Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Any word on Cassius Marsh specifically with regards to transfer? I sure hope he stays! – Stephanie
At this point, a transfer does not seem likely.

2) Why are you so sexy hot? – Jealous
Thanks, Mom! Wait, that just got creepy.

3) Coach Mora obviously has ties in Georgia. In the class of 2013 two of the top prospects in the country (DE Robert Nkemdiche and LB Reuben Foster) are from the state of Georgia. Obviously Georgia and the other SEC schools will be coming hard for these two studs. Have you heard anything on the recruiting front about these guys and if UCLA is even going to have a shot at these two? I am sure Mora is already on it and trying his hardest to work on his Georgia contacts. Have you heard anything? – anonymous
know Mora is working particularly hard on Georgia, and in general in the southeast, as that is a pipeline that would benefit UCLA to expose. Kenny Orjioke was a very nice start, Eddie Printz would be an even better continuation, and then we’ll see where it goes from there.

4) Are we still recruiting in the 2012 class? I know at this time we’re over the scholarship limit. But if we’re making room, who’s to say that we aren’t still after some of the unsigned recruits? And is there a list of walk-ons yet? – Anonymous
Barring anything unforeseen, I’d expect UCLA’s 2012 recruiting to be through, and no list of walk-ons yet. Way too early.

5) Chicken or Fish? – 50-0

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  • Reformed Droog

    Just to be clear, “Jealous” isn’t me.