Fauria, Locke named top positional prospects for 2013 NFL Draft

CBSSports.com released its latest 2013 NFL Draft Prospect sheet, and UCLA was very well represented.

Tight end Joseph Fauria was ranked the No. 1 tight end, Jeff Locke is the No. 1 punter, Patrick Larimore is the No. 6, Johnathan Franklin is the No. 7 running back and Aaron Hester is the No. 13 cornerback. Eight more players are ranked in the top-100 at their respective positions.

Name / Position / Rank / School / Class / Ht. / Wt. / 40-yard dash
Datone Jones DE 23 UCLA SR 6-4 275 4.76
Kevin Prince QB 23 UCLA SR 6-2 223 4.74
Dalton Hilliard FS 25 UCLA SR 6-0 200 4.49
Sheldon Price CB 34 UCLA SR 6-1 180 4.56
Richard Brehaut QB 43 UCLA SR 6-2 226 4.82
Damien Holmes DE 52 UCLA SR 6-3 270 4.86
Andrew Abbott CB 81 UCLA SR 5-09 178 N/A

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  • Bob

    Fauria’s talent was wasted last season. I’m glad he’s getting the love he deserves. #1 in the country.

    Someone is about to wake the sleeping giant.

  • Anonymous

    How about Abbott, the former walk-on! Is Franklin really #7 in the country?

  • Anon

    hard to believe Franklin the fumbler and Hester the king of PI could ever be ranked – whoever works at CBS sports must be clueless or not seen them play.

  • Blueblood

    Cannot put any worth in a NFL draft prospect list, if they list Prince well ahead of Brehaut. Prince cannot pass if his life depended on it. Yes he can scramble but not a pro style QB. If I was Mora I would cut Prince loose for better talent. If Brehaut didn’t get hurt the Bruins would have finished with more respect heading into spring football.

  • Blitzed

    There is no way in hell Prince is possibly 23rd. How can you take a list seriously that puts him that high?

  • JoeShmo

    Another reason this list is to not be taken serious… all of these kids are in the same year. They were all juniors last year and will all be seniors this year. So why are they listed as different class levels

  • cliq

    so when does a person decide to stay or go as a junior?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Anon 5:43pm and Anon 6:01 that Franklin could be #7 with his fumbles. But I’m as surprised or more that either Prince or Brehaut could be ranked that high! hmm…

  • cv

    Who the hell makes this list? TP?

  • I love my Bruins, and I was okay with Fauria and Locke being at the top of the list, then I read on, and I saw a few more names…and even though I love these guys, my reaction was “really”? give me a break!!

  • Daniel

    There are no real Bruin fans on this post. I don’t agree with any posting past Fauria and Locke. I dont like that Hester is higher then Sheldon Price. UCLA’s DC was horrible last year and I think they’re better then they get credit for tho.

  • cedar_23

    If we had this much talent, our record sure didn’t reflect that.

  • Love the Bruins but….

    Where did the 40 times come from? Those times look awfully slow and I remember it being reported Price ran a 4.3 or something. Don’t remember Hilliard being that fast.
    This list reflects only true seniors right. No Juniors?

  • Kevin Anderson

    Obviously Hester is a 6’1 206 lb corner with sub 4.5 speed who is an excellent press corner who was 3rd in tackling on the team last season….press corners are coveted in the nfl and this yr ucla will be playing press coverage more…price and abbott aren’t better press corners..yes Hester has some things to work on in the upcoming year like getting his head around to the ball to avoid the PI but im sure the coaching upgrade can only help him.

  • Coach Earl

    Brehaut and Prince should be in the 60’s or70’s.Locke is no surprise, he is a great punter and had a lot of punts with our offence. Fauria is getting his do, we just couldnt get him the ball. Lets all pray for change!