Simon says yes to UCLA

Multiple outlets are reporting that massive offensive tackle Simon Goines out of Central (Keller, Texas) High has verbally committed to UCLA.

Goines – who is listed at 6-foot-8, 295 pounds – is rated as the No. 37 offensive tackle recruit by, No. 56 by and No. 55 by Recruiting analysts I’ve spoken to about Goines say that his potential is off the charts if he can grow a little more comfortable in his body. He has room to put on both weight and strength, but given UCLA’s depth at the position going forward – of which I’ll preview later today – there’s reason to think he could see major time pretty quickly.

Goines’s flip from Missouri was in the works late in the recruiting process as Adrian Klemm went after him pretty hard. Goines has offers from schools such as Arkansas, SMU, West Virginia and Kansas State. Here’s a brief video of his, but watch the three straight blocks starting at the :29 second mark. Nasty.

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  • James Cee

    Have you ever seen a video where a player didn’t look good?

  • Semi-Pro

    James Cee: The guy Goines is blocking in this video sure doesn’t look good.

  • BruinInSeattle

    @JamesCee — pretty much any video of UCLA football during the past 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Poor #47 in the 3-5th clip of this video. Poor kid runs about 195 and looks like he is about ready to give up football. Ouch!

  • MichaelRyerson

    When my son was a little boy he really liked to watch those fishing shows. One Christmas he got a nice starter rod and reel from his grandfather and couldn’t sleep the night before they went out to Castaic to try it out on the real thing. He couldn’t understand why they weren’t pulling them in on every cast like the guy in the fishing show did. Thought maybe his granddad didn’t know so much about fishing after all. Took me a long time to explain he was watching a tape, an edited tape, with just the good parts left in. Kind of a tough concept. Now as for Simon let me say, in a way, I’m more pleased with this commit than I was with Fuller, and I was very pleased with Fuller. But these big, talented guys are the ones we need the most and have done without the longest. I suppose Jon could post some game film of these recruits, you know, not highlights but unedited game film and whoever was really, truly interested could watch maybe three, four hours and get a good sense of how often these guys dominate their opponents. But I don’t think many would watch the whole thing.

  • awash

    Wow this guy looks like he’s got a nasty mean streak! Klemm is going to get the best out of this guy!

  • Bruin Gold

    With Goines, we will have a much better running attack and quarterback protection.

    As Klemm said, the most important part of the football team is the offensive line. With a great offensive line, the rest of the team falls into line.

  • mariodileo

    That’s 26 verbal commitments now…only two more left until the Bruins max out…