Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) what ever happened to Frank Burleson in the Long Beach Press Telegram? I miss his Tuesday columns plus the Best in the West! – marvin warmbier
He was yet another casualty of this awful business.

2) Jon, any credible indications of Howland being on the hot seat? – The Blur
No, not credible indications. With the potential recruiting class coming in and Pauley Pavilion being opened, I don’t think that’s even a consideration at this point.

3) How come Winternationals is one word and not 2? – John Force
Is this your way of asking me to most my NHRA feature? Well then fine.

4) What do you think of this?
Joshua Smith finishes his career at UCLA and can’t make it in the NBA.
1) He joins you and Sam
2) you become three fat guys
3) you and Sam look slimmer (relatively) and of course shorter.
Possible? – Alvin Levison Bruin

We’d need a bigger camera.

5) Howland is definitely on the hot seat. Read the letters in the paper, listen to the fans in the stands. Howland has only one friend left. Problem is, that friend is Guerrero, and he’s the decision maker. TRUST ME IF HOWLAND IS STILL COACH NEXT YEAR, SHINEY NEW PAULEY WILL BE EMPTY. – Critic
LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    working for a newspaper does seem like crap. Work long hours, crappy pay. I really don’t see the point, I guess get experience and leave.

    Might as well be a cop, at least you got a gun and can beat ppl up….I get the attraction.

  • Brick Tamland

    Yeah…you got mental problems, man.

  • Anonymous

    Question and Answers is bordering on plain stupid. We all know Jon’s a cool cat and you all want to rub up on him, I’d rather not here about everyones man love.

  • bibs

    Why do you let the Bruin Nation creeps get into your blog?These shmucks want to fire everyone as if they know anything about anything.

  • The Blur

    Thanks for answering, Jon. Your answer confirms the lack of credibility elsewhere. I have my concerns about Howland but the outright bashing going on really irks me.

  • bored at work

    i’m not a part of bruinnation, but I do acknowledge how the slide into athletic irrelevancy has diminished my love for all things ucla. let me see… student in mid to mid-late 90’s. never saw us lose to usc in football. had plans to attend national championship in tempe until dec 5, 98. f you hurricane (and hurricanes)! o’bannons, bailey, baron, earl, on and on, track and field killing it, all the other olympic sports killing it. and I didn’t even like carnesale or dalis at the time. but c’mon on. they make block and especially guerrero look like incompetent and apathetic dmv administrators; protected in perpetuity as state employees who do just enough to not get arrested or drive the department into bankruptcy court.

    if you can’t see that we are at an all time low, you either have your eyes and ears closed or you are an enabler to the entire thing.

  • anon

    Harrick’s lies to administrators, and firing were true highlights.
    We should definitely replace Dan Guerrero, his 21 NCAA team titles, 46 conference championships, and 172 post-season qualifiers as soon as possible.

  • timmah

    Frank Burlison has his own basketball scouting service now. He’s still watching tons of basketball and hopefully being paid well for his services.

  • Anonymous

    The nestorites at BruinsNation do want to fire everybody. Their resume = Nothing!

  • ucla84

    “LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Best answer ever, Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Number 5 isn’t even a question… you always handle these things with such class, Jon.


    @ Bored at work
    FINALLY, someone who gets it! Now get to work! Lol