Payton place?

I just got a text from a source close to the situation:

His exact words at 9:02:
“Breaking news. Jordan Payton to UCLA now. No one knows.”

Given that Payton has flipped more than a pancake in flight, I’m waiting to see if he sends six letters of intent in to different schools, but if the Bruins do actually land Payton, what a coup for Jim Mora and Co.

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  • BruinInSeattle

    Unless your source is Payton himself, it seems a little reckless to post that. The kid is making asses out of all the media sources and seems you just volunteered to be the latest one.

  • tim warren

    I don’t knw, may be a good scoop, no one else is picking up on it yet

  • Anonymous

    this kid is a flip flopper. what a joke

  • mariodileo

    WR Javon Williams just announced for the Bruins…might not have room for Payton…

  • Semi-Pro

    You MAKE room for a player like Payton. Jerico Richardson just decommitted anyway.

  • bruin91

    Reckless comment? the source is Bill Reddell his high school coach. Jerico was due to sign elsewhere, he was informed a couple of months ago that they might need him to Greyshirt just as Shannon Edwards.

  • BruinInSeattle

    @bruin91…yeah, i regret my comment…it came off as kind of harsh. what i was responding to was reading, almost daily, about where payton was headed now. anyway…hope we get him.

  • bruin91

    @BruinInSeattle, no worries, I also hope we get him. we’re a bit thin at WR’s, but as we’ve seen in the past nothing is official until they sign.

  • Anonymous

    Its in on a few different sites, including Yahoo… lets get that NLI!

  • FG UW fan

    Good luck with this guy. With his size, hands and speed, he can be quite the football player.

    His signing day shenanigans might lead one to question his maturity.

    Hopefully that doesn’t become an issue.