Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) I think Howland is a good coach but, made huge judgement errors in recruiting. He’s safe in 2012 season but, if the basketball team flames out next year after a strong recruiting class and don’t make or do well in the tournament – is he in danger of being fired? Also, if the football team struggles next year – is DG able to survive or will a new AD be hired for the next basketball coach in 2013? – bruin fan
Your take is pretty much the correct one, I’d say. Every subsequent decision is a direct result of his shift in focus of the 2008 class, whose composition was unlike Howland’s previous, more successful groups. The recruiting class UCLA hopes to bring in, though, could right the ship, if they’re able to mature quickly, and if they do, seasons like this and 2009-10 would be a blip.

2) What’s going on with Damien Thigpen? I will be very surprised if still on 2012 roster. – Anonymous
Haven’t heard much about him, to be honest. I would think he and Jordon James would compete for time in that scat back role, but like I said, not a ton of chatter.

3) How do you feel about the attempt to make all scholarships be for four years and not year to year? – Bibs
Pretty much anything that favors the players, I’m for.

4) What happened to the coaches who were not retained? – Bibs
Clark Lea is reportedly the new linebackers coach at Bowling Green, Joe Tresey is the new defensive coordinator at Youngstown State and Bob Palcic is the new OL coach at SMU. That’s all I’ve heard so far.4

5) So if the high school rankings of Stover and Josh Smith where reversed (Smith viewed as a project, Stover viewed as a McD-AA), would we have the exact reverse opinions of these two players? Are our perceptions hopelessly tainted by star-rankings and the opinions of recruiting “experts”? – BruinBall
I think that’s a valid question. The biggest gripe I have about the scouting services is that major, major red flags don’t drop guys far enough. Just like in football, when the knock on Randall Carroll in high school was his hands. How can you be a top-10 wideout if you’re bigger issue is hands? Same with Smith; these conditioning issues are nothing new. How can he be projected so high when he clearly has issues even staying on the court?