Make that 21: UCLA’s Signing Day So Far

K Ka’imi Fairbairn
LB Aaron Porter
DB Marcos Rios
TE Ian Taubler
OL Lacy Westbrook
WR Javon Williams
S Taylor Lagace
QB TJ Millweard
RB Fabian Moreau
ATH Kenny Ojioke
WR Jordan Payton
ATH Paul Perkins
DB Ishmael Adams
DL Eli Ankou
OL Simon Goines
WR Ahmaad Harris
OL Carl Hulick
DT Ellis McCarthy
LB Jeremy Castro
QB Devin Fuller
LB Nate Iese

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  • Anonymous

    No Cyburt yet?

  • BruinPain
  • sureshot

    If quantity > quality, then ucla > USC

    Luckily for Trojan fans, the real world dictates differently.

  • Bruinsduongvt

    True that USC is doing well with limited scholarships. UCLA has to climb back up the mountain somehow and if takes a bounty of recruits and increased competition, so be it. Just excited for the change in attitude and to see where we are in two years. Congrats to USC for their recent success, hoping to make our rivalry more competitive and to actually gets some W’s for this UCLA alumnus. Not just a fan.

  • SigEp111

    So much excitement in Westwood today, GO BRUINS! In other news, crickets can be heard coming from the signing day party over at southern cal…

  • mariodileo

    We might be over the limit of commits now…NCAA rules say that schools can only accept 28 NLIs but with the signing of Javon Williams, and the surprise flips of Payton and Ahmaad Harris, I’m counting 29…what could happen is that marginal student-athletes like Tairen Owens would be asked to enroll for the Winter Quarter of 2013…

  • Anonymous

    Yes Dudshot, we’re all aware of all those “quality” 5 star recruits Cheaty Petey brought onboard in 2010.

    Prater, Baxter, Woods, Henderson & Ambles.

    How many exactly are still in school?

  • 50-0

    What ’bout baby puff daddy?

  • mariodileo

    Bruin Report Online is reporting that Justin Combs’s NLI was received this morning, but as of this hour, neither Cyburt’s nor Watson’s…since Ceachir is a JuCo transfer, he will not be signing an NLI but a GIA note…

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of stars. WSJ out with an article regarding stars and likelihood of getting drafted by an NFL team. Tone is incorrect in my opinion. 2004-2006 recruiting class sample based on rivals. Found that 46% five-stars were drafted, while 19% four-stars, and 9% three-stars were drafted. Seemed disappointed that more than half five-stars didn’t pan out. But IMO that’s about right. Recruiting is an inexact science, especially when there are so many factors as to why certain athletes can’t keep performing when thrusted into higher competition. Based on these numbers, a five-star is almost 2.5x more likely to be drafted relative to a four-star, and more than 5x more likely versus a three-star. IMO, these numbers support the star-system. And I’m sure if you took any other three-year sample, you’d find similar numbers.