauna down in hell when you die.

  • Anonymous

    You would think someone would watch these boards for the sick comments started by an SC spammer but then with equally sick USC stuff in return

  • Trojan 70

    Resource Guy – “enjoy the sauna in hell.” Wow, must have really hit a sore spot huh? Wooden was a remarkable coach and man but he was not the second coming of Christ. He was a man with all the foibles associated with people just like you and I. I don’t know about Mother Teresa but your reference to MLK as some sort of saint is erroneous as well. His mistakes are well documented thanks to J. Edgar Hoover. Clearly, Sam Gilbert is a part of John Wooden’s legacy. Probably the only tarnish, but a tarnish nevertheless.

  • Marc


    You are a tool. I recently read an article on Yahoo News that described a couple of studies that have recently come out linking low education with conservative ideologies and racism. I get a feeling that the article may apply to you.

    In general, people, not just Bruins, hold John Wooden to a higher degree of respect along with Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and a few others. These people, who of course have short comings (they are human, after all), are regarded for their contributions to the world. They have, simply, made many lives and te whole world better for having been here on earth.

    People who disparage the lessons learned by the people mentioned fall into the category I described earlier in my post. Low intelligence, racism and a conservative ideology. Of course, your only human as an I, so we must all accept each others faults. That doesn’t mean that we need to allow you to simply drop idiocy here without calling you out for what you are; a Trogan. Nice reality series about life on usc’s campus, btw.