UCLA’s 2012 class getting Fuller

As recruit after recruit has come pouring in for UCLA, one noticeable trend was forming.

The Bruins were getting more stout on defense and certainly bigger up front, but where were the skill players?

Mora got a good one today.

Devin Fuller, the No. 3 quarterback according to Scout.com, gave UCLA his commitment today, giving the Bruins back-to-back dual-threat quarterbacks ranked in the top-five nationally.

A year after poaching Brett Hundley out of Arizona, UCLA went all the way Old Tappan, New Jersey, to reel in Fuller, also rated the No. 3 quarterback by Rivals.com and No. 7 by ESPN.com. Fuller was likely headed to Rutgers before the surprising defection of head coach Greg Schiano to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and also heavily considered heading to Arizona under new coach Rich Rodriguez.

Fuller also had offers from most of the biggest programs in the country, including Alabama, Notre Dame and Nebraska after another brilliant season. Fuller had 2,247 yards passing with 20 touchdowns and 120 rushes for 1,326 yards and 17 touchdowns (including a 15-rush, 360-yard, four-touchdown day) as a senior, a year after completing 95-of-143 passes for 1,886 yards, 20 touchdowns and five interceptions while rushing 191 times for 2,306 yards and 32 touchdowns. As a junior, Fuller was named New Jersey Old Spice Player of the Year.

Fuller, who told Scout.com, “I’d say I’m like a Michael Vick-type quarterback” – interesting, who did Mora coach with the Falcons for three years? – could eventually find another spot on the field with the Bruins, as either a wide receiver or defensive back. But he is an incredibly gifted dual-threat quarterback, and for a program that looked so thin at the position just a few weeks ago, the verbal commitments of Fuller, T.J. Millweard out of Texas and Class of ’13 QB Eddie Printz from Georgia – which is a long way away from signing day, to be sure – has definitely changed things drastically.

Here is some video on Fuller:

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  • Anonymous

    Is this confirmed? Did he pick our hat? video?

  • BSKB

    8 Clap!

  • BSKB
  • tim warren

    This is big. Some years, we had no QBs in the class, and now we have two top QBs in the same class.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    WOW fantastic news!!!

  • Bob

    Wow, Does this mean we have a full on QB competition.

    Richard B. might want to get to the batting cages and start in with a full time baseball career.

  • 40ouncezipper

    Neuheisel finally got his quarterback to run the pistol

  • Bruin Gold

    Boo Yah!

    Coach Mora and his assistant coaches are WIZARDS at recruiting.

    UCLA is getting better and better in TALENT.

    UCLA is getting better and better with ATTITUDE – guys who play Mora’s style.

    The mora, the better. UCLA needs a talent train for years to come.

    We now have 3 bonafide quarterbacks – with one the number 3 in the nation. Yahoo!

    With our offensive front line being built up, we are looking at success finally.

  • Bruin Gold

    It is sad to recall that Rick Neuheisel tried his best but still couldn’t get UCLA’s football program off the ground. There were two huge flaws:

    1. Lack of discipline, accountability, responsibility that he instilled in the players or kept in the players. He was too nice of a guy. He should have thrown out more of the players for bad attitudes.

    2. Lack of recruiting. Rick was the only one doing the recruiting. The other coaches were dog-gone poooor. This left UCLA with a talent deficit from which they could not extricate themselves. This is why UCLA often played like a high school team.

  • MPP Bruin

    I’m really starting to feel optimistic about next year. I hope that optimism will come to fruition on the field. Well done, Coach Mora.

  • Coach John Savage

    Breau Buddy,

    The handwriting is on the wall…you’re only chance at being on at the Rose Bowl is with your drunken buddies in Section 42 cheering on the 200+ rushing and passing combo from Hundley who is very concerned about the two Frosh chasing his ass.

    BTW – Spoke with Mora Jr., the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire has already locked up the holding situation.

    So ditch the doobies and com’on over to Jackie Robinson so you can get back on the field.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, Vince Howard!

  • 50-0


  • 13-9


  • Bruintx

    Dont mean to be negative Nellie, but I find it hard to believe we’re going to get all 4 of these young QB’s (Hundley plus the two 2012 commits plus the 2013 guy). Guys who come as highly rated as these guys are dont hang around to be backups. A highly touted guy may take a backseat for a year or two knowing its going to be his team when the current starter graduates or leaves for the NFL, but it looks like we might end up with too much of a log jam to me.

    I know you cant have too many good QB’s, but I’d be shocked if we got all four of these guys. I’ll be overjoyed if we can actually sign/keep 3 of these 4 guys!

    Go Mora!!

  • Bruintx

    Just watched his 2010 highlight video. Wow, this guy runs like a deer, but I’m not sure QB will be his ultimate position. I’m no expert, thats for sure, but I’d guess this guy will be looking at WR or DB if he gets to play on Sundays. I’m not saying he cant do it (play QB at the college — and pro levels), but it wouldnt surprise me if coach Mora set him on a different path… one where he can make a lot of money on Sundays! Mora coached Vick, so he’ll know the real deal when he sees it. Lets hope he signs with us on Wed and that Mora uses him in the way that both UCLA and Fuller receive maximum benefit!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    We are absolutely gonna crush SUC this year and many many more down the road. Ucla is clearly where athletes are headed to win championships and receive a world class education. Don’t know what they are selling over there, but it all seems as old as my dad’s 8-track and bell bottoms. Their class is absolutely tanking and we’re scooping up pretty much anyone we want. I cannot wait for the game, Mora and this group of recruits is just going to school those dummies.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    For what it’s worth, Scout has UCLA ranked #8 and Rivals has the Bruins at #12 for 2012 recruiting. Of course things can change drastically between now and Wednesday, but not a bad place to be.

    @Bruintx: Agreed. “Ath-a-leet” is the first thing that jumped out when watching Fuller’s vid. Mazzone’s offense is a pro-style/spread attack so passing ability is a priority.

    Go Bruins!

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Lets see if we can win 3 games in a row this season before we think we can compete with SUC. CRN got some highly recruited quarterbacks but look how that turned out. I would much rather celebrate a decent football team on the field than getting a few recruits. Lets worry about fielding a competitive football team instead of the embarassment we had over the last few years before predicting crushing SUC.

  • rockyseto

    @ucladynasty. I don’t know what drugs you take but please keep me posted. WOW.

  • MichaelRyerson

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a nerry christmas. Fun watching what promises to be a very good recruiting class form up BUT these kids haven’t played a single down of div 1 football yet and, for that matter, this coaching staff has yet to coach a single play at UCLA. Best to simmer down.

  • Anonymous

    I realize the season is a long way off, but this is where we want to be now. Look at recruiting rankings to date and look at last year’s AP final poll. If you win in the winter, you win in the fall. To all these people saying the recruits haven’t played a down of college football, well, it’s difficult to argue against the obvious. But they have played the game — and excelled at it — in the eyes of fans, scouts and coaches that offer the (rather exclusive, when you think about it) Division I offers.
    This class is nothing short of remarkable, given the state of our program, its recent W-L record and and the uncertainty of bringing in a new coaching staff.
    And this, hopefully, is only the beginning.

  • MichaelRyerson

    sure it’s hopefully the beginning but developing talent (regardless of how highly ranked) is not a foregone conclusion and changing the culture of UCLA football and, oh yeah, that little thing called actually coaching the game stands in the way of declarations of crushing ‘sc. I enjoy watching the recruiting as much as the next guy and yes this is going to be a nice class but I’m just saying some people around here are getting way out ahead of themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Diehard Bruin but I agree with the “let’s not get too excited” camp.

    Every year the Longhorns get a top-3 recruiting class and they haven’t won a championship since… well, since they worked SC in their cheeks.

  • Amillennialist

    I’m with Dynasty.

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