Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Bruingold82

    Shannon Edwards to Fresno State. Steven Lakalaka to Hawaii. Are these real losses or are our coaches trying to clear room for new commits? How many more grey shirts/decommits can we expect to get the class to the max level?

  • Bruingold82

    It seems UCLA is precariously thin at the WR position. With Bryce Treggs looking like he is going to stick with Cal, does the coaching staff have any other options here? Is there concern among the coaching staff with our ability to play this position next year or the year after?

  • tim warren

    After getting a late start in recruiting for this year, the new football staff is doing a pretty good job. With a full year in, any feel for how they’ll be competing against the rest of the Pac 12 for 2013? UW, Oregon, Cal, Stanford and $c all look like they’re doing well, too.

  • bruin pride

    Any updates on basketball recruiting? When is Signing Day for them?

  • lbcbruin

    What kind of offense should we expect. Mazzone spread guy, but mora is sayin stuff like; pro-style, different options, multiple. Should we expect the same offense Mazzone ran at ASU…or do you think there will be some noticeable adjustments made? thanks!

  • BSKB

    Before the inevitable signing day questions come, I ask that you guys do Gold a solid and don’t waste his time combing through questions that will be answered by you waiting 24 hours.

  • bruin4ever

    Any updates on replacing the football practice field?

  • JJA42

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned should the faithful be on the lack of college coaching experience with respect to some members of the staff going in to spring practice?

  • Anon

    One question…in (almost) 27 parts (name that movie). I love your interviews after practice with the players and coaches. Do you have any idea what your access will be with the new regime? Mora doesn’t seem as personable as Neuheisel, so do you see him giving the old pep talk to the fans after the scrimmages or games? My kids love being able to meet the players after scrimmages. Do you know if practices and scrimmages will continue to be open to the public? The players have always been extremely receptive and respectful to the fans after the scrimmages. Do they enjoy meeting the fans or do they find it annoying but it’s required by the coaching staff/administration?


  • TK Bruin

    Suppose you have to cut 9 players to make it to 85 (including new recruits). Who do you cut?

  • DL34

    Powell decommits, goin to buffs

  • Anonymous

    Jon, You’re OC for the spring (okay, for the next four minutes). Given the givens — and assuming anyone not on the roster pre-Signing Day is a redshirt — how does your depth chart look at quarterback, and how do you dole out practice reps? Thanks

  • BruinFaithful

    Name every player that will commit to UCLA tomorrow, every commit that will make it through admissions, players that will be gone by August, the starting lineup after Fall Camp, every injury, UCLA’s record this year, including Bowl Games, and whether or not the world will end in 2012. Hurry. 🙂

  • bibs

    Do you think that Mora’s peer pressure morning punishments will result in NCAA violations for excess practice time? Keep up the good work.

  • RainMan

    I know this is a busy period for you, so no rush on this, but I’ve been wondering what Sal Alosi has been doing while everyone else on the coaching staff, apparently, is out recruiting. What has been the reaction of the current team members to him and vice versa? How different is Alosi’s approach to that of his predecessor? Thanks.

  • TIM

    Jon: Can you envision Mazzone using Fauria similar to how the Patriots and Saints Niners are with their tight ends split out wide or in the slot? I would seem Fauria can always create a mis-match due to his height and moving him around would create other mismatches as well.

  • 5-Hole

    I am reading Shabazz to Kentucky…though that may justbe coming from Kentucky people. What is your guess? Is Howland targeting anyone else in addition to him, or as a backup plan?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Faithful: Still LMAO.

    Jon, in respective order:
    A). Tebow leads Denver to next Super Bowl crown.
    B). CJM leads unbeaten UCLA to Nat’l title.
    C). You and Sam have honestly eaten a dozen Big Macs in one sitting out in some East Jesus McDonald’s joint.
    D). Big Josh drops 40 pounds and returns next year to dominate the Pac-12; wins “Dancing with the Stars” and then leaves as a lottery pick.

  • decommitted

    I notice our commit count has dropped, can you keep us posted on who is leaving

  • Al Bruin


    Has Brendon Lane started cutting his hair like the Wear’s to trick Howland into putting him in the games?

  • No Campus

    After much of the hype following last year’s Spring and Fall practices which resulted in a huge disappointment of a season, I guess we really won’t know how good the team is until after the 3rd game. Do you think that Mora will have LIVE scrimmages during practices?


    Pslam Wooching. Did UCLA lose him or did they cut him loose? I know we are over the scholie count but was he a casualty of that or did UW take this kid from us?

  • Mitchell

    Hey Jon!

    There’s been some chatter about how Noel Mazzone didn’t really use a TE at ASU, and what that means specifically for our TE-extraordinaire Joseph Fauria. Do you think Noel’ll find a way to incorporate Fauria because of his ability? Or what exactly is keeping Fauria from moving to a WR position? We know he has great hands and, but is he not fast enough to be a big, bad WR in the mold ala Vincent Jackson? Thanks!


  • Nathan Exp

    Do the coaches camp out at the Morgan Center all night before the national signing day? (The Trojans make it a point to let everyone know their coaches work the phones all night long)



    Powell switched from us to Colorado today. Was this also due to lack of scolie or did Colorado snag him up.My nephew plays with him at Upland and he said he is all ULCA. Im thinking maybe the scholie is an issue? Im shocked because i know this kid LOVED UCLA. He is such a great kid too.

  • Bob

    How much influence did Ishmael Adams have on recruits and who was it did he help bring in?

  • Chris

    After peeking at the $C Blog, I’m surprised how many of the reader questions there have to do with UCLA. I hardly ever see any $C related questions here. Why are they so preoccupied with our Bruins?

  • Spencer

    Of all the new head coach hires in the Pac-12, which has performed the best so far?

  • Todd

    Jon, in your breakdown of our roster going forward, you said we have 68 scholarships accounted for, but listed 69 players. 67 I know are scholarship players. The other two are David Allen and Jerry Rice Jr. I didn’t think either of them had a scholarship. Does one of them have a scholarship, and if not, is the number actually 67 rather than 68?

  • Anonymous

    How do you tell the Wear Twins apart? When you find out, can you tell us?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Ps. 50-0

  • tim warren

    I’m sure glad we pounded u$c in basketball a couple of weeks ago.

  • venividivicibj

    When does Sal Alosi get to start working out with our players? And is he limited by the Spring practice rules, or as a Strength coach, can he work out with them more often in the offseason.

  • CodeMonkeyBruin

    Will Angus McClure stay on as DL coach or will be moved to a non-coaching position and replaced by someone with more experience?

    Will Kip Smith be back with the team in 2012?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    I am truly baffled at what to expect at QB from CJMJ. He stated boldly (despite nation-wide pundits insisting otherwise) that Fuller comes to UCLA as a QB — and one in the mold of Michael Vick, at that. OK, with that I can see Hundley & Prince also more in that mold of mobile QB. Then there’s T.J. Millweard, who, like Crissman and Brehaut, is more in the 6-3, 225-pound mold. So, the last three are NOT scat-backs.
    What am I missing? Which direction are we going with two sets of QBs with VASTLY different skills? Why would 4 and 5 star QBs come here if they don’t fit the system? Hopefully, these highly-rated young men are not being sold a line of bullshit.
    What gives?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Have you heard a timeline for Travis Wear? I don’t remember it being addressed on what was a different TV feed for us up here in the hinterlands on Sat.