Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) I read articles saying Mora is a “defensive minded coach”. Do you think this will lead to a greater emphasis on defense by UCLA? – Anonymous
Yes, but I think that’s also a product of his demeanor, not just his primary expertise. He wants – and needs – toughness.

2) If twenty four year old Kevin Love’s guaranteed sixty million dollars doesn’t motivate you to play your best in college basketball, can a coach? – Paper Lion
I’d take a hundredth of that and work my butt off. Lot of butt to work off.

3) Who plays power forward next year? – Anonymous
Until the recruiting class is complete, it’s too early to tell.

4) We hear a lot about assistant coaches in football but not much about basketball assistants. What is your assessment of Coach Howland’s staff? Have changes in the last year improved the outlook for the program? – Anonymous
Howland hasn’t had the kind of No. 2 he needs since Scott Duncan left. The problem is Howland is such a perfectionist that he tries to do too much of the coaching himself and doesn’t really accept much from the coaches on the sidelines. At least during games. I’ve seen him simply shoo guys away, not even considering their opinion. So I don’t really know how good the assistants are because they’re not really doing as much as they could.

So Tebow’s getting help from Mazzone. Any chance he returns the favor? Maybe don a wig and fake ID’s to play for us? Worked for Leo Nunez. – BruinRogue
I think that would work. Maybe he could bring in Von Miller to play linebacker. Jim Fleabow and Ron Giller.

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  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice

    ‘simply shoe guys away’? ahem.

  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice


  • BruinPain

    So I was waiting in line to get a falafel in Westwood the other day while a wild eyed guy in front of me was muttering quite loudly to himself: اگ تمام ورزشی کوچز اور انتظامیہ میں UCLA! I feared that it was “He who spits venom from basement keyboard.” So I quietly bought my falafel, left quickly, and ate my food peacefully outside.