I know it’s a little early, but why not take a look forward.

Here is a look at UCLA’s year-by-year breakdown for the 2012 season based on the team’s 2012 verbal commitments as of 2 p.m. Monday, two days before signing day. Of course, there will be some surprises, and the Bruins are still in the running for a handful of uncommitted or soft verbals, including some highly coveted wide receivers, which going forward is clearly the team’s biggest need on offense.

Some notes:
* This takes the current roster as of Jan. 30. Many players on this list won’t be come spring ball. Rumors about players having been kicked off or transferring are not formalized yet, so that’s why the list is so full.
* As it stands, UCLA has 26 verbal commitments and 68 players listed on the official roster; the max for a college football team is 85 scholarships.

4 Kevin Prince RS SR
12 Richard Brehaut SR
18 Nick Crissman RS SR
17 Brett Hundley RS FR
11 Jerry Neuheisel FR
N/A Devin Fuller FR
N/A T.J. Millweard FR

23 Johnathan Franklin RS SR
28 Malcolm Jones JR
25 Damien Thigpen RS JR
2 Anthony Barr JR
6 Jordon James RS SO
33 Steven Manfro RS FR
N/A Tairen Owens FR

9 Jerry Johnson RS SR
19 Shaquelle Evans RS JR
3 Darius Bell RS JR

10 Ricky Marvray RS JR
88 Jerry Rice Jr. RS JR
15 Devin Lucien RS FR
N/A Fabian Moreau FR

N/A Christian Powell FR

8 Joseph Fauria RS SR
85 John Young RS SO
N/A Ian Taubler FR

56 Xavier Su’a-Filo SO
77 Torian White RS FR
73 Will Oliver RS FR
N/A Simon Goines FR

75 Chris Ward JR
71 Wade Yandall RS SO
N/A Lacy Westbrook FR

CENTER64 Greg Capella RS JR
63 Kody Innes RS SO
54 Jake Brendel RS FR
N/A Carl Hulick FR

62 Albert Cid RS JR
67 Casey Griffiths RS JR
55 Ben Wysocki RS FR
N/A Colby Cyburt FR

60 Jeff Baca RS SR
70 Connor Bradford RS SR
78 Brett Downey RS SR
N/A Alexandru Ceachir JR

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  • Anonymous

    What about kicker and punter?

  • Anonymous

    Barr to LB

  • Iowa Bruin

    What about Casey Griffiths?

  • BruinFaithful

    Off that list, I can easily see Nick Crissman gone as a possible Medical Retiree, what a bust. Jerry Neuheisel having his scholie pulled. Will Oliver and Brett Downey might get scholies pulled as well.

  • RayW

    Realize this is not a depth chart, but after 3 years of futility it pains me to see Prince at the top of _any_ list…

    But hey, things are definitely looking up lately. Great job so far, Coach Mora. Go Bruins!

  • captainqtp

    We look pretty good depth wise, except at WR… dear lord that is scary. One injury and we are going to be hurting.

  • BSKB


    I fully expect that Fuller will see time at WR this season. The kid is a great athlete and I don’t see Mora waiting a full season to start developing that talent.

  • BSKB

    http://www.uclabruins.com/ has set up a national signing day splash page and special signing day section. It looks very slick.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Crissman just about done with his degree? I went to his high school and all, but he just hasn’t played enough for the Bruins to justify another year on scholarship to me. I trust Mora to make the decisions like this. He seems to be thinking well thus far.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Way to kick off players who were guaranteed scholarships over the past few years. You stay classy Bruins!

  • BruinRogue

    I sure hope we get a big body at WR in case Johnson goes down (Sub Fauria out wide a few times?)

  • Roose Bolton

    @The Monopoly Is Over Here. Kyle Prater and Amir Carlise can sympathize.

  • Anonymous

    “the max for a college football team is 85 scholarships”… Is it true that private schools and a lot of the SEC schools don’t divulge information like how many scholarship players they have (hence, loophole)

  • Blueblood

    Re:The Monopoly of used Trojans. Obviously your in no position to be talking about class. Throwing your basketball program under the bus in an attempt to protect your sacred cow football program. And now the bb players are suffering for it. The list of classless acts by Southern Cal is endless.

  • BruinFaithful

    Is that a Condom throwing stones? Armstead, Prater, Dillon Baxter, Ambles, Brice Butler

    DJ Shoemate (who was forced to play FB when he was promised he would play RB and WR)


    Amir Carlisle


    Making room so you can work the system and sign 20 players, 15 for 2012 and 5 EE counted against 2011?

    Yeah, stay classy condoms. SCheat On!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what about Casey Griffiths? and on the defencsive side what about Franco… they cooming back?

  • Joseph Fudrucker

    You guys need to re-read the NCAA by laws. Last I read, they state that the scholarships are year by year and NEVER is a 4 or 5 year GUARANTEED.

  • mariodileo

    @ Joseph Fudrucker – LUV your hamburgers…almost as good as Wolfe Burger in Pasadena…